Top 5-time tracking tools. Which one is better? What are their plans?

Time tracking software

Top 5-time tracking tools. Which one is better? What are their plans?

Top 5-time tracking tools. Which one is better? What are their plans? 1200 628 Status200

Many of the historians believe that time has no meaning without events, and events are eventually related to the existence of social animals. Probably, you are thinking about why we didn’t use the word “human beings” instead of social animals. Well, it’s because there are such historical events that are related to animals as well, e.g., “disappearance of dinosaurs.”  

A time tracking software helps you in learning how you’re spending your time in your daily lives. With adequate time management, you can make the days productive and also memorable for the rest of life. You can make daily notes for the tasks that need to be accomplished at the end of the day. Without time tracking software, somehow, you wouldn’t be able to achieve productivity, professionalism, and punctuality for these tasks. 

As work-time tracker assist you in managing time in both business and personal level. A healthy workflow can be the ultimate benefit of having a time tracking app on your laptops and smartphones. Once you get an idea about the tasks that consume most of your time, you can make it on account whether that task is worth it or not. 

You might have no idea about the daily duties that are unnecessarily consuming most of your efforts. There is a need to identify those assignments and work accordingly. It’ll help you to decide whether things are hitting their budgets and deadlines, and your coworkers are spending quality time on the job.  

Top 5-time tracking tools. Which one is better? What are their plans? 

We use to estimate our time, cost, spending, and sometimes our lives, but they’re just estimations not realities. A time tracking app will let you invoice more accurately then estimated time worked after the fact. Sometimes having accuracy in your working time creates trust and is also beneficial for the business.

When you have an idea about how you spend your time at work, the chances are great that you will make the right decisions for the betterment of your business. Here is the list of 5 most used free time tracking software to get your business-oriented tasks being done efficiently.

1.      Toggl

If you need a timekeeper app but don’t have the budget to buy it for a long time. Use Toggl; it is one of the prime options available in the market. Amazingly, it costs 0 cents to download and start using it. One can easily install in their computers, android, and IOS smartphones to enjoy its core functions free of cost.

However, there are some limitations to the work report, collaborations with other groups, and follow-up traits that are a part of official use. But if you want to give it a try on an app to have a general idea about the working styles, you can go for Toggl without any hesitation.

2.      Rescue Time

RescueTime possesses the title of King of the time tracker app in the market. The feature that makes it a King or Queen is that it runs in the background. Which means you don’t need to hit the running button to make it perform actions. With the location tracker, it calculates how much time you’d spent on a particular place.

You can make this app an in-charge of your activities and block distracting sites. These include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. RescueTime helps you to make the best use of your time without getting tons of notifications from these websites. 

3.    Harvest

A standard paid service by Harvest counts almost 30% of the time tracking apps since 2018. Its monthly subscription starts from $12 monthly for one individual. This subscription reaches to $99 when added more users in one account.

Harvest is considered as the prime option for entrepreneurs, businessmen, and consultants. It helps to keep a handy record of their meetings and routines.

3.      Timing

All-time tracking apps are designed differently from one another. This is done by each vendor so to pitch their USPs within the competitive market’s ecosystem. Timing shows the time spent in blocks as if it’s an event on your daily calendar. It’s not like an ordinary app that only tracks your time but also encourages you to plan your tasks before starting. 

Although it’s not a free app and starts with a $7 monthly plan, one can use it on IOS, android, and PCS at the same time. 

4.    Timeular

The feedback of its users shows that Timeular is not coming slow to its rivals as it gives an accurate period by merging both worlds (actual & virtual). It’s definitely not like the other tracking software because it comes in a physical device with an installed version of its software. 

The die (device) can be charged along with the charger. One can use its amazing functions with the dead/discharged device, but it’ll not work at the same pace without the gadget. This device makes it the best tracking system that is available in $7 per month subscriptions. 

5.      Forest

Here comes the Forest, which is free for the android users (up to some extent) and IOS users need to pay $2 for access to its top features. You’ll love this app as it works like a video game, not a traditional time tracker. It’s widely used as an app blocker in the market. 

Let’s see how it works. It helps you to save your time by planting virtual trees. When you open an app on your smartphone, it plants a virtual tree and the tree starts growing until you switch to another app. In this way, you make gold coins and buy your favorite plants virtually. Developers of it tend to update their features every three months. 

Which is better & why?

 Based on the reviews and the payment plans, Toggl is better than all other apps as it has included time tracker, app blocker, a collaboration among teams, ads blocker, and many other features which makes it a strong app to stand at the top of the list. Moreover, it only costs $10 per month and is way better than the other highest paying time tracking software apps in performing the desired functions.

