Resume Generation System




A mobile responsive web application developed in React.js, Node.js and Mongo DB that provides the facility of Online resume generation. End user has to provide all of his/her personal, educational and past activities/jobs related details and this system will smartly populate the user provided data in the PDF to compile a resume template.
This system serves two types of user.


This user has to ability to perform following operations within this system’s boundaries.

  • User management CRUD.
  • CMS management for homepage/landing page.


  • Ability to Sign up, Login and trigger Forget Password request.
  • Ability to Add all of his/her Personal, Educational, Certifications, Skills and Interests.
  • Ability to Edit all of his aforementioned details.
  • Get system generated automated PDF templates for Resume.
  • Ability to Select , Export and Save PDF template for Resume.

This application is currently deployed on Amazon Web Services using EC2 compute instance.