What is the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine? Top 6 Best Game Engines and their annual Salaries

rockstar advanced game engine

What is the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine? Top 6 Best Game Engines and their annual Salaries

What is the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine? Top 6 Best Game Engines and their annual Salaries 1200 628 Status200

Recently, there has been such a hype about rockstar advanced game engines. The main reason is the popularity of its mind-blowing game i.e., Grand Theft Auto Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and V. There is no doubt that Vice City is one of the greatest games ever developed in its era. Still, there are many better-paid game source engines and open source game engines that have developed many other classic games as well. All that matters is which game engine is better for the development of a quality video game.

In-game development, many factors are needed to be considered before and during development. In this blog, we’ll discuss all of those factors in detail, and in addition to that, we’ll also list down the best game engines. It sometimes gets confusing in terms of which game engine to choose for the game development. So, before getting into any further details, we must clear some basics of the game development engine.

What Is A Game Engine?

A game engine is a platform that provides you the whole environment to develop a game. It is a complete package of frameworks and programs that align all the functions for developing and launching a video game. It enables the developer to design and paint the game’s required components, just like a canvas. From designing the terrain to the implementation of a character’s AI, a game engine houses everything.

There are some open-source game engines that you can use to develop a quality game. It depends upon the requirement of the development of your game. However, Unreal game engine and the Unity engine become the first choice of most of the developers. They’ve got many pre-programmed functions which help a developer to design games easily and efficiently.

Today, with the help of these quality game engines like Unreal Engine 5 and the Unity game engines, game development has become quite easy and fast. They provide you with a high-quality GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is the most important factor in game development. Meanwhile, there are some other essential components of a game engine like graphics, audio, physics, and scripting.

What’s the Worth of Gaming?

Due to the massive gain in the craziness and popularity of gaming, the worth of game engines has got a boost in this decade. According to recent numbers, you might not believe it, but the value of gaming is even greater than the whole Hollywood industry. Now, you can expect the pace of its continuous development. At present, the global gaming industry is worth almost $150 billion. According to various investments, it is estimated that its value will increase by $200 billion until 2023.

It is the reason why game developers are the most in-demand. Companies are ready to pay high wages to developers for developing mind-blowing games that will change the gaming experience, and it is happening already. Today there are thousands of closed source game engines and many free game engines for the development. The future for game developers is bright indeed.

What is Rockstar Advanced Game Engine?

Rockstar advanced game engine is a game engine that was created by the team of Rockstar games. It is a video game publishing company based in the USA, New York City. Dan Houser, Sam Houser, Terry Donovan, Gary Foreman, and Jamie King were the company’s co-founders, and they established it in 1998. They use their own product Rockstar advanced game engine for the development of their games.

Rockstar provides the accessibility of its games on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles. The reason behind their popularity is the outclass Grand Theft Auto game series. As a game engine, Rockstar advanced game engine isn’t that usable among the game developers as it is Rockstar games’ product, and it is associated with them. The developers don’t consider it when it comes to the paid source engine and open-source game engine. There are plenty of options for game developers as free game engines and closed source engines.

Basic Components of a Game Engine

There are some necessary components on which a game engine depends. Each element has its own significance in the development of a quality game. Various open-source game engines enable you to develop a high-quality game by using all of these aforementioned components. There totally five elements on which a game engine depends:


Some high-quality engines like the Unreal Engine, Unity game engine, and Three.js engine provide very high definition graphics. Today, graphics are considered as a much-have feature in games. Mostly gamers reject a game due to low graphics. Many open-source game engines enable you to import assets that will set some premium-quality graphics. Engines such as Frostbite game engine prioritize and have innovated the way graphics were previously interpreted in the gaming industry. Having a high quality graphics is one of the fundamental things to ensure any game’s success.


Both free game engines and commercial engines provide you with the audio features to employ them in your game. A game must need various sound effects and voice acting to render all of its work. Musical compositions also have an essential part in the audio of the game. It can enhance the whole mood of the game. There are many audio assets available that you can buy at the game engine’s store or any third-party app according to the requirement of your game. It will also help you to work on the areas essential to catch the user’s attention.


