Website Builders vs. Custom Websites- A Complete Guide

Website Builders vs Custom Websites

Website Builders vs. Custom Websites- A Complete Guide

Website Builders vs. Custom Websites- A Complete Guide 1200 628 Status200

Undoubtedly, a professional website is exceedingly important for any business on the internet. Besides by being on the internet, you provide your company a chance to grow. And the discussion on website builders vs. custom websites is always at its peak. Business owners don’t know the pros and cons and exclusive features of these two types of web development approaches. When it comes to building the website, individuals are frequently in a dilemma of either hiring an expert or making it themselves. Even some people ask the strange question, why do we need a professional website for our business when we have the pre-existing website builder tools?

So here is a quick glimpse on how to build your own website, which practices are the best either by using website builders or custom website development. The advancement in current web development technology has brought evident benefits to individuals and made their life relaxed. Nowadays, anyone can do things like designing web pages and building content-driven websites without having an IT background. The pre-designed web templates have made the development process quick and easy. But there are also certain limitations in website development either custom or web builders.

Let’s Reveal the Best Practices for Web Development and Website Builders vs. Custom Websitesin This Write-up!

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Why is a Professional Website Important for Your Business? 

A business of almost every niche, either big or small needs a website to showcase the services they offer. Fundamentally, a business website brings countless benefits to your company. As a website provides reliability and operates for you 24/7. Also, it can provide you with a storefront online, a platform to collect leads. Moreover, the website provides a place from which to make a mailing list and offers a quick stop for consumer support. If you build your own website, it will increase your business exposure, therefore, helping you to find a relevant customer base and eventually more orders.

Furthermore, an SEO-optimized website can engage new clients through various search engines. A skilled website designer can add more value to larger firms. Individuals often develop their own business websites. Though, it is not always practical to make a website by yourself. With up-to-date website builder tools, there are several platforms to build websites using built-in structures and incredible themes.

Approaches to Build a Credible Website

If we talk about website development, companies want to use reliable methods to make their business sites. Although, there are two main web development practices such as custom website development and website builders. Both of these web development approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will also analyze the fact that which practice is more reliable and better for web development.

You can use different website builder tools for your website. For example Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or GoDaddy website builder. 

On the other hand, you can have a skilled web developer make a custom website for you. And custom development needs more time and cost but gives more credibility to users as well as stability to the website performance.

Website Builders

Generally, website builders are HTML-based editors. Nevertheless, some permit you to include custom JavaScript and CSS. They’re normally in template forms and customized step-by-step, thus they can be used irrespective of your contextual design or coding data. Those who have DIY choices often use website builders. As we mentioned earlier some of the most popular and best website builders comprise Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. These tools offer a range of different templates according to business requirements, which users pick and choose, and then customize to meet up their business expectations. Best website configurator tools feature fairly an easy way for customization, so exploring the one that suits your requirements shouldn’t be tough.

1: Offline Website Builder

Usually, it is a platform that permits you to make your website through a software development kit (SDK) downloaded on your PC. When you have created the design structures of your site, you’re capable of uploading files from your PC to a web host. And then you can publish the completed website product online for usage. 

Example: Template Toaster and WordPress are one of the most frequently used offline web makers.

2: Online Website Builders

These are the platforms that function online. Using these online systems, you can make your website online with nothing more than strong internet connectivity and a browser.

Several website builders also provide solutions for companies that desire to customize their sites beyond what their templates allow. These solutions are often backed with plugins/apps that can be incorporated with the customized themes to empower more features into a web application.

When Should You Practice a Website Builders?

If you’re persistent to go the DIY route with almost no coding experience, these website designer tools can have their advantages.
Website makers give you everything that you need to create a fully functional and data-driven website via some drags and drops and content positioning. And, adding more dynamic operations by using portable widgets, which are referred to as plugins in WooCommerce and apps in Shopify domains.

It means that they’re simple and easy to use and can get you online quickly. 

Hobbyists, bloggers, and others who want to get online as quickly as possible but who aren’t considering something professional often select website builder tools over custom web application development.

Ecommerce Website Builder

If you want to set up your storefront, you require a great e-commerce website builder. Also, these are made especially for e-commerce so you can start online selling.

Modern e-commerce website builder tools have now matured to an extent that you can definitely rely on them to handle bulk orders and an exponential user base. You can add more features on top of them without any worry. As almost all website builder tools offer development support and are backed by the software developers’ communities to assist you in troubleshooting the issues. 

