Is it possible to Build Your Own App Through Mobile App Builder?

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Is it possible to Build Your Own App Through Mobile App Builder?

Is it possible to Build Your Own App Through Mobile App Builder? 1200 628 Status200

In this digital world, every business needs an online platform that can help their brand to grow. Today, mobile apps are the most focused tools for the digitalization of any business. Most people find mobile app development a difficult and time taking process. So, if you also think that it is difficult to build an app, then don’t worry. Now, you can build your own app by using a tool mobile app builder.

See how far we have come now that today, we don’t have to work for days on a project to develop an app. We can simply use a mobile app creator to build functional apps. There is plenty of Android app maker and iOS app builder tools which can help to create an efficient app. Meanwhile, there are several factors that we have to consider before developing an app through the app builder, and we’ll thoroughly discuss them in this article. So, before getting into any further discussion, we’ll start from the basics.

What is an App Builder?

An app builder is basically an app maker online that provides a different set of tools to conveniently develop a mobile app. You can build a quality application by using the android app builder. The development process, which takes weeks, can now be done in just a matter of few hours. Usually, when we start to develop a mobile app, we have to consider different frameworks to code. After that, you have to create a unique UI and the final testing to make it all work correctly. Now, for instance, you can develop an android app by using the best android app maker without coding.

Major Types of Apps Which You Can Make Via an App Maker Online

Thanks to mobile app builder that has simplified the way of developing apps. Today, we have both android app creator and iOS app builder to create high-quality functional mobile apps across all mobile platforms. The following are the major types of these apps that are widely used:

Ecommerce apps: You can increase your company’s revenue by engaging your customer through an application and provide them a better experience for them in dealing with the business functions.

Business communication apps: You can build a functional app by using a business app builder that will allow you to communicate effectively within your organization. In this fast-moving world, these apps can play a vital role in making communication easier. Hence, very helpful in quickly conveying the thoughts, decisions, and future roadmaps related to your business.

Educational apps: The educational institutes can convey their messages and guidelines to students through these apps. You can also define the pattern of curriculum activities, push course content, check attendance and track payroll of teachers by making use of these platforms.

Apps for content creators: Online android app maker will allow you to build profile applications for content creators. Most of the creators and influencers have already adopted these apps to engage their fans.

Apps for events: Android app maker will help you design such apps to play a significant role in organizing events. People can make their bookings through these apps, and you can manage your business activities through these apps with ease.

7 Steps to Build an App through Best App Builder

The influence of mobile apps is much more significant than any other digital tool. Today, thousands of businesses are running through mobile apps. There have been more than 170 billion apps downloaded in 2017. The consuming rate of mobile apps is 18 times more than any other digital platform. Meanwhile, the mobile app creator has made the process even more comfortable. The following are the steps to build a mobile app through the best app builder:

1- Set your objective

First, decide the objective of your app, as you should know the purpose of its usability. When you assess it, then you can select a suitable mobile app builder for the development. For example, if you want to develop a business app, you can choose a business app builder. Every app has different usage metrics which later on decide the design strategy of the app.

2- Select design

Several best app makers offer different templates according to the objective of the app. For example, in the web app builder ecosystem, WordPress app builder can help you choose any template according to your preference. Meanwhile, for mobile-specific apps, react native app builder can provide you with some better UIs for your app. After selecting the template, you can make further customization in the color, font style, navigation, and suitable features according to your business.

3- Prepare content

It is one of the essential factors in the development of an application. Know your target audience and prepare an optimized content that can define applications. The information you provide through your platform must be authentic and easily accessible. Your app must also consider imagery graphics and videos that can further elaborate its content hence your business model.

4- Choose the icon

An android app maker does not only provide you the template of your application, but you can also choose an icon that is suitable for your business. Make sure that the icon should be creative and relative to the app’s objective so that the people can quickly identify it. Always pick a high-resolution image or graphics for the icon of your app.

5- Classify your splash screen

The first thing that users will notice after installing the app is your splash screen. So, make sure to design it uniquely by using the best app makers. Make sure the resolution and graphics of your splash screen are of high-quality. However, Magento mobile app builder is a better option to build quality splash screens. As the first impression is always considered as the last impression. Therefore, we recommend you to select or create an image that conveys your brand objective.

6- Preview and launch the app

At this step, you have almost created your mobile app through an app maker online. So, before launching your app, take a thorough review to make sure that it’s looking alright, and all the features are working correctly. If you have a trusted team, then take them on board and gather their reviews about the app. When you are sure about it, then launch it on the play store and/or on the Apple app store to make it available for the users.

7- Market your app

When you build an app through an android or iOS app builder, you have enough time for its marketing. You must create a productive marketing strategy that can pen picture its need for the users for an install. For that purpose, you can use social media platforms for its recognition among the people. Let people know how your app can help them in a specific area of business, what else will it bring for them, and what problem it solves for an end-user. Be brief yet concise while spreading the word out. Or, if you feel like it’s not working out, reach out to Status200 and we will devise a perfect marketing strategy for your business.

Benefits of Best App Makers

Mobile app builder has revolutionized the way of building mobile apps. The best app makers include the following benefits:

  • Android app builder allows you to develop a mobile app within a short period of time, and your customer can access it quickly. That is the main reason why most people choose app builders.
  • It also saves the development cost as you don’t need professional developers for programming the whole app across Android and iOS platforms.
  • Though the drag and drop feature, anyone can build an app according to their preferences.
  • Today, we have the latest app builders that can help you create a quality mobile application for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • There are plenty of tools available through which you can build your own app. It saves you both time and cost, which you can invest in your business’s further development.
  • Making use of the best app makers gives you a first mover’s advantage.

Drawbacks of Mobile App Creator

If you have a little bit of an IT background, then you will agree that whenever a technology offers some extraordinary benefits and shortcuts, there are some drawbacks too. The following are the major drawbacks of mobile app creator:

  • You can only develop a generic application through a mobile app builder. It means that you can’t go for full customization. You’ll have to select and compromise from the available types of app templates which an app maker online tool has to offer.
  • The user interface isn’t that effective and high-quality, as we see in the technology of native mobile app development. The demand for a better UI usability and quality is always on the cards. An app builder offers a much lesser UI response rate, even much below par than the hybrid apps.
  • You can’t do much innovation in your mobile app when you are using a mobile app builder. All you can do is select the number of available features and adjust them according to your preference. However, you can customize the chosen template but then you have to rely on that app builder’s support, which sometimes is very frustrating.
  • One of the main drawbacks of app builders is that your app designs look similar to others.
  • It cannot provide a high-quality user experience like mobile apps developed through a genuine app development process.

When to Use Android App Maker/ iOS App builder?

Before considering mobile app builder to create a mobile app, these are the factors that you should consider:

When you have a low budget

If your budget is low, then you should go for a mobile app creator. By using any app maker like an online android app maker offers you an application at the cheapest cost. Meanwhile, the development cost of the whole development process of mobile app development is relatively high.

If you need a basic application

If your need is very basic and has already found the best template which you can choose to develop an application, then we recommend you visit an app maker online. So, instead of spending the extra money to develop your app by following the traditional approach, you can build it through the best app makers.

When your target audience is small

The best android app maker without coding is an excellent option for small businesses. When your target audience is small, then its design and UI don’t matter that much. The main motive of such apps is to perform specific functions. So, if you have a small business or require an application for a particular organization, you can look for the best app builder 2020.

When not to Use iOS/ Android App Builder?

Despite all the advantages and convenience of the best app builder as stated above, the following are the scenarios in which you can’t choose a mobile app builder for your app-building:

When data security is a priority

Every application carries data, and it’s the developer’s responsibility to build a secure app to avoid any data loss. Meanwhile, the apps you create through online platforms like WordPress app builder, Magento mobile app builder, and similar ones are not that secure. You don’t have much control over the data as you are trusting a third-party service for the same. That’s why the bigger organizations don’t rely on app builders to develop their apps.

When your target audience is on large scale

If you are creating something to serve the masses, your application must fulfill all criteria of a mobile application’s quality. Usually, online android app makers fail to produce a fully functional, robust, and unique app. Remember, your app has to be on a premium level whenever you target a large scale audience according to its user interface and experience. You have to consider all the possibilities that a user can expect from your app. App builder technology is still new and nurturing. It has not arrived at a point where a business owner can start relying on it to develop an application that later on will serve millions of users.

When you are looking for a unique UI design

Mobile app builder offers similar designs for mobile apps with minimal customization support. This technology also compromises on end-users’ interaction hence not suited for someone who is looking for developing an app packaged with sleek front end interaction. Our recommendation is to always go for a native app development approach whenever you find yourself in implementing a solution that needs to catch users’ attention.

When your idea is unique

If you want to bring a unique idea to provide your services through a mobile app, then develop it through a professional app development team. Make sure to use the best and suitable frameworks for its development. A mobile app creator doesn’t cater to all features you need in your mobile app.

5 Best App Builder 2020

We tried to cover all the aspects of the mobile app builder and hope it would help you understand it better. Today there are multiple app maker online tools that can build your application on several drag and drops. We have made a list of the best app builder 2020 that you can use to develop an application in a short period.

  • WordPress app builder
  • React native app builder
  • Magento mobile app builder
  • Wix app builder
  • Shopify app builder

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