Why Software Projects Fail? 7 Things to Avoid the Causes of Software Failure

Why Software Projects Fail? 7 Things to Avoid the Causes of Software Failure

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Why software projects fail? It seems to be a very simple question to address within couple of lines, but its consequences can result in a significant loss. In this digital world, every business needs a website, application, or software that can help their business to grow digitally. Technology has been improved by time, and it has set new parameters for doing business. Digitalization of business is a need of the time. To catch up with the latest business oriented paradigms, many companies are looking for different software firms every day.

Although it is an excellent advantage for the people related to the I.T field. Apart from it, many factors need to be considered while working on a software project. There are many causes of software failure. It’s a big responsibility to fulfill the requirements of your client to digitalize their business. In this article, we’ll discuss every aspect of why software development projects fail and how to prevent software failure.

Reasons for Software Project Failure

It is quite usual to ask why software development projects fail because there are many reasons for software project failure. It depends on the condition in which the developers are working and many other aspects from the client’s side. The rate of success for software development projects is almost 60% according to different surveys in 2016. Following are the reasons for software failure:

Wrong Definition of Requirements/Scope

It is one of the leading causes of software failure. Usually, business owners don’t have some in-depth knowledge about websites and software development. They don’t know the exact story of how things work during the development of the web or mobile app. As a result, they fail to define the requirements of their project. Sometimes, the developers fail to understand the project’s motive due to unclear conditions provided by the client. So, the final project somehow doesn’t meet the client’s expectations, and that is why software projects fail. It is, therefore, the job of the business developer to work closely with the project manager and employer so as to identify friction points, scope definition, and properly conveying a roadmap of a successful software project completion.

Lacking Budget 

A low budget is one of the reasons for software failure. When the budget is not as per the requirements, the whole process of development suffers most of the time. Everything gets slow down, and even the resources are not adjustable accordingly. When your investment isn’t according to your obligation, you can’t accept a high-quality product. Most developers find it challenging to build a project in a low budget with fewer resources, which is why software development projects fail. 

Lack of Communication

Poor communication always leads to project failure. This problem can occur from both sides, either the client or the service provider. When there is no proper communication between the client and the developing team, it will become one of the causes of software development failure. If you don’t update the clients with the running process of their project, you can’t know if they are satisfied with it. Even if the clients don’t respond accordingly, they can’t accept the product according to their requirements. Updating your employer at least twice a week during the software development phase is a key to success.

Short Time

In many cases, the deadline for the projects is short, resulting in a huge disaster. When the deadline is short and non-negotiable, then the developers get bound to gather all the resources. They will always go for the easy way, which will lead to the low-quality product. Developers can’t make the best use of their developing skills when the given time is short. They’ll always rush for things to build the whole project before the deadline, and that’s why software projects fail. 

Lack of Project Management

Managing the project is even a more significant task, then building the project itself. It doesn’t matter if you have access to quality resources or have the best programming skills. If you can’t manage a project properly, then all these things will go in vain. Before starting to work on a project, you should define the rest of your team according to their strengths. The more you make things complex, the more are the chances of your project failure. People who don’t take project management seriously always expose themselves to a big software development loss.

Selecting Tools

Inappropriate selection of appliances is yet another reason why software development projects fail. A developer at least knows which tools he can use for a specific kind of project. Today, there are plenty of tools available for web and app development. Each tool has its benefits. When you know which technology is faster and comfortable according to your way of progress, it will play a massive role in the credibility of your development process.

Improper Testing

When you lack time due to a lack of project management skills or short deadline, you don’t test your resulting project properly. Most of the time, there are countless bugs in the project, leading to the client’s total disappointment. An unhappy customer will result in financial loss, and your reputation in the market will also be damaged. 

Immature Coding

If your coding style is not up to standard, you’ll face problems while reviewing your project. Write a clean and efficient code that would help you understand it easily after completing the whole project. It will also help you to solve the bugs during testing. If your client needs any changes or improvements in the project, you can quickly provide them with a solution by understanding the well-structured code.

7 Tips for How to Avoid Project Failure?

After reading all the reasons for software project failure, you must be wondering how we can overcome them. The software development market has become so competitive that a single bad project can ruin your reputation. You must be aware of every aspect to avoid any mishaps during the development of your project. How to prevent software failure? The following are the factors that you must consider while working on a project.

1- Don’t Agree On The Wrong Project Scope

Although the competition in the market is quite high but never agree on a project with an improper scope. The requirements and the objective of the project must be well defined; otherwise, you can’t provide the expecting output. Request your client to describe every requirement including wireframes, use-cases and expected deliverables to ensure that you remain on the same page with the employer

2- Agreement On The Number Of Revisions

Most people ask how to avoid project failure. Well, the most important step is to agree on the number of revisions that you can only provide. Most of the time, developers offer unlimited revisions to the clients in good faith. It results in huge loss when the client insists again and again for revisions. And eventually, you’ll find yourself in no man’s land. 

3- Improve Communication

Respond to the client’s calls and text on time to show the importance and make them feel comfortable. Ask again if you are having any difficulty in understanding the project’s scope. If you are facing any problem during the project, then inform the client beforehand to avoid any circumstances in the future.

4- Use The Perfect Software Development Model

Get to know the best software development models that can help you to work in the best developing environment using your skills. Currently, the agile methodology is the best approach regarding the software development project. Its principles are just perfect for helping both the developing side and the client get the best product. 

5- Team With The Right Skill

Gather a team with the right expertise for the right task. Every developer has command on a specific technology. You can’t just hand over a project to a developer without knowing what his/her domain is. You must know the skill’s quality of your developing team in different areas of technology. When a developer is assigned the job according to his interest then he works by making the best of his capabilities. It would help you to build a project in the best way possible. 

6- Engage The Client 

Let your client collaborate every time possible. The most your client will engage, the most are the chances of their satisfaction. Clients feel more comfortable when you engage them with the development of their projects. Discuss your ideas that can be better for their product and update them regularly to avoid any misunderstanding. 

7- Test The Resulting Project Properly

Never forget to test the project in the middle but also after the completion. Use the best quality assurance and testing software/tools to test the functionality of the project. Resolve every single bug, so that the plans work smoothly without any interruption. Always check your project to avoid disappointment. It is one of the main factors for how to prevent softer failure.  

The Bottom Line

These are all the reasons that why software development projects fail and also the factors for how to avoid project failure. This article covers the details of both aspects. Now you know all the reasons regarding the software development failure. You can overcome these failures by following the aforementioned tips that would help you to build a correctly working software. 

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