 Best Ecommerce Website Makers

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Zyro
  • Wix
  • Big Cartel
  • Shift4Shop
  • Square Online
  • WordPress

When Shouldn’t You Select a Website Builder Option?

However, you may be attracted by a website maker’s quick-fix solution, but there are countless circumstances when you shouldn’t practice them.

  • You want something exceptional: Nonetheless, the templates for building a website are easy-to-use. They lead to generic, common, and unexceptional websites. You cannot get something unique that you are looking for.
  • Need original features: If your industry demands a one-of-a-kind feature, it is very unlikely to find a relevant or even something close to it within a website builder tool.
  • You have a limited financial plan: Though many folks think website builders are the inexpensive alternative, this is not correct in the long term. Several website makers charge a monthly or yearly subscription, so you end up giving for your business site over and over again. 

What is a Custom Website Development?

Basically, a custom website is a site that has been made for you by an expert web developer. It can be a team of developers or an individual person. These skilled professionals will be able to convert your idea into reality.

Contrasting to website builders, custom sites permit more personalization, assisting you and your trademark to stand out from the pack. Also, they tend to be economical in the long term, proposing better analytics intuitions. Custom website practices offer more customized advertising and a boosted profit on your investment.

When Should You Use a Custom Website Approach?

Determining to spend on a custom website will always lead to a grander product. Not only do custom websites seem more proficient, but they also permit you to stand high in the competition. They deliver an improved user experience and are more probable to symbolize your brand perfectly. With the help of custom web development, you can make your business highly competitive and progressive.

When Shouldn’t You Use a Custom Website?

However, they have numerous benefits, but there are some limitations when you should not build these websites.

Perhaps your site isn’t your largest priority right now, and you want a swift and easy shortcut to an online existence. Or, possibly your company is brand new and you can’t relatively afford a custom strategy currently. And, you are more into gaining traction in the marketplace by devising an MVP application, which you can easily achieve via website builders.

Pros and Cons of Website Builders and Custom Websites

Both of these development practices possess several advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss both methods broadly.

1: Professional Website Builder


Numerous small-scale and large web programming corporations want to use DIY website configurators for their trade. So, it is one of the hassle-free methods to build a site within a small period at a low cost. Nonetheless, every procedure has its own positive and negative aspects.

  • Cost-Effective

Undeniably, these websites are cost-effective and economical. It is customarily free or a maximum of nearly $30/month.

  • Fast & Quick

Websites made by professional website builders are quick and can be launched within a short time. This gives website vendors a competitive advantage in their marketplaces and empowers them to make full use of the first-mover advantage. 

  • Automatically Host Websites

The best website builders spontaneously host websites such as Wix and Shopify. This spares you the trouble of handling and configuring web applications on cloud servers.

  • Security System

The security structure is already built-in within the website designer tools.

  • Designs/ Themes

You can explore a range of multiple website themes and designs, which you can handpick later on as per the business requirements.

  • Industry Based Templates

The website designer tools comprise several templates and pictures that are industry-based, which support the creator to select configurations and pictures for their firm.

  • No Codes

The best fact about web makers is that some properties are just dragging and dropping. There is no need for a custom code to improve or even implement certain features. is the best example of this methodology.

  • Built-in Tools

These have in-built SEO tools and Google analytics.

  • Easy to Use and Update

The web makers are simple and easy to update within a short time.

  • Domain Name

Moreover, the designers can easily use and map a domain name on top of their web application at the lowest cost.


You can see the various disadvantages of web builders.

  • Limited Customization Selections

However, website designers offer very limited customization options to users.

  • Changes

If the web supplier is desired to be changed, the website must be re-done from scratch.

  • Advertisements

On some app builders, advertisements appear on the sites due to the free plan of website creators.

  • No Advanced Tools

Website builders often aren’t suggested by an experienced web developer as they are pretty hostile in terms of certain key customizations. There are significant cases where a software developer wants to implement a business module but the target theme doesn’t support it.

  • Limited Online Support

The support line is restricted only to the paid customers and that too only via telephonic assistance.