Importance of a time tracking app

Improvement in workflow

When dealing with more clients at once, you wouldn’t be able to divide your time equally and resultantly fail to earn twice than your current earnings. As a freelance writer, developer, or service provider, you need a time tracker app that will tell you how much time you spent in performing and finishing a specific task for your clients. 

These insights are proved to be the prime reason for the success of freelance writers and graphic designers that tells them the areas of improvement. You’ll not only find the simplest way of the process but also master these skills without burning your time and endeavors. 

Prioritize your tasks

Many individuals have opted for a formula introduced by a famous psychologist to manage time. It tells us how we can prioritize our time with the help of a time tracker by answering two simple questions. 

1.      How much benefit you or your company is going to get out of a particular task in terms of profits?

2.      To what extent are you able to postpone or leverage on this task?

Answer to these questions will consequently tell us whether we are in the right direction or not! How much our tasks are solving our business problems and leading us to the results we are working for?  Find the answer to these two questions to map out your daily tasks in an effective manner.

 Charging your clients

Are you worried about charging your clients on an hourly basis? Or do you not know what tools are needed to get the exact time spent on a particular task is? It’s usually a headache for the freelancers and virtual assistants who provide their services on an hourly basis and find it difficult to charge. 

Therefore, it is necessary to track your time instead of making assumptions or guessing it later on. This is going to be the best way because you don’t want to underestimate the period it took you to complete a project. Moreover, it will make the chance of unknowingly selling yourself less than you deserve to very unlikely. So, using a time tracking software will help you in charging your clients justly.

 Manage your time better

Most of the people start working from 9 am and end at 5 pm at the corporate offices. But do they spend all of these 8 hours working? Unfortunately, no, because they’re human beings, and many activities such as gossips, tea breaks, & phone calls distract them. 

 A time tracker app gives you a window through which you can see how much time your team is spending on doing the real work. One can easily see a change in the individual’s or even the entire team’s behavior in terms of meeting their targets once they get exposed to work under a time monitoring environment.  

Therefore, a check and balance system gives the results beyond expectations. It is because the team knows that you’re using an hour tracker app to maintain a healthy balance in work-oriented activities. 

Advantages of having a time tracking software


An abundance of apps is there in the market, which can help you stay organized, determined, and focused on the task. So, you might have seen several options that pop up every day, and they all provide the same features with slight differences. 

But not every time tracking software is made equally useful for team managers and the individual freelancers in one go. A freelancer can be the foremost beneficiary of the time tracking apps as they’re always working on given deadlines and running short of time.


It’s rightly said that “you’ve to spend money to make money,” but with time tracking software, that’s not always the case. A lawyer can charge their clients accurately with a time tracker that features rounding and customized billable rates. 

Most of the time, clerical and admin tasks are the real-time consumers that eat up a significant portion of your attention. A lawyer has to play with dates for which one can integrate with online tools, e.g., Google Calendar. 

 Small business enterprises

As an entrepreneur, when you invest in a startup and create a small business enterprise following your passion, so, it is compulsory to have a bird’s eye view on your employees by using a work time tracker.

In this way, you will be able to get rid of the traps set by the employees by spending a whole month on a single spreadsheet. It can be completed in two weeks or less.  Employee time tracking software is undoubtedly the honesty of your employees. It acts as a way of keeping track of the individuals to reward the right employee after the project.


Usually, a consultant is an individual who has some expertise in a particular field. He gives his advice to the businesses and sole proprietors in the area of his interests and expertise. In the modern era, marketing consultants, sales consultants, and physician consultants are mostly hired by firms and individuals. 

These consultants almost work on the same pattern and provide their services on per-hour rates. A time tracking software is one of the critical tools that can help these consultants in multiple ways. Such as to track billing hours, get access to reports, share projects and team dashboards, and make schedules to avoid conflicts of meeting times. 


Almost 89% of employees waste time during working hours. Similarly, around 57% of workers waste an hour on duty regularly, according to Forbes. This routine and behavior of the employees cost your business millions of dollars annually. Therefore, investing in a time tracking software can save your money and time theft without blaming other factors.

In a nutshell, tracking your time will be beneficial to enhance your business revenue by leaps and bounds. It builds a habit of being a trustworthy professional who gives importance to its time and knows how to manage it most efficiently. As a result, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your friends and family without taking extra leaves from the office or freelance job.

So, if you need a time tracking software/manager for yourself or the organization, contact us at It’s for sure that our services have no comparison as we help our clients get their tasks done at an affordable budget. Feel free to reach for any inquiry; we are looking forward to hearing from you and bringing success for your software development cause.