How Node.js Revolutionized The Backend Development?

Node.js Backend Development

How Node.js Revolutionized The Backend Development?

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The World Wide Web or the internet has taken over the globe and changed our entire lifestyle. We are spending 6-8 hours online on average each day. Sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Wikipedia have developed a lot and provide continuous services 24/7 to the whole world. However, software developers are working to maintain and create highly reliable systems like these. These engineers and developers are classified into two categories: back-end, and front-end. Back-end engineers focus on building APIs, implementing business logic, providing functionality, maintaining databases, improving performance, and scaling infrastructures. On the other hand, the main focus of front-end engineers is on user experience, animations, user interfaces, and interactions. They enhance the look and feel of the website that the user perceives on the browser. The node.js Backend development has revolutionized the World Wide Web in plenty of ways.

If you pay attention to specifically web development, you will come to know that node.js backend has become famous, and the developer’s first choice of backend technology. Ryan Dahl started this technology in 2009. More and more engineers have moved towards node.js web development for the past many years. It has changed the entire ecosystem and infrastructure of web application development.

The Uses of Node.js

The node.js is in wide use because of its language, JavaScript. It uses V8, an open-source engine that was developed by Google Chrome, and it’s being written in C++. To completely understand the concept of backend Development with the node.js, let’s have a look at its characteristics:

  • Open Source
  • Offers one-stop for an entire web architectural development and maintenance
  • Beneficial for all sorts of platforms, especially for SaaS driven applications
  • Node.js backend server-side scripting
  • The server sets up the tasks’ execution in non-blocking mode
  • After a task execution, the response is being sent to the client through the API
  • Quite handy in terms of developing complex, compute-intensive and fault-tolerant systems

Why Is The Node.js Backend Good?

After getting recognition of node.js, the next step is to figure out what backed development with node js is? The backend of any app is the most crucial task, and the IT specialists are always paying attention to find the best solutions for the proper and robust working of their web applications. There are numerous advantages of node.js as a Backend language and framework.

Features of Node.js Backend Development

The node js web development and node js mobile backend have become famous among software developers. It is mandatory to know the features of node.js keeping in mind the latest technology that it offers.


One of the most important things that make node.js famous is its scalability. Everything is run by node.js in a single thread that is event-driven because of using JavaScript for backend development. It offers Node Package Manager (NPM) that aids the developers to inherit the needed features without reinventing the wheel. This favors web developers to build scalable systems quickly, without compromising on an app’s security.

Ease of Use:

The node.js uses JavaScript for backend development. So if you are experienced in JavaScript then you can build an entire web application through it by introducing Node.js as a backend language. Hence, the backend development with node js becomes easier for full-stack engineers. All you have to do is to learn the basic concepts of backend development such as MVC modeling, API construction, and communication with the DBMS. The node.js mobile backend lowers the complications of working with various other server-side languages. The node.js as the Backend language introduces one uniform programming language that any profound JavaScript developer can adopt in order to start developing customized web applications. This also means fewer resources for front end and backend development, and lower development cost.

Open-Source Community:

As state earlier in our write-up, Node uses NPM. It allows developers to quickly use and add third-party frameworks and libraries in their code. If you have used node.js backend development, you have an idea that the application development is quite easy as compared to using other backend languages such as PHP and core Python. The best thing to consider about node.js web development is their exclusive packages like HTTP server creations, image processing, and unit testing. The second best thing about node js technology is its growth with time, and users are extremely active to contribute to open source packages. So the open-source community of Backend in node.js enhances the potency of developers using node dependent applications. Modules get updated on the go and developers always find themselves using the latest and stable versions of libraries via NPM.

Aid in Frontend Development:

NPM also helps the developers to download and customize front end frameworks such as React. By using JavaScript in both client and server-side, Node.js offers uniformity across an entire web development ecosystem. It favors JSON-based web server response that the client receives and parses within its UI, all is being handled in JavaScript.

Benefits of Node.js Backend Development

After having deep insight into node.js features, we can know the significance of the node.js backend. The JavaScript for backend development has gained much fame for the past many years among web engineers. However, with the node.js web development framework, its capability has grown much higher. So with the help of JavaScript, we can build both client and server-side applications using the same code. Additionally, using some frameworks enable us to create PWA applications as well.

Node.js is best for real-time applications as it favors the data to be sent in the form of data streams. Node.js backend development facilitates event-driven programming and seamless integration of data-driven dashboards with it. It is ideal to develop financial and statistical applications. It has a large supportive community of developers, sponsored by Linux Foundation, performs the highest level data streaming, suitable for node.js mobile backend, and provides excellent server-side resource management.

