Why Herd Immunity is a Better Solution to Fight against COVID-19?

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Why Herd Immunity is a Better Solution to Fight against COVID-19?

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The whole world is undergoing the most significant crisis. It has put every country in a difficult circumstance, even the most developed countries in the world. According to the regular Covid-19 update, it seems that the situation is going to be worse with time. In that manner, we must prepare to fight against this fatal pandemic. 

While talking about the survival against Covid-19, you must have heard about “Herd Immunity” as it is the most crucial factor which can help us to survive in this situation. This article will help you to get all the information about herd immunity that will help you to fight against Covid-19.

Herd Immunity Definition:

Whenever you must fight against a virus or disease, you firstly focus on to stop its escalation rather than its cure. According to herd immunity definition, the whole term consists of two words. The word ‘Herd’ refers to a large group, and the term ‘Immunity’ is the strength of a body to resist against infection or disease.

Now the herd immunity definition gets clearer. It defines that if a community or a large group of people is immune to a specific pandemic, then the chances of its growth are much lower. So, that’s why the doctors around the world are stressing the importance of herd immunity. We can still get over this situation if the immunity percentage of our community gets better. 

How can a society employ Herd Immunity?

To fight against this global pandemic, i.e., Covid-19, we must take all the needed steps to increase the herd immunity percentage. Herd immunity is the primary factor that can create an impact. For that purpose, we must implement social distancing and keep the infected ones in total isolation. 

People having immunity on which the virus has attacked, and they had survived through it should be allowed to perform their duties with several precautions. In that sense, they will be resistant to those by whom the virus is spreading. This barrier will help to stop the infection from spreading further. 

Three steps to implement Herd Immunity

Three steps to implement Herd Immunity

According to several calculations and analysis, it is quite clear that we have no other option except herd immunity to get rid of Covid-19. These are the following three steps that must be taken soon:

  • First, there should be a mechanism that is needed to conduct various surveys to get a proper figure of the immune people. Due to this survey, we can categorize people according to their immunity.
  • Once the surveys are conducted successfully, then there can be a system implemented according to which all the antibodies can get back to routine.
  • When antibodies surround the remaining people, then the spread will automatically decrease, and there are chances that it can come to zero. 

Which countries are currently employing Herd Immunity?

Most countries in the world have realized that a complete lockdown will control the pandemic because the rate of infected people has increased too much. Still, many counties are depending over lockdowns as it would help them to get rid of it. 

According to Covid-19 updates, the rate has increased, and we should consider herd immunity than dying of hunger in the future instead of the virus. Because these lockdowns will destroy the economy of a country, and in the end, there will be no rescue out of the great massacre. 

The following counties are implementing herd immunity as their policy for the current situation: U.S., U.K., Singapore, Israel, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey, France, Germany, and Australia.

Why Herd Immunity is a practical approach to fight against Covid-19?

The first thing we should know about Covid-19 that it’s not just a common disease. It is a pandemic that is spreading globally very quickly. It is spreading through one person to another. Mainly it travels through the droplet produced when a person cough and sneeze or even breath. If you are within the one-meter circle around that person, then you’ll get those droplets on your body. Meanwhile, these droplets fall on the surface quickly, so if you touch anyplace near the infected person, you still get those germs and can be infected if your touch your hands near your face, mouth, eyes, and ear.

Meanwhile, the possibility of spreading the virus is quite high. There are almost 10% cases in which people are infected by those who still haven’t shown any symptoms. So, we can’t depend on symptoms either and since there is still not any effective vaccine made, we must consider herd immunity as an option here. Most of the world is still not getting it and claiming it unethical to human life. When the quantity of the infected people was under control, complete lockdown might have been a solution. Now the virus has too much escalation around the globe. 

If we take it logically, then people having immunity can act as a reluctant force against the people who got infected. These people can act as antibodies that will not allow the virus to host in them. It’s a risky idea, but there is no better option as the death rate is increasing by the time, and lockdowns are not helping either. We must have to understand that once we become capable of building a herd immunity after taking some required steps, then things will get better. It’s just like forming a circle of antivirus around the virus to stop it from spreading and decrease the damage. The world can’t stop for that long to wait for the infection gone. Because in that manner, people will starve to death instead of dying through Covid-19. Still, we have an option to make the right decision; otherwise, it will be too late. 

Mortality rate while following Herd Immunity

The virus has affected a large population around the world, and still, it’s going on increasing day by day. In some counties, the situation is getting uncontrollable. According to several studies and calculations by experts that for herd immunity, we must require a 60-70% population that is immune. It is a vast number needed, and if we get it, there will still be millions of deaths. 

If we want to get over this suffering condition, then we have no other option instead of taking such risk because there is no vaccine to stop it from spreading. The way we are dealing with it, there will be starvation, and people will die of hunger instead of Covid-19. So, there is no other option than to increase the herd immunity percentage.

For further Covid-19 update

This pandemic is spreading throughout the world. Today it has infected millions of people, and thousands of people have died. You can visit this page for further Covid-19 updates all over the world.