What is the MVP in Software development? Significance of MVP Development

MVP in Software development

What is the MVP in Software development? Significance of MVP Development

What is the MVP in Software development? Significance of MVP Development 1200 628 Status200

Software development is a vast field, and there are many aspects to consider while developing software or applications. It doesn’t mean that you have to get in the complexities of developing a fully-fledged web or mobile app. But, you must put everything in a structured manner to avoid any major hiccups during development. Launching a new software as a product in the market is not merely a walk in the park. Before presenting a new product to your customer, you have to reconsider all of your unique selling propositions or USPs. That’s where MVP product development comes in, making MVP in software development as the best strategy to introduce new software in the market.

MVP software development might sound new to some people who didn’t have much interaction regarding software development. But if you have decided to choose software development as your primary domain, then you must be aware of MVP product development. So, in this blog, we’ll thoroughly discuss all the aspects of MVP in software development.

MVP Meaning in Software development

Most people get confused about MVP meaning in software development. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. A minimum viable product is defined as a software product that contains just enough features to create an impact in its relevant industry. MVP in software development revolves around the famous quote of Warren Buffet “Never test the depth of the river with both the feet”. MVP development follows the following concept.

MVP Product Development

MVP product development includes the following factors:

  • You have a business idea. Great! You have now researched and found that there are numerous similar business ideas which are already in the market and are serving their causes by solving the business problems.
  • You have then critically analyzed and differentiated in terms of what value-added solution(s) your business idea would house which will give your idea a sort of competitive advantage over the rest. In business terms, we refer to it as USPs.
  •  You then compile all the list of USPs and also the complete business model in the form of a software requirements specification document which is referred to as a software project scope document. Within the same scope document, you will anticipate your expectations about this solution to manifest, either in web, desktop, and/or in the mobile application.
  • Once you have the scope document compiled, you then prioritize the development of USPs to formalize a software product. Now, if you are self-funding your application, you would then expose it to your target audience, get their feedback, and upgrade your software app as per your end-users’ liking or disliking.
  • Or, you can show the same app to the investors, get them on board, and then use their funds to further upgrade the project as per your future roadmap related to your business idea.

MVP software development gives you an ability to get what you want quickly and with lesser stress. It provides a way to launch a software product focusing on competitive advantage first, which is very helpful in gaining needed attention and also first movers’ advantage. MVP software design with agile methodology indeed helps increase in software development maneuverability. Let’s reiterate and expand the explanation of each of the aforementioned point below; 

Steps to Create Your Minimum Viable Product

Whether its MVP app development or MVP web development, the outcome depends on how you create your Minimum Viable Product. So, following are the steps that will help you to create a perfect MVP software:

Initial concept

If you have an idea to work on an MVP app development project, then you must build an initial concept. Your concept must be based on a structure that shows how it all works. If you have a better MVP software design, then you have higher chances for its pre-seeding funding.

Idea approval

Before getting into further details, approve your idea from your investors and the public to analyze an MVP software. You can get the approval of your idea by sharing a model that defines it properly. Once you are satisfied with the response, then you can proceed further.

Market Research

When you start to work on MVP in software development, make sure that your project is fulfilling all the aspects which can satisfy the people’s needs. For that purpose, you have to research the market by analyzing it through different surveys. If your research turns out to be positive, you are good to go with your project.

Express Idea

For example, you will start work on MVP app development, and then you express all the features and functions that it will perform. Let people know how your idea will make their life easy. The way you express your idea can play a huge role.

Design process

The design process matters while working on MVP in web development or app development. The working structure of your MVP software depends upon the way you design it. If everything is aligned in a structured manner, there are higher chances of your product’s acceptance among the people.

Include all features

Don’t forget to enlist all features of your MVP software development. Now, you can place your features according to each stage of the application. You should also categorize the features according to the priority. It means to differentiate among the essential features and optional ones.

Finalize MVP

Never compromise on the quality of your MVP in software development. Treat it as your final product, and then it will be on that desired level to get the acceptance among the people. Make sure to do all steps properly and don’t leave any loophole that can become the reason for any objection.

