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Status200.net is one of the most trusted Website Design And web Development Services Company in the world. We always strive for creating website/web app for your business that depicts your full business potential which you have to offer. We also create E-commerce websites, custom made responsive websites & applications for our clients that truly address their requirements. Without having a website or online presence, you cannot promote the best image for your company and compete in this ever-saturating market. Your business requires a responsive and tailor-made web application that showcase your business portfolio, scope and states what business problem you solve. We are here to serve you by offering our best development services for your humble cause.


We are well known leading best angularjs development company because we use the most modern front end technologies such as Bootstrap (html5 & CSS3) and Java Script (Angular.js, Vue.js, ECMAScript, jQuery d3.js, three.js and react.js) that offer the best personalized solution for your website development.

For backend technologies, we have expertise in PHP (and its associated frameworks plus CMS’s), ASP.Net, Node.js, Django and ROR (ruby on rails). With the amount of work that we have done in the past, it’s a piece of cake for us to develop a RESTful API that can be exposed for your mobile or web clients.

To maintain and secure site’s record, we ensure the best encryption over the stored data on any given DMBS of your choice. Our experience and certified database developers have expertise in MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo DB, Couch DB, PostgreSQL and No SQL.

Web Development and design process

This expertise demands creativity. Often times, we feel very privileged to help our clients when there’s a need to refine a certain use-case, suggesting an important feature or when there’s a need to add flavor of uniqueness in a system’s UI.

Just like in any regular project, our web development work is performed in following steps:

  • Requirements gathering.
  • Marking the scope of a provided set of requirements.
  • Planning and making strategies.
  • Web development phase.
  • Coding, Testing, Deployment.
  • Maintenance Mode.
Status200.net clearly defines each and every step that is cited above. So we keep all these things in mind and take extra steps whenever necessary. Our experience and skilled web developers are always ready to face any development challenges with pride.

Our major website development categories:

  1. Web development.
  2. E-commerce website development.

Implementation of a system as per custom set of requirements.

Web Development

Status200.net offers professional & user-friendly web development services for personal, small and large business organization. We are passionate and committed to provide custom made website development in Pakistan & all over the world at affordable prices. We make stunning interface and responsive website for our clients that grab attention of customers that ensures in generating more leads and revenues for your business. Our developed websites are always being served to beat your competitors.

Ecommerce Website Development

Status200.net designs and creates a website that promotes your business. We offer premium class ecommerce website solution by using a latest technological platform. We help businesses to grow fast and increase in their ROI in short span of time.

By combining a broad range in technical expertise and firm commitment towards client’s satisfaction, we have become the ideal ecommerce website development company in the market. For custom ecommerce development, testing, quality assurance, support and system integration, we cover all with high level of expertise & professionalism.

We are always looking forward to reflect the presented guidelines in our development. Whether you need a booking site, dating site, freelance marketplace site  or any sort of a site that solves your business problem, all you need to do is to send us one message and we will get the development started right away.


As per our price, we make sure that we do not charge the extra price. All of our project cost are entirely affordable for everyone. It is guaranteed that no one can beat us in term of prices. We work within given budget and do not charge any hidden cost.


We have team of experience and responsive staff that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact us any time by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right section of this screen or send us the detailed requirements via Hire Us page. Feel free to contact us right now. We are ready to serve you in all circumstances. Let’s start our long term working relationship with the development for your business website.Just for you, we have made some cool packages. Would you mind looking into those? Perks