Top 10 Challenges an IOS Developer Faces while Deploying an IOS App to the Apple App Store

Top 10 Challenges an IOS Developer Faces while Deploying an IOS App to the Apple App Store

Top 10 Challenges an IOS Developer Faces while Deploying an IOS App to the Apple App Store 1080 720 Status200

The mobile industry & operating systems have seen a profound change ever since the debut of Apple in the phone market back in 2007. Nevertheless, it has been a one-man show for years; Apple fecundated and today has become the most desired personal device amongst the visionary despite the constant arguments for iOS vs Android. With Development & innovation, Apple’s ecosystem brings some new iOS Development Challenges for developers when getting started with iOS Development. 

List of Top 10 iOS Development Challenges

It is essential to consider the challenges developers face, primarily as this advanced tech deals with phones, watches, TVs, and iPads in line with existing trends. 

With consistent updates coming, it is not very surprising that challenges are ample for different technology supports for iOS Development.

Nonetheless, to grab the attention of the audience at the app store (iOS), iOS app developers always need to work very hard, control and overcome the iOS app development challenges. Let’s have a look at the obstacles that the IOS app developers face while deploying an app to the Apple app store.

Following are the Top 10 iOS Development Challenges:

1. To Obtain Approvals from the iOS App Store

Enterprises that invest in applications related to iPhone cannot release their apps instantaneously. They require approval from the App store, which is a very tough task as any minor mistake can end up in the rejection of the App. So the developers need to keep in view even the minute details and ensure to give no reasons for Apple to reject their App. There are indeed some precise rules & regulations along with some formalities that Apple has set-up, which is not easy to abide by. It is also essential that enterprises should know all the upgradations in rules because Apple keeps on changing them regularly.

1.4 million apps are present in the app store, so yes, you are not the first developer to face this problem while deploying the app on the Apple app store. If you encounter any rejection & want to understand the reason, you would get several ideas on the internet. Remember that your App can be rejected even for just violating a simple rule that you are not aware of, to an extent that you even have to do some intense customizations in your codebase just to get your app approved. As stated earlier, Apple keeps on changing its rules frequently, so you will have to make sure to know every bit and bite of the latest trends. Comprehend all the guidelines before you start building for the iOS App. Because working according to the rules will save you time and help get through various investment challenges.

2. To Maintain App Compatibility

It is easier to work on the compatibility of the App in apple, unlike Android, but still, it’s a vigorous process in the Development of iOS app. It is tough to decide that, which iOS version will support the App because the layout for iOS Development is not as simple as it seems. But, the real challenge for the iOS developers is the selection of a perfect device for testing among the countless Apple gadgets available in the market. Application testing helps to govern possible problems.

It is obvious to check for the adoption of newer versions to help increase the number of users the App will successfully support. For this purpose, it is necessary to check the compatibility against each apple product like iPhone, Apple Watch iPod, or iPad, especially those which are readily accessible in the market for use & famous among users. Therefore, as a mandatory solution, it is recommended to test the application by using TaaS (test as a service) product to detect the issues.

3. To Combat the Battery time Challenges

One of the major and frustrating factors for numerous iOS developers and users is application performance. Organizations that want to stay popular among users should develop the applications that neither compromise on the performance of the battery nor consume much of its percentage by reducing the total battery time. This task is quite overwhelming, and revolution is absolutely the dire need for ideation to improve the application performance.

4. To Overcome the Storage & Memory Limitations

Storage & memory restrictions are also one of the common challenges faced by iOS developers. Quite a few devices operate even on more than a singular version. Every developer also knows that all devices have memory restrictions. A large number of games or applications use a lot of device’s space & resultantly; the user cannot use the App even if his device supports the latest iOS version.

So, working within the storage and memory restrictions puts enormous pressure on the iOS developer and provides a very thin ground for a developer to work on. 

5. To Work on Application Security

While the developer is getting started with iOS application development, application security is simply an uncompromising feature. Only the organizations assuring the application security & user privacy maintain their place in top App Store applications. Nowadays, when hacking and other cybercrimes have become so common, the developers must devise ways to tackle such threats in implementation. They have to work on improvising and building a potent technical security layer to guarantee hack-proof apps for users, which is undoubtedly not an easy job.

6. To Ensure App’s high Performance in poor Networks

Network speed is not that significant challenge in present times. Still, video downloads, streaming services, or any other feature that use more data should be the prime concerns. It is something to pay close attention to primarily if your App comprises drawing rich media from net & data checks should be directed for this purpose, which needs to be performed by application optimization.

In this case, if developers are working on mobile broadband reports, the speed they are using may differ from what your users will be using. Therefore, they’ve to work hard on the iOS applications to pass the Network Link Conditioner test, which helps in stimulating. One such practical example is Netflix, which chose to limit video quality to help people adjust their data demands. 

7. To Keep the User Engaged with Suitable UX Design

Organizations work to think through their targeted audience mindset while working on user experience design, seeing the constant changes in fashion and design trends. App developers are therefore required to work with compound varieties of design, for instance, material & anthropomorphic and flat accompanied by keeping an eye on the upcoming design trends.

8.  To develop Future compatible Applications

iOS developers need to think forward and have the capabilities to envision in other words to predict what would be the next new thing when Apple releases its latest iOS version, and need to work on the applications to tailor it accordingly. This is very challenging and, to some extent, an unpredictable thing. This is tough and is usually limited to some highly experienced developers having significant insights into Apple products only.

9. To Develop Cross-Platform Applications

Lots of companies in the market are now moving beyond sticking to a single platform only. Similarly, organizations need to develop cross-platform applications that work flawlessly on Windows, Mac, or Linux, to attract an immense number of users towards your application that brings together multiple devices and OPs. Enterprises that are willing to invest in applications always consider the compatibility of apps over a multitude of devices that have a far-sighted iOS development. 

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As much as attractive it sounds, Cross-platform apps create an unconditional compromise in UI/UX that they have to offer. This approach sometimes creates a conflict with the Apple store during deployment due to an incompatibility between the design and performance standards that this technique imposes by default. Hence, resulting in rejection by the app store.   

10. To avoid the Plagiarism

Another major challenge is the Plagiarism, where app ideas are stolen if there is outpouring popularity. Once an app is released, competitors determine its base theme, styling, and mechanics, and then attempt to copy the same App with some USPs to get popular in the market. So the app owner has to ensure that his core USP stays on top of his competitors. 

Final words

This brings us to the end of our blog, we’ll conclude with admitting that developers will face many obstacles in their way as they get into developing an iOS app where a large number of competitors are present, numerous minor details need to keep in view, and one has to be aware of all the latest Apple rule trends to deploy an app to Apple app store. As a business decision-maker, you have to work harder to strive for success no matter what hurdles come your way. If you want to grow, challenge your boundaries, and work according to a plan. Many businesses fail simply because they can’t solve the problems and can’t offer something useful to their users.

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