One Of The Significant Whatsapp Upgrades Are Scheduled to Arrive

One Of The Significant Whatsapp Upgrades Are Scheduled to Arrive

One Of The Significant Whatsapp Upgrades Are Scheduled to Arrive 1080 720 Status200

WhatsApp beta versions will be getting multi-device and cross-platform compatibility. Of course, the news is big, and we are eagerly waiting for the availability of this upgradation.

WABetaInfo is the most prominent site that mines data & information from Whatsapp beta versions have found these new features, according to Forbes. But the bad news is, these features are not going to be launched anytime sooner. It was announced by the WABetaInfo on twitter, that the app will be available to the user in the next two to six months.

Whatsapp was not always available for the web, WhatsApp old version, the one that remained from 2009 to 2015 was available for mobile phones only. But from 2016 to present, its extensions are available that can be added to a PC desktop or MAC, which works only when you scan the QR code from your registered mobile to the one appearing on the screen. This appears in the setting menu, entitled as WhatsApp web on the phone, which asks the user to connect to a secure network to connect PC or macOS. Once it is done, a data-intensive process will track your chats from WhatsApp download in your phone & make them appear on PC/MAC. This keeps the Whatsapp active on both devices (web and mobile) at the same time, offering a seamless swapping from one to the other. It is worthy of mentioning here; web version works only until your phone is connected to a network which kind of limits its use.

Linked devices are another WhatsApp upgrades for Android as well as Apple, which allows the user to see which PCs MACs app is connected to. It raises hope that it’ll be finally available for the iPad one day, maybe in the next few years.

 Business & product catalog is one of the most prominent WhatsApp upgrades for android, which was announced in April 2019 is known as WhatsApp upgrade 2019. This allows small business owners to connect the customers worldwide & communicate privately. Since today, this feature is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Another excellent feature introduced in 2020 is the dark mode of WhatsApp, which is self-controlled. Users can switch any of the modes anytime. In this setting, the chat screen appears utterly black with a white bar on the top. This is added to reduce the stress that the eyes muscles are supposed to go through due to more screen time. It is also said that it saves battery consumption & extends its lifetime. Battery saver works only if your device has an OLED screen.

Touch IDs and face IDs have been commonly used to access apps when it comes to Apple devices. Now, WhatsApp Android also offers touch Id verification, which increases the security standard for the users. According to Business Today, the update makes third-party providers surplus who faithfully provide the locking of an app.

According to the latest news, you will also be able to sort the contact numbers based on interaction with them, contacts you connect the least will be moved down in the list. This feature will be launched may be in a year or early.

Another feature worth mentioning is the money withdrawal from WhatsApp. Yes, it is really possible. All the users will be required to store the bank’s contact number in his address book & ask for the money withdrawal. An IBM Watson technology or chatbot will ask for some necessary information about the amount and the passwords just like you enter on ATMs. Once verification is done, the user will receive a confirmation code valid for a day only (the very same day when payment is requested), which must be entered in the ATM. To your surprise, it has already been used in Brazil, where the daily withdrawal through Whatsapp has been set up to 80 Euros.

There have been many significant WhatsApp upgrades recently, including QR codes, group video calls limitation (from 4 to up to 8), business accounts, product catalogs, & dark mode. These updates are made in the light of the current pandemic to make people fight off different WhatsApp rivals such as signal & other Facebook-owned messaging apps (Messenger and Instagram).