What are Push Notification Services? Top 5 Best Push Notification Services & Tools 2020

Push Notification Services

What are Push Notification Services? Top 5 Best Push Notification Services & Tools 2020

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2020 has provoked the world to hang on to the online market. As a result, an increase in consumers boosted the vendors as well. Online retailers demand more engagement with a massive audience. A reliable digital marketing technique is incomplete without audience retention, and the push notification service works in this regard. The best push notification services communicate with subscribers to engage them with marketers. It includes web push notification service and mobile push notifications. That works for the client’s mobile apps and websites.

What are Push Notifications?

While using the internet on your desktop or mobile, you are receiving multiple pop-up notifications. These pop-ups can be of weather updates, an event happening soon, breaking news, or the flash sale update. These web or mobile push notifications appear on your screen when you haven’t asked for it or even when you’re not using that app. Simply, they emerge without making a request or command and therefore, are used to grab your attention.

Didn’t they bloat your screen ever?

Technically, they are also called server-based push notifications. This server notification is your connection with the website. In other words, the site is delivering its information or updates to your screens at regular sometimes custom intervals. Such data is meant to convey up-to-date information and increase engagement on the site. However, notifications do not appear on its own. Before receiving these notifications, you have approved the publisher to send these to you. The site grants permission. Your approval made these pop-ups to blow your screen. We can consider it as a regular SMS. But, with no contact number or email address being used. Both types of web or mobile push notifications are sent to the target audiences in real-time. The receiver, however, receives these notifications as soon as their registered device comes online.

Web and Mobile push notification service:

When surfing the internet, you encounter pops up on many web pages “this site wants to show notifications”. You have the authority to allow it or block it. If you enable the notifications, whenever using the internet, you will get updates of periodic information uploaded on the website. The data could be any alert, blog update, or new product launch update. This is how simple text-based web and mobile push notification services work on your desktop and mobile interface. Importantly, it doesn’t require the working of the app. Even if your smartphone is locked, a push notification will appear at its targeted time.

What kind of push notification pops up?

Servers employ a fashion of creative and customized algorithms to convey multiple push notifications services to the devices and users who have granted permission. The push notification service can be of varied types;

Personalized Push notifications that solely address custom information for one user; it could be order placement, delivery status update. For example, “Your delivery is due in the next 2-3 working days” “keep your change” are common lines appearing at screens after order placement. Such notifications can be system-generated or site administrator’s generated.

Call for action notifications can be alert of new product availability, a news article, or the Sale Reminder. For example, “Get your 30% OFF this weekend!” and “Flash 50% Sale”. These notifications are majorly site administrator’s generated.

Resume the activity notifications can pop up after you have surveyed products and didn’t place an order. These push notification services can be enabled after mapping the on-site activities of the user. Catchy lines like “you missed anything” can pop up in this category. Such notifications are system generated.

Significance of Push Notifications:

They are a compelling approach to boost engagement with your consumers. They’re accessible on desktop websites and mobile applications. Push notification services benefit retailers to convey information instantly to a user’s computer screens or mobile apps. Web and mobile push notifications provide customers with relevant updates and are meant to bounce back users to the vendor’s website or mobile application. They can boost engagements by announcing updates regarding discounts and special offers beforehand.

Now you have enough idea of web push notifications and mobile push notifications. Let’s see how it actually works.

How does Push Notification work?

Client app permits and then receives the push notifications. Client app communicates with the third-party app servers.

App servers send notifications by using a pivotal service that transmits information from the server to the client. That pivotal mobile or web push notification service makes sure to send platform supportive push notifications to the registered device.

The process is given below:

  • App Enrolment:

Firstly, the app administrator enrolls with push notification service providers. The operating system renders an interface as a mode of communication. They also provide code libraries in particular with push notifications.

  • User Permission:

After enabling the push notification, the consumer gets registered with pivotal service and ultimately app publishers.

  • Notification Presentation and delivery:

Now, the app administrator decides for the audience. The message to be sent is chosen. That notification can be instant or scheduled for a specific time.

The sensitivity of Push Notifications:

The significance of the best push notification services cannot be neglected. There is a thinner borderline between an attention grabber and an irritating pop-up. Inappropriate alerts can also result in user drop-off.

They can impart a negative effect on your business, costing your money and efforts. Some strategies can help to deliver the best push notification services.

How to propose Best Push Notification Services?

Push notification services can be proposed by considering the target audience. Their interests are also noticed. Users could go along with your website if the notification grabbed their attention. It requires appropriate graphics and catchy text. That should be displayed to the consumer at suitable timing.

Following tips need to be considered before the automation of opt-in popping of web or mobile push notifications on visitors’ screen;

  • Suppose the user is browsing your products or blog posts that show their interest. It could be the right time to ask for push notification services. Notification will keep them in touch with interest in relevant services.
  • When the visitors have browsed your site for a certain period and bounced back to it, they have made an impression of the content. At this stage, a viewer is most inclined to enable notifications to get alerts.
  • Alerts enabled after going through the content are more prone to draw long-term engagement with your digital sites.
  • Visitors of your website or mobile app aspire to recognize the perks of getting your push notification services.
  • Invest more time in experimenting with the user’s engagement time and their activities. Weekend pop-up always sells more as compared to weekdays. Analytics describes the evening click ratio overrides other timings.

When to ask for enabling push notifications services?

