What is a Bot? Advantages of a Web Scraper & Crawler?

What is a Bot

What is a Bot? Advantages of a Web Scraper & Crawler?

What is a Bot? Advantages of a Web Scraper & Crawler? 1200 628 Status200

An Internet bot is a software program that, by running scripts over the Internet, performs automated tasks. Bots perform simple or complex, structurally repetitive duties much faster than is humanly feasible. Most internet bots are harmless and vital to making the internet valuable and useful, but when cybercriminals use them, they prove malignant and destructive. Does this simply answer what is a bot?

Software bots exist in Several different forms. One of the most well-known types of internet bot today, for example, is a chatbot. Other bot styles include web crawler bots and automation bots based on rules. An internet bot is a software helper that helps, simulates, and replaces human work often, either way, ensuring the tasks are performed concurrently, swiftly, and with zero human errors. The method of using bots to gather vast information from numerous sites is called web crawling.

History of Software Bots

With the advent of Internet Relay Chat, IRC, some of the earliest internet bots are back in 1988. The web crawlers were the first search engines in internet history.

WebCrawler, created in 1994, it was the first bot that helped to index web pages. It was first used in 1995 by AOL, then bought out in 1997 by Excite. When it was developed in 1996, the most popular internet crawler, Googlebot, was originally named BackRub. Sub7 and Pretty Park, which were a Worm and a Trojan horse respectively. These were some of the earliest botnet programs. They were released in 1999 on the IRC network.

In 2000, the IRC network, the next notable botnet application, GTbot was introduced. One of the largest botnets “storm”, which appeared in 2007. It was reported that this bot compromised up to 50 million computers and lent a hand to several forms of crimes. These include stock market manipulation and identity theft.

This internet bot was a fake mIRC client software capable of some of the first denial of service attacks. In the spam email outbreak, botnets played a significant role. A botnet software called Cutwail was used in 2009 to send a whopping 74 billion spam emails a day.

Web crawler & scraper

You’ve probably been dipping your toes in e-Commerce, or you’re ready to roll up your sleeves collaborating on an ingenious concept for a start-up business. The need for the organization to scale up is at stake. Here are the benefits of web crawlers/scrapers that your business can enjoy;

Accomplish Automation

Robust & python HTML scraping allow you to retrieve information from websites automatically. Consequently, it allows you or your colleagues to save time, the time that would otherwise have been spent on mundane data collection tasks.

Moreover, it also ensures that one can collect data on a greater scale than a single human could ever hope to accomplish. With either web scraping tools or using a programming language such as JavaScript, Python, Go, or PHP, you can also build sophisticated web bots to automate online activities.

Unique & Rich database

The internet offers a wide variety of text, images, video, and numerical information. Currently, it includes at least 6.05 billion pages. You can find related websites and set up website crawlers. Resultantly, you make your own custom dataset for research, depending on what your target is.

Let’s pretend, for instance, that you like UK football and want to deeply understand the sports industry. Web scrapers will help to collect the following information.

Video Content:  In addition to that, all football games are available for download from YouTube or Facebook.com.

Football Statistics: You can download historical match statistics for your desired team. Who Scored-Data on Target. Football Stats. Use the internet as a source. Set up some target websites, build your scrapper’s logic and Kaboom.  

Betting odds: You can obtain betting odds from bookmakers. For example, Bet365 or player betting exchanges such as Bet fair or Smarkets for football matches. Just make sure to check whether your selected site offers API. If yes, then gathering odds is as simple as ABC.

Effective data management

You can pick what data you would like to collect from a variety of websites. This means that instead of copying and pasting data from the internet, you can reliably collect it with web scraping. This processes your data inside a cloud database for more advanced web scraping/crawling techniques, which will possibly operate on a regular basis.

Storing data with automated software and programs means you can spend less time copying and pasting information.  It also refers to spending more time on innovative work for your company, operations, or employees.

Lead generation

Does your company rely on data from other websites to help you produce a portion of your sales? What additional revenues could this affect if you had stronger, quicker access to the information?

Businesses that specialize in recruiting, work selection, and analytics are the prime examples of the domain which may enquire about the need for an internet bot. When they realize the businesses are recruiting, it gives them an opportunity to reach out to those businesses to help them fill those vacancies.

They may want to search main or target accounts websites, public work pages, LinkedIn and Facebook workgroups, or websites such as Quora or Freelance forums to find all new job posts or company information requesting support with different business requirements. It will help to generate more business by collecting all those leads and returning them in a useable format.

Steps to develop a successful web scraper & crawler

There are numerous methods in developing programmed software (bots) to gather vast quantities of information from websites. A web scrapper typically uses web pages as a target to scrape content after the application of an input. Therefore, the saying that any change in the target website will disrupt the correct working of a bot is true. In order to search for specific details, such as prices or consumer names, companies devise web scrappers or crawlers. They also use bots to remain mindful of their rivalry by approaching unique audiences correctly.

How to build a web crawler?

Below, we describe the simplest guide on how to build a web crawler, keep on reading to find out;

Multi-threading is one of the main concepts which you’ll need to follow.