Custom Websites 

Currently, with the development of countless technologies, several big firms wish to use custom sites for their corporation. Custom website development is widely accepted and acknowledged in the corporate world. It supports the giant corporations to have the whole set of business features Under one roof. This web development approach is ideally favorable and accepted when there is a need to implement a high demanding and compute-intensive app.

The most astonishing thing that merely a custom website can offer is the personalized domain name for the firm. Different well-recognized companies are providing excellent custom website design services globally. Contrarily, there are also both benefits and drawbacks of using custom websites for business.


  • Customized Features

The creator can build all the personalized features prerequisite by the firm.

  • Marketing Tool

The specialized developers can recommend the best potential technique to use the site as an advertising tool. The integration of marketing tools within a custom application is also very easy. On the flip side, a vendor can create both b2b and b2c marketing tools by using this approach.

  • Quality & Uniqueness

If you want your business to look classy and professional online, a custom site is always a better option. It will help you to make your site unique and distinct.

  • Support & Trust

By using custom software development services to implement a web application, a vendor gets a maximum throughput and usability out of his system.

  • Online Tools

The online implementations can always be integrated by using their APIs. Doing such, a software application can easily extend its working operations within a short time.

  • Customized Domain Name 

You can get a customized domain name with the help of custom development. It will impact a strong influence and accessibility in a positive manner.

  • Own Designs

You own everything that you’ve developed, which gives you uniqueness in your market.


  • Expensive

Normally, custom websites are somewhat costly as compared to web builders. The cost of a web application starts from 1500 USD.

  • Long Time to Launch

Contrasting to the website builders, the custom sites take an extended time to launch. Though it can take almost a 1 month time for starters and this estimated time can always go up depending upon the nature of a particular software project’s scope.

  • Time to Find Hosting Server

These websites require time to get a suitable host server, depending upon their I/O operations of them. On the other hand, the website makers already provide the hosting server.

  • Security Responsibility

The security of these websites is to be retained by the firm. The problems related to safety threats should be monitored and resolved by the software development team themselves.

  • Finding a Web Designer & Services

To make a custom website, a corporation needs to find a web maker and software development services within their financial plan.

  • Expenses for Regular Updates

There are many other costs after initiating website development work. A company has to bear expenses for regular hosting, updates, and customer support requests.

Brief Comparison between Custom Websites and Web Builders

1: Cost

When relating the price of website creators and custom design, the builders will always be less costly in the short term. But after a certain time, they need expensive hosting subscriptions, package upgrades, SSL certificates, and ongoing web application up-gradation. 

A Custom web scheme ordinarily costs more than a website builder tool because it takes more time and proficiency. For this sort of web development, you have to appoint an expert developer to make your site. Additionally, you often need support and maintenance for your website after it is finished. 

2: Time Investment

If you are searching for the quickest possible setup for your site, a builder would be the best option.

As the templates are pre-designed and don’t require a big deal of customization. In contrast, custom development takes a long time to set up. Because it requires a decent amount of time to make a site from ground level.

Similarly, the scheduling and designing that go into the website logic lead to extra time invested in the task.

Nevertheless, as with budget, time is not the only consideration. You can get your fast working site via a site builder. But the end product may not be as operative as you demand. 

3: Customization

Web builders and custom designs also fluctuate when it comes to the level of customization they provide. As per its name, custom web development gives considerably more choices for customizing your website than app builders.

The custom development approach provides you almost limitless choices for developing your application. Because this kind of website is made from scratch, hence giving more cleanliness and time to the web developers in terms of devising a fool-proof implementation. And you can work with a web development firm to select the features that will operate best for your corporate needs. Consequently, it provides you the chance to make a site that perfectly reveals your business’s USPs.


Hence, it is very difficult to select between a website builder and a custom website. Usually, the final selection of either one of these two approaches depends upon a business need. Also, it is based on what you’re demanding, how good your budget is, and what type of customization you want. Generally, a builder will cost you less and take short time to set up.

Nonetheless, the better customization, maintenance, and scalability available through a custom website make this selection more tempting and money-making for businesses. Thus, the custom development practices are better and more reliable than the web builders. Because these approaches have countless benefits and provide you more control over your system.

If you are into developing a web application either via a website builder tool or by using custom website design services, then you are at the right place. Our past experiences have hugely favored custom website development when there’s a need of addressing a specific business problem or process. And, we have widely used website builder tools whenever there’s a demand for developing a web application containing traditional business operations such as e-commerce, blogging, etc.

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