Some push notifications are more appealing than others. Timing is the thing that matters most. It involves the psychological agreement of users to allow the services. Subscribers can be heightened by offering push notification services at the right moment.

  • They work well in tracking and shipment of orders. Ask them to subscribe at the checkout page. Before granting permission, the user should know how subscribing can help him remember the delivery status periodically.
  • If you’re running an e-commerce store, visitors can be offered push notification service subscription when a high demand product is out of stock. They can bounce back with the alert of back in stock.
  • Giveaways and opportunities to win custom prizes also grab the attention of a visitor. It makes the switch into a subscriber. Push notification services can be opt-in to get the latest updates and proceedings.
  • Permission for notifications can emerge after the successful purchase or booking. Make it attractive by asking them to avail of your relevant offers and discounts.

Top 5 Best Push Notification Services & Tools 2020:

Back in 2009, Apple discovered push notification services in the iOS 3 operating system. After its successful lead, it was adopted by Google as well as Microsoft. With this strategy, they boosted their Android and Microsoft user practices. Subsequently, rich notifications and then action buttons marked as more advancements. Consequently, there’s an enormous diversity available in the industry now. Service providers increased, and it isn’t easy to pick the Best Push Notification Services & Tools. Every push notification service and tool has its pros and cons. In this blog, we have portrayed pricing and features of best push notification services for web and best push notification service for android.

1. OneSignal

Back in 2014, the OneSignal platform was originated by George Deglin. They are the best Push Notification Services in 2020 that enables both web push notifications and mobile push notifications. They have more than 5 thousand companies enrolled, including Adobe, Uber, Skyscanner, Cisco and Conde Nast, etc. OneSignal is not being 100% free push notification service but it is the best push notification service for start-ups as they are offering a lot of free services to get users’ enrollment.


Onesignal grants mobile push notifications, web push notifications, and in-app notifications. They offer a free push notification service with user-friendly features. Moreover, they involve automation, real-time tracking, and A/B testing. Besides, they include WordPress site fundamental features and support various platforms (Windows, iOS, and Android). You can also target particular consumers, depending on their site engagement. Consequently, a lot more advanced features can facilitate you free of cost.

Budget Plans:

There are various pricing plans with a primary free resource. The starter plan works at $99/month with the pro plan charging $500 for one month.

2. Kumulos:

Kumulos submits the perspective of interface compatibility and functionality for the publisher. It is a feature-rich platform with a higher user base. More importantly, it has many features that are served as perks within a reasonable budget.


Kumulos allows you to deliver appropriate and customized information straight to the mobile screen or the desktop website. Firstly, they offer high-end control over performance and personalization of push up messages for each brand. Secondly, they authorize geographical zone filters, geo-fencing, efficient channels, and assists to target the right audience. Thirdly, they also offer luxurious push features, including emojis, badges. Other than that, Kumolus allows you to customize the interface with your brand guidelines and colors. Above all, real-time tracking of automated messages helps the publisher to analyze the effectiveness and non-responsive pop-ups.

Budget Plans:

Introductory pricing starts at just $50/ month for one app with the subscription pricing model. It is a suitable choice to pay solely for what you are using. Additionally, enterprise and agency models offer more features with a higher price range.

3. Airship:

Formally known as Urban Airship, it works as the best push notification service for android. Back in 2009, it was founded in Portland. Now, they develop the consumer’s engagement strategies by considering user loyalty, mass targeting, and being on board with the consumers. In short, they provide engaging packages within a limited budget.


They have advanced features to offer a user-friendly experience. Airship works efficiently with automation, a real-time approach, and multiple browser support. Moreover, Airship also supports Analytic insights, in-app messaging, and location-based audience targeting. Therefore, these detailed analytical features help in campaign optimization. Mainly, Airship reports the consumers by various mediums, either SMS, push notification or chat-bots, etc. They facilitate engaging messages for clients and work on unique engagement strategies. User-friendly software with machine learning analytics and behavioral triggers is the best push notification service for android in 2020.

Budget Plans:

Basically, they have a free plan with limited contacts. The primary outline of airship push notifications service begins at $99/month. However, the essential plan and comprehensive plans start at $149/month and $349/ month, respectively.

4. Amazon SNS:

Amazon’s simple notification service is a long-lasting and utterly regulated best push notification service. Developed back in 2010 to assist developers. Now, they have many well-known consumers, such as; Yelp, Yik Yak, Hike Messenger, WunderList, etc.


Amazon SNS works easily with various operating systems. They have excellent hardware composition with a user-friendly interface. They furnish advanced functionality with control mechanisms. Moreover, highlighted features include campaign segmentation, Android/iOS notifications, website pop-ups. Amazon SNS works with scheduling as well.

Budget Plans:

Firstly, they offer the first one million notifications for free. Additionally, 0.50$ is the cost for the next one million push notification mailings. In the same way, it moves forward.

5. Twilio Notify:

All in one SDK to offer in-browser, native, real-time chat, and SMS based notifications. Launched in 2017, it quickly grasped users’ attention as it offers all of the notifications’ support under its one SDK. We have used it over the years and it is our recommendation to use this technology whenever you plan to implement any sort of notification service.  


Its programmable API and SDK allow developers to create system generated, customized push notifications, and SMS alerts. If required, you may also use Twilio’s Sendgrid to dispatch email-based notifications as well. For real-time notifications that are needed in chat-driven apps, this also comes in very handy. 

Budget Plans:

Pay-as-you-go plan type is one of their best selling and widely used package.

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