Step 1—Formulate the Target URLs

Once you identify the target website(s), identify each site’s pages (URLs) that are important for your bot’s operations. Within those pages, double-check if they contain captcha verification or anti-scraping support. Once you triangulate the pages, write a pseudo-code on how you’re anticipating the bot to scrape the info from them.

Then, within each of the target page, inspect each page’s HTML sections that are your point of interest. Again, make revisions in your pseudo-code on how the web scrapper or crawler will reach to those nodes.

The last step is to prioritize each URL in terms of the bot’s interactivity. This should conclude your bot’s logic on paper. 

Step 2– De-Duplicate URLs

A vital aspect of web crawling is de-duplication. A single webpage can have multiple URLs on some websites, and particularly on e-commerce ones. The easiest way to solve this problem is to identify such URLs and write the logic to scrape/crawl the selected URL for once. As this common URL will have all of the pages with the same content, and this is the only link you will have to crawl and scrape.

How to create a web scraper?

Here’s how to create a web scraper successfully.

Step 1 – Deploy the Bot and Let it Run.

Once you have written the code logic, deploy it on the server (be it a local machine) and observe its behavior. Refine its flow and mitigate the bugs till you start getting accurate initiate results. Don’t forget to employ the parallel instances of the target operations to speed up the bot’s job.

Step 2 – Extracts the Preferred Data

Knowing the type of data you need is the key to getting maximum output from the bot. Write code logic(s) to scrape the relevant HTML tags, images, media files, or whatever is needed.

 Step 3- Process the scraped data

The final step is for the software to store the extracted information in a CSV, JSON, or in a database so that it helps in other software as data input in the future. And that’s how we can develop a web scraper.

Do black-box testing of the target website can identify I/O of it?

The ultimate aim of software development is to release a product that consumers buy, use faithfully, and update periodically. One can achieve this target during the production process with diligent quality assurance monitoring.

Black box testing is a primary approach to research, it sees independent testers trying to discover behavioral or performance concerns in developing apps and is one of the ways to not only formulate the internet bot but also to write the entire logic for them.

Black box I/O testing

Here are the basic steps that help to conduct any form of Black Box Testing, specifically for the bot development.

  • Identify the target website(s) that will be the point of focus for a bot’s operation.
  • Identify the entry points of the website(s).
  • Enter the target website’s supportive input parameters.
  • Observe the output of the website based on the supplied input parameters.
  • Gather the site’s output as a source of data for your web scraper/crawler.

The black box testing technique often doesn’t care about the target website’s logic. It only concerns with the change in the state of the target site. Hence, a set of changes in the state of the target website determine the entire logic of the web scraper or crawler.

Identification & techniques to crawl into an anti-scraping/crawling enabled Targeted site

Web scraping/crawling can be difficult, particularly as most common sites actively try to prevent scrappers by devising techniques such as IP address detection, HTTP request header scanning, CAPTCHAs, JavaScript checks, and more to prevent developers from scraping their websites.

Here are some short tips on how to crawl/scrap on a site without a warning:

Please search robots.txt

Always search the file for robots.txt and make sure you follow the site’s rules. Make sure that only targeted pages are crawled. If you have decided to play dirty, you may crawl or scrape whatever page you want. But make sure to implement IP-rotation, delaying bot activities to mimic human behavior, and make use of captcha solver’s APIs to bring automation into the equation.

Do not be a burden,

You should be very careful about the manner of your requests when you start scrapping a website. It is because you don’t want to hurt the website. If you’re destroying a website, that’s not good for anybody. Limit requests that come from the same IP address. Respect the pause illustrated in robots.txt between requests. Schedule your crawls to run during off-peak hours.


IP monitoring is one of the simplest ways for a website to detect web scraping activities. The website could decide if, based on its previous actions, the IP is a robot.

When a website learns that an overwhelming amount of requests have been sent regularly or within a short period of time from one single IP address, there is a fair risk that the IP will be blocked. Because it feels like a bot. In this case, the number and frequency of visits per unit of time are what really matters in creating an anti-scraping crawler.

CAPTCHA verification

To say computers and humans apart, Captcha stands for Fully Automated Public Turing test. It is an automated public program for deciding if a person or a robot is the consumer. This software will present numerous problems, such as deteriorated pictures, fill-in-the-blanks, or even equations, which only a person is said to solve.

This test has existed for a long time and several websites are actually applying Captcha as an anti-scraping technique. Once, it was very difficult to pass Captcha directly. But nowadays, several open-source tools can now be used to address Captcha issues, although more advanced programming skills may be needed.

In order to pass this review, some people also develop their own functions, libraries, and create image recognition techniques with machine learning or deep learning skills.


Website crawlers are an important part of every big search engine used for content indexing and discovery. For example, Googlebot is powered by the corporate giant Google, and several search engine companies have their bots.

 In addition, there are different forms of crawling that are used to cover particular needs, such as video, picture, or crawling in social media. They are highly important and profitable for your company, taking into account what spider bots can do because web crawlers expose you and your company to the world and can bring in new analytics meaning new users and customers.

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