There was a time when gaming was just a source of killing time, but today it has become a source of networking. Many gaming communities have built with time, and people deal with gaming like a whole another world. Games that connect people and make them feel like in such a community are more in demand. Unreal engine games offer a vast plot of networking among the players. Networking is just like the DNA of a game engine. The fast APIs provide a whole network for communication among the player at a time while playing the game. This concept has brought a revolutionary feature of multi-players setup in the game development.


Physics has a vital role in the development of a game as you can see the functions of the characters depend upon it. Like Unity, the game engine allows you to build your game character according to your preference and objective. For that purpose, you don’t have to code all those functions. Several pre-written queries and scripts will help you to develop the physical features of your game. In that manner, using these functions, you can produce the physical activities of your game character in a natural way. Or if you want to go fancy, you can write your own script to inject AI within your game characters.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is one of the most critical factors of a game engine. The demand for high-quality GUI has been increased by time. Meanwhile, the theme and the structure of the game depend upon its GUI. The way you’ll represent your whole game as a package carries the impression for the user. If your game isn’t that interactive, then the chances of its popularity will decrease. Each element of our game, including every button, slider, and menu, should be aligned perfectly.


It is the core element of the whole game development process. A developer builds a game through the script according to the requirements and objectives of the game. Many open-source game engines provide you pre-written scripts which make the developer’s job quite easy. All the components of the games work according to their script. If your scripts fit the game’s exact logic, then there are high chances of developing a high-quality video game.

6 Best Game Engines

There are plenty of game engines present to develop the games. Some of them are commercial while the others are free game engines. It depends upon your preference and mostly the requirement of the game that which one is better for you. Although we’ll provide you the six best game engines that are globally used for the development of quality games of all types:

1- Three.js

Three.js developers launched this incredible game engine on 24 April 2010. It is a cross-browser JavaScript library that can create 3D graphics for your game. Three.js will provide you with high definition animation features to develop an interactive game. Powered with WebGL, It allows you to create the whole scene of the game according to its theme with its pre-written scripts. The demand for the Three.js engine is quite higher as compared to any other gaming engine. The yearly salary of a Three.js developer is $100,000-110,000.

2- Unity Engine

Unity game engine is one of the most famous among the high-quality game engines. Unity technology developed this Engine in June 2005; they extended it to access on various platforms. It is an open-source game engine, and that’s the reason for its vast usability among the developers besides its quality features. It allows you to avail of its quality features, including the physics of the gaming characters, animation and it is quite famous for its 3D elements. The average salary of a Unity game engine developer yearly is $95,000-100,000 and above all, it’s cross-platform.

3- Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is one of the best game engines globally, and it’s the first choice of many game developers. Epic Games, a popular game engine development company, launched the Unreal Engine in 1998. Today, it has been extended to a level that is used to develop games considering open-world games as well. You can develop both single-player and multiplayer games through it. Most of the fighting and car sports games are an example of Unreal engine games. The worth of Unreal engine game developers is quite high, and their annual salary is $90,000-100,000.

4- HTML 5

Apart from being a markup language in web development, HTML 5 has a much more significant role in the game development sector. It works as an open-source game engine by employing WebGL and Canvas. It will help you to produce high graphics for your game. You can naturally set the structure by using HTML 5 for the development of a game. Meanwhile, the yearly salary of an HTML 5 game developer is $75,000-85,000.

5- OpenGL

OpenGL is one of the oldest game engines, and the Khronos Group released it in June 1992. It uses the API for the interaction through the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Most developers prefer it for 3D gaming due to its high-quality rendered graphics. It’s a great option to develop CAD applications due to its graphic reusability and rendering quality. The annual worth of an OpenGL game engine developer is $95,000-115,000.

6- GameMaker

Mark Overmars is the man behind the creation of the series of cross-platform game engines i.e., GameMaker. Later on, Yoyo Games developed in 2007 as a proper game engine. The game development process through GameMaker isn’t that feasible in comparison to the Unity engine and Unreal engine 5. However, it provides high-quality visuals with better GUI. According to various surveys, the annual salary of a GameMaker game developer is $70,000-85,000.

The Bottom Line

This blog has provided you all the information regarding the popular game engine and the best game engines. So, it will be easy for you to manage game development. When it comes to choosing a game engine, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an open-source game engine or a commercial one. All that matters is your game engine must meet the requirements of your project. Meanwhile, in the current situation, the Unity game engine, Unreal Engine, and Three.js are better options to develop a high-quality game. These engines are the most recommended by the developer all over the world.

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