MVP Software Development in Pre-Seeding

Pre-Seeding funding refers to the investment in a startup project. Most of the investors don’t risk their money in pre-seeding funding of a project to avoid any risk. It is often related to those software projects which don’t offer MVP apps for investors during the pitching process. However, if you have your app’s MVP software design ready, it can convince them to invest. The following reason will help you to understand that how much Minimum Viable Product is beneficial for pre-seeding:

  • Usually, investors hesitate to invest in a startup idea, but you can have their attention when you show them the MVP product development. If you need capital for your project, you can demand it from the bigger investors by representing your MVP software and its future roadmap.
  • Showcasing a Minimum Viable Product gives investors an advantage for their pre-seeding in the project as they can provide their feedback and further suggestions. Although these conditions vary according to the different projects, it helps both sides.
  • When you go for further development in your MVP software, you have a better chance to gain better interest from the other investors. It will simply increase the value of your product. Hence, the early shareholders will have their profit on a better ratio than the later ones.

5 Benefits of MVP Product Development

MVP product development is the best strategy to initialize any product release, especially in software development. It gives you a better perspective on cost estimation and market research. In fact, it has been proved very beneficial in the whole business sector. Meanwhile, there are several benefits of MVP in software development:

1- Influences and favors valid market studies

MVP development has had a great influence on valid market studies. Due to this reason, it simplifies the path of new entrepreneurs in the market. These studies will help you know the market according to the category of the software product which you will be going to launch. A Minimum Viable Product helps you understand what is necessary and what isn’t. Hence enabling you to filter out all the distractions and empowering you to build what’s necessary.

2- Strengthen focus on product value

MVP software development increases the focus on the product’s value. By getting valuable feedback from the stakeholders and customers, MVP software design semantics help you focus on what’s important. Therefore, you develop or improve what’s important in end users’ eyes and discard any other stuff which isn’t necessary for them. MVP development gives you a direction to adapt to those software development approaches which are needed in the market.

3- Quick customer’s feedback

When you don’t go for in-depth development during the MVP in software development, then it’s easier to have quick feedback from the customers. This guarantees a quicker execution of your first-mover advantage. Implementing customers’ feedback helps a lot in your business’s product refinement. Hence, your product gets upgraded quickly and in a short time, your product acquires a significant reputation in its market.  

4- Provide multiple options

The main advantage of MVP in software development is that you don’t get bound to a single project. Due to quick feedback and lesser cost spending, it is easy for an entrepreneur to move on to another product which spans another business idea. It favors diversification, therefore, creates better chances of pre-seeding, so it is also beneficial for the investor.

5- Increase the business spirit

MVP software development plays a vital role in increasing overall business influence. It helps young entrepreneurs to present their idea in a better way. It is also profitable for the investors to understand a project through its MVP model. So, they can decide to invest after judging the quality of an MVP software easily.

When not to do MVP Development?

There is no doubt that MVP development is the need for every new project that has to be launched in the market. But there are some conditions in which you don’t have to consider it.

  1. When your business idea is unique:

Obviously, when you know that you have a unique idea which you are going to launch as a product, then there is no need for MVP product development. You can save your time and utilize it for the better development of your final product. When your idea is unique, there is no competitor in the market. Hence, you can simply continue your project without any demo model and still keep the surprise factor for the audience.

  1. When your business idea is already in the market:

That’s an interesting point because when your idea is already in the market, then there is no USP which you may implement via MVP software. There are two ways to address this issue. One is to revisit and change your business idea. The second way is to launch a full product rather than MVP software with better usability and quality. There are multiple businesses that house shopping carts and management systems in the market and none of them introduced an MVP software design. 

  1. When you have sufficient funds to self-finance your business idea

One of MVP’s main reasons for software development is to raise funds for further development in the project. As we discussed, MVP software can catch the attention of the investors to finance it. When you have enough resources to self-finance the overall product, you don’t need any MVP development software.

  1. When your target audience or niche is not huge

If your target audience is small or specific and you are creating a product according to their need, you don’t have to develop an MVP software. The same goes for a small-scaled product. You can directly start the development process and product without wasting any time. When you target a small audience, or your product is not that huge, then you don’t worry about the loss.

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