Popular Among IT Companies

The node.js backend Development is one of the top spot frameworks and in wide use by many development companies because of its exceptional characteristics. Accepting the excellent node.js benefits, it’s worth mentioning that numerous popular companies in the IT-sphere have established node.js backend that has led those companies to perform well for applications and growing popularity. The authoritative companies that use node.js are:

  • PayPal
  • Microsoft
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • BMW
  • eBay
  • Netflix
  • Intel

The list is not sufficient to give full detail because many other well-known companies have flexible node.js Backend development. So the above list is a confirmation that node.js is beneficial for enterprise-grade applications as well as for small projects.

The Best Technology

For the last many years, node.js backend Development is the trendiest technology. It offers different customization options for a variety of projects and also offers a large number of off-the-shelf solutions. Node.js Backend Development was in use for mid-range projects. However, its capabilities and features make it able to perform a huge task as well. Node.js is an asynchronous program based on input and output operations via non-blocking. Some of the best examples of node.js based projects are Sublink and MobiDev.

Node.js Framework

With the growing popularity of node.js, the open-source community has offered numerous development frameworks to facilitate web development favoring and assisting all sorts of needs. Let’s have look at the most famous ones:


The nest.js is the most advanced framework making it able to build effective and scalable backend software. Due to its broad implementation, a wide range of libraries, MVP, Typescript, combining principles of FRP, FP, and OOP, nest.js is appropriate for enterprise-level projects.


In the node.js Backend frameworks ratings, the express.js is topnotch due to its implementing typescript, minimalistic and quickest designs, collection of HTTP helpers, and other features. The express.js is famous for those who don’t have the chance to take part in the costly and lengthy development process. So it is good for node.js mobile backend and APIs.

The is a basis of express.js that permits real-time web apps writing and the APIs with little effort. The technology is in the node.js framework and harmonious with many frontend frameworks related to options and plugins.

The development of API is a matter of minutes for developers with the help of because of its easy working process and different features. The storage services and queries are supported by So it is compatible with different databases and related services. has a user-friendly API and is easy to use on various devices. It supports automatic reconnections, binary, multiplexing, and real-time flows.


Meteor.js permits the creation of quality based node.js as it consists of entrenched frontend frameworks. It provides real-time features, great integration between backend and frontend, dynamic imports, and protection from hidden APIs.

What Types of Software Projects is node.js Appropriate for?

Considering the accompanying stack and specifications of this technology, we outlined some types of node.js backend development dependent software projects because of its optimal solutions.

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication Tools:

A large number of simultaneous distributions and connections of messages occurs because of real-time communications software and WebRTC-based node.js. The scalability, complexity, development speed, and efficiency can be achieved with node.js which is hard for other technologies.

Audio/Video Processing with External Tools:

The node.js backend has asynchronous input/output making it the best to upload content to the server. The software implementation is possible all because of types of processing and data as well as streaming execution. Employing and WebRTC comes in very handy to maneuver real-time audio, video-based chats, and push notifications.

Remote Procedural Calls:

By using remote procedural calls or by using node add-on API, the developers can now use low-level programming to further enhance web-hardware communication. This is quite useful when there’s a need of improving the server’s efficiency, adding more hardware-level interaction, improving the server’s response, and triggering 3rd party code within the webserver.

Server less Architecture:

The serverless architecture is the most appropriate solution that saves both efforts and money on fluctuating DevOps and severe load. Node.js highly favors it.

Micro Service-Based Architecture (Docker):

You can select optimal technologies for every part of the software with its division into functional modes in the container. With node.js backend development, it becomes cheaper and easier to test separate modules, parallelize development, and conduct ongoing support.

Recruiting Node.js Backend Developers

According to the information, the demand for node.js developers in the software market is at its peak, and it might seem difficult to hire those. However, the significant increase in node.js developers is all because of node.js as a Backend language. At the same time, easy learning and an increasing number of node.js developers causes reducing development costs. So if you want to hire some node.js backend developers as an IT specialist, you have to know the different skills of node.js backend developers, their past portfolio, knowledge related to OOP, DB management, and most importantly, how they would solve business problems.

When you are about to hire a node.js developer, keep in mind their experience and know-how with the latest technology. So if you want to hire node js mobile backend or node js web development experts, you have to look at some achievable requirements. Similarly, as a node.js developer, you have to have proficiency in DB design, Backend development, and API construction.


Web development is revolutionized with node.js. With the use of one language source throughout the tech stack, node.js is making engineers and developers more productive. So if you have not tried out backend development with node.js, what are you waiting for? After reading our blog, now you can relate how node.js for backend can be advantageous for the software development process and why it is better and popular in comparison to other technologies. So if you are about to launch your backend server, node.js is a good decision.

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