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Status200 is a well-known mobile application development company in Pakistan. The smartphone is considered one of the pioneer inventions of this century as it has opened a new gateway for internet accessibility. Just in 2018, mobile users using the internet accounts for more than 50% of the total internet traffic worldwide Mobile Internet. The usage and access of the internet through mobile apps have introduced 4 billion unique users to the internet community.  

Keeping all of these key factors into consideration, STATUS 200 houses all the ingredients to help you tap this market by providing services in mobile application development Services; be it Native app development service, hybrid app development service, or Progressive web app development service. We are here to assist you as per your requirements.

mobile application development company
mobile app development company

Why you need a mobile application development company?

Our mobile application development company have strong expertise in terms of crafting, developing & deploying the app as per your needs & requirements. We have 5 years of development experience in this domain. Keeping all the modern trends of mobile application development into account, a glimpse of our expertise include:

  1. Hybrid app development.
    • React Native mobile application development.
    • Using Xamarin to develop mobile apps.
    • Using Ionic Framework to develop mobile apps.
    • Using Phonegap for mobile application development.
    • Using Apache Cordova to develop mobile applications.
    • Improvising Flutter for cross-platform mobile application development.
    • Or using any of your preferred frameworks to develop cross-platform/hybrid apps.
  2. Progressive web application development (PWA).
  3. Native mobile app development.
    • For IOS/Apple phones.
    • For Android.

Apart from development, we also take care of deploying an app to Google Play Store and on Apple App Store. So if you have already developed an application and looking for its deployment, look no further. Simply contact us and we will do it for you. In short, we feel proud to state that we take care of all the aspects of mobile application development, from requirements gathering to completion. If you need to look at our extensive portfolio in this domain or if you want to have an app developed in any of your preferred ways, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right section of this screen or send the requirements to us by going to Hire Us. We are always here to serve you with the best of our abilities & can’t wait to assist you in the development of your next big thing. The world needs that! And we are here to assist you in it.

Progressive web app development (PWA)