How to Start Coding on an Ongoing Project? A Complete Guideline about Coding Projects

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How to Start Coding on an Ongoing Project? A Complete Guideline about Coding Projects

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Usually, developers tell that coding projects are very challenging tasks, particularly for beginners. The world of development is so limitless that you may be wondering where to start coding on a particular software project. As you get started, other coders may stress the need for you to work on innovative projects, specifically the ones that involve coding using an advanced technology stack. So as a beginner web or mobile app developer, your portfolio is your CV. Moreover, prospective companies will appreciate your proven record of software projects when considering you for a specific role.

The best way to learn about advanced coding projects is simply to start coding. Moreover, the most significant thing is to gain experience in developing challenging projects. However, from the start to the completion of creative coding projects, you have to establish a strong work ethic that will benefit you throughout your working career.

Some Simple Coding Projects for a Beginner’s Guide

Here are some simple coding projects mentioned below for a beginner’s guide.

1: Build a Multi-Page Responsive Website:

A responsive website is one that can work on different screen sizes and devices, on both desktop and mobile browsers. Moreover, an endless stream of new devices is making website responsiveness a daunting task to implement. On the other hand, the way users view the web is changing. So you have to know the complete details about how to start and finish a software development project successfully like a pro. Moreover, the responsive design of the website is important to stay ahead of competitors. If are into excelling in advanced technologies, start off by learning how to code a single page application and then converting it into PWA.                                               

2: Redesign an Existing Website:

Working on creative coding projects for a website redesigning may seem daunting at first. However, as you get started, you may consider using a website template with design elements in order to move quickly through the front-end design and development part. As predefined design elements allow coders to apply a responsive and functional design with an existing template. So you don’t need to create your new design from the ground up.

3: Create a Simple Application:

Creating and designing a basic application is just like a simple coding project. So it’s the best way to practice your coding skills. It can be sometimes thought-provoking to come up with the new application logic, but your first application doesn’t have to be complicated. So it can be something simple as a calculator. To get familiar with any new technology stack, always develop a habit to first create a simple app so you can quickly learn the basics of it. Advancement and skillset always come one step at a time.

4: Random Number Generator:

Coding a number generator is another good programming and coding project idea. The purpose of the application is to generate a number at the user’s request. Such project tests the developer’s capability to use integers, random functions, variants, input/output, and other software development process steps. A practical application of random number generation can be found in systems that generate 2FA for a user authentication. So yes, it’s a useful simple coding project to learn.

5: Design a Small JavaScript Game:

Designing a JavaScript game is a good test for new coders. So it is an opportunity to showcase what you can implement in JavaScript. Moreover, when designing and creating coding projects for a game, you can make use of existing frameworks like WebGL or Three.js. Therefore, you can learn a bundle of new skills in the process that will help you become a better front-end JavaScript developer. Also, you will have a game to showcase in your portfolio too. By doing this exercise, you will get familiar and learn about Web sockets, HTML 5 Canvas API, JavaScript, Mathematical models, and Networking.

6: Web Scraping using Python:

If you are keen to learn and excel in software bots development, then understanding how to implement web scrapers, implementation captcha bypassing and proxy tunneling is a must. There is an entirely different and high demanding domain of web bot developers in the field of software development. So jumpstarting web scraper or crawler development using Python is indeed one of the creative coding projects.

How to Plan a Coding Project:

When you are in process of creating a website or app, it’s better to assess how to plan a software development project. It helps streamline the development journey, development challenges and gives you an upfront heads up related to different project milestones that you will be going to achieve. As a software developer, you should decide on what to make, plan your code implementation journey, formulate the results and schedule, and identify extra stuff that might need to be addressed later on. It seems as if there’s a lot to do, but it’s not that much difficult. So following the necessary steps will let you know why planning for creative coding projects is so important.

Agile Software Development:

Agile software development is framework that introduces customer’s input into an entire software development lifecycle. It constitutes SCRUM and XP (Extreme Programming), relies heavily into iterative development, which brings the best out of software developers. When you are working on coding projects, agile methodology is an umbrella term used for the set of practices to devise a software product quickly, efficiently and as per the business need while refining leadership qualities at both project owner and developers ends. Moreover, one thing that differentiates agile from other software development approaches is its focus on people’s work. However, creating coding projects for both new and ongoing projects becomes easy with agile methodology. There is a great focus in the agile software development community on self-organizing teams and collaboration. It also favors delivering a software project in small phases with each phase containing more stable and/or feature enriched software application, bringing value for customers, product owner and development teams. Therefore, following this methodology is a must-have to ensure customer’s engagement and delivering the final build as per their expectations.

Software Project Scope:

Before initiating the work on coding projects, its super important to evaluate, discuss and reiterate the given project scope. Also, it’s really important to formalize an agreement with the Software vendor just to ensure smooth sailing throughout the software development cycle. Discuss and document user types, user stories, low and high fidelity mockups, boundary conditions and limitations on the agreed upon software to be developed prior to start. 90% of the software projects fail due to the poor definition of its scope. So, pay close attention to formulating it while discussing the given project’s requirement with your employer.

Set up a Text Editor & SDKs:

Once you have a project scope defined, this marks the initialization of a complete software development life cycle. The first step is to set up the needed text editor and SDKs to create the needed development environment. This setup varies across different projects but stays the same if you plan to use one technology stack for future projects.


After setting up the development environment, you are technically ready to work on coding projects. Moreover, if you are making an app or a website, it makes sense to design it first. However, the designing part of any site is not a trivial task. You have to work on:

  • The look and appearance
  • The features to include
  • How the user will interact with it aka Usability

The UI/UX of a particular system depends upon its requirements and each software system contains its own unique set of interactive screens to fully allow the execution of its business operations. Each user type and its associated set of features demand custom yet unique set of UIs to offer a software’s relevant features. The design phase starts off by converting low fidelity mockups into high fidelity. And, then translating them into functional front end.

On the backend side, designing is often associated with respect to Database design, business logic design and API design.

Plan your Code:

After the design phase, it’s time to start implementing the business logic. In creative coding projects, to ensure future scalability and efficient code management, develop a habit to implement components based software by employing Docker technique.  Furthermore, you can also make use of famous coding standards such as MVC and MVVM software design patterns in order to make the best use of your code in a software application.

Few tips to follow while implementing a code:

  1. Don’t repeat yourself.
  2. Don’t use Global variables.
  3. Follow proper naming conventions.
  4. Store the access keys in private for user access (make use of the Vaults).
  5. Give appropriate file access permissions to the media resources and files.
  6. Implement user friendly error handling.
  7. Sanitize the user input.
  8. Do validations at the backend, not at the front end.

Planning your coding projects in this aforementioned way will make things much easier and streamlined. As a result, you will have much more control over your implementation.


While planning easy coding projects, you may come across some things you need to set up. Moreover, if you are designing a website, your will need to register a domain hosting, CDNs, code files compression and SSL certs to apply on your software’s backend. However, if you are building an iPad or iPhone app, you will need to register for an apple developer account.

Formulate a Schedule:

If you are working on advanced coding projects, it will probably take time to complete. For this, it might be a good idea to form a schedule. For example, you may plan to work on your leisure coding project every night at 10 pm. for 30 minutes. However, in the beginning, you might spend 30 minutes researching, then move onto writing the code, debugging, and refining. So your schedule will be the key factor to complete the project proficiently.

Significant Guidelines:

For any ongoing software development projects, development teams should follow some key guidelines. So with the help of these instructions, they can easily handle any coding project tasks with ease.

1: The Well-Commented Source Code:

Writing a code is the same as writing poetry

Writing a code is the same as writing poetry. Every developer does it quite differently, and because of that, we have diversification in the codebase that one can find all across version control platforms such as GitHub. We have plenty of problem-solving logic followed by different naming conventions. We all think that our code makes sense, particularly if it works. However, to conflict with this, the developers need to get good at source code commenting. So the fellow developer that comes next to take on the coding projects will have a well-defined path to improve, fix, and understand the codebase.

Why Comments are Necessary while Writing Code:

First of all, as a web developer and coder, you need to know about the complete software development life cycle. However, comments are descriptions written in the source code within specific characters. Moreover, in programming, we can write a single line comment with the help of multiple forward slashes // (double slashes) at the start and end. You can also add multiline comments within /* */ characters. So the code comments have the same significance as that of source code because of the following two reasons:

Reason 1:

In many organizations, we work in a team. However, many programmers know advanced coding projects. Therefore, the well-commented logics/functions are helpful for other programmers to recognize the code better. These programmers can easily handle the logic behind solving any problem.

Reason 2:

If you edit the code later, comments will help you to remember your logic that you have written while writing that piece of code. Sometimes, it happens with programmers that they forget to comment code properly and results in time wastage by solving the issue that could have been solved easily by making use of the code comments. So it’s necessary to learn about code commenting in software development life cycle.

Where Comments Should be Placed?

At the starting of any source file, you should describe the reasons for writing the source code with team members’ (collaborators) names. Followed by the comment functions applied by you with function description, date, author name, lists of parameters, the logic behind the problem with solution, and return type. If you are going to make any changes in an existing code base, you should describe what changes you are making and eventually reflect the same changes by modifying relevant comment section(s) as well.

2: The Developer’s Documentation:

In the world of web, mobile, desktop apps, and JavaScript libraries, documentation plays a vital role in determining the usage of the application. But if you have ever done creative coding projects, you will agree that it’s pretty much the least favorite thing for developers. Unlike writing code, documentation has to be easily understood by everyone. Technically, the translation of the code into an understandable language is a tough task. However, writing documentation is necessary and will deliver benefits for users and especially for any developer who is intending to reuse your piece of art. Besides, every tool requires its manual and source code documentation serves the same as well.

Good Documentation is Helpful for Users:

Documentations help the readers to understand the complete software development process steps, and how the code works. However, many developers make the mistake of assuming that users will eventually second guess the code base by just conducting the black box testing on the software. Thus, the documentation may be a thin material, lacking a lot of essentials that it should have contained. However, if you are profound in that particular technology stack, you might be able to quickly understand the code base. On the other hand, the use of human-friendly words is preferable to jargon or technical terms. A better layout and design would also help users in scanning through every part of the documentation. A good documentation can be created by using Swagger documentation tool.

Helps Fellows Developers:

Every developer has his coding style. However, when it comes to working in a team, we have to share codes among others. So it’s necessary to keep everyone on the same track. Moreover, a properly written code and documentation would be the exact reference that a development team needs. These documents describe technical processes such as a code-naming convention, showing the construction of specific pages, and how API works along with code. Moreover, in such