Video Survey App

User A

User B


A fully mobile responsive web application deployed on AWS that contains the following features associated with the User-Types:

User A:

  • Sign up, Login.
  • Social Logins (Facebook and Google).
  • Survey Form creation.
  • Invite users to participate in the Survey.
  • Deletion of invites.
  • Assign Tags/Flags to the invited users.
  • In-app and SMS notifications.
  • Generates a Public URL of the answered Survey that can be shared on Social Media sites such as Facebook.

user B:

  • Signs up and Login upon receiving the invites.
  • Participate in the Survey(s) by submitting video responses to the Questions.
  • Receives in-app and SMS notifications.

Above all, this app also supports users to switch roles from User Type A to B and vice versa. The following technology stack has been used to develop this platform.
– React.js
– Node.js
– PostgreSQL.
– Twilio Notify SDK (To send in-app and SMS notifications)
– Google Firebase (To send in-app notifications)
– AWS Amplify (As a hosting server)