Mobile smartphone invention of 21st Century


Mobile smartphone invention of 21st Century

Mobile smartphone invention of 21st Century 800 512 Status200

Mobile Smartphone invention is considered one of the gadgets which have made everything reachable through a single touch. Besides calling, mobile smartphone technology has revolutionized our lives to such an extent that It has become the first thing we see in the morning for updates and the last thing that we use before going to bed.

History of Mobile SmartPhones:

The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, was born in 1994. But it was ten years ago when the release of the first iPhone drove the popularization of smartphones among the average citizen. It was from then onward when we all started connecting to the internet from a small device that fits in our pocket and this invention provided an immense window of an untapped opportunity to the world from which we have no longer been able (or wanted) to detach ourselves.

The first device to date as a smartphone was the iPhone 1. iPhone 1 was introduced in 2007 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in America. We can list the features that make the iPhone 1 as a smartphone only by having a touch screen without a keypad, multimedia features, wireless internet feature, and working with a 3rd party software (iOS operating system developed by Apple).

With all these aforementioned features and then some, it has now become a phone that is no different than a computer.

10 key factors that demonstrate how a smartphone has changed our lives

Global Communication:

Mobile phones invention have changed the world of communication. Since the first phone call was initiated back in 1876 by Graham Bell to now when approximately 4 billion calls are being made per day, the smartphone has indeed been a pioneer in revolutionizing global communication. As communication has become more advanced, today the calling apps are just on your one click to make calls across the world. The best part– it is economical, easy and convenient in many ways.

Goodbye to calls, hello to the information:

The Mobile smartphone invention has drastically altered the idea of ​​a mobile phone. First dedicated as a mode of communication, now has turned into one of the primary sources to access any sort of information. Time has conquered the device from a desktop computer to a very small device called smartphone which can now be used as a source to conduct live video calls with your loved ones. Our mobile app development services provide you a quality experience with your gadgets.

Comparisons of internet usage between Desktop Computer vs Mobile.

Comparisons of internet usage between Desktop Computer vs Mobile.

Apps and services, the new kings:

If it is to debate on which features have made a Mobile smartphone invention of the 21st century, it is the App that has turned the tides of revolutionizing the smartphone. Thanks to Google Play and Apple app store, a user now has access to millions (to say the least) of apps. These applications address almost all the needs of a smartphone user. If you’re hungry, there’s a food delivery app. If you are sick, there’s a healthcare app. If you want to shop while sitting on your couch, there’s an app for that. If you need to pay someone or your bills, there is an app for that. The list goes on and on and on and on.

The hatching of the image:

The image has always been a powerful communication tool and more of a medium to capture & save memories. Now thanks to a smartphone, we have a “pretty decent” camera to not only save our memories but to record them on our will and without being worried about storage issues.

Work is on mobile:

With the help of a smartphone and an internet connection, a user has now more access to his/her business prospects
than before. Freelancing apps, email apps, payment apps, document management apps, schedule management apps a smartphone user is now more connected to his/her work than ever. Be honest: How many times have you answered an email from work from your mobile phone? If you remember, be assured to lose your count. Documents can be sent, viewed, and sent back regardless of where you are.

A computer in your pocket:

The technology that sent a man to the moon, we have that X million sitting in our pocket courtesy Smartphone. Nowadays, modern smartphones have almost the same (if not more) computing power as per Desktop computers or laptops and with that computational power in your hands, the potential to tap business opportunities is now limitless. 

Caters Emergencies:

Thanks to SOS features in both Android and iPhone vendors, the mobile user can always inform his/her loved ones if he/she is in an emergency. There are 3rd party applications available that deal with telemedicine, heart rate, saturation logging, and easy access to the nearby doctors.

Mobile phones have frequently become a key piece of equipment in search and rescue operations. It has often happened that a lost person is being traced thanks to GPS tracking applications.

Mobile Shopping:

Shopping has never been as easy as it is today. Sitting on a comfortable couch browsing an app, scrolling down your fingers on the images of your desired products, reading the reviews, making
purchases, and in-app payments. It is all possible thanks to a smartphone

Business Transformation:

People now have never-ending access to business applications hence helping them be more productive. Smartphone has made accessibility easier which means that a business owner now has more reach to his leads than ever before. From businesses to devise, develop and implement marketing campaigns to lead generation, turning them into prospects– smartphone has indeed changed the business paradigms.  

Entertainment Anytime:

Ever heard of Netflix and chill? Well! A smartphone is responsible for this phrase. It has revolutionized our access to billions of movies, songs, dramas, and documentary thanks to third-party applications available in the app stores. Gone are the days when we had to adjust our TV antennas to get a proper glimpse of our most loved serials/movies. Now your favorite thing to watch is just 3-4 taps away. How cool is that right? 

It goes without saying that a smartphone has literally changed not only the course of humanity but also touched the roots of human’s lifestyle—thanks to its modern technology. Positive use of this device is a real deal to excel in your life and it is indeed a leading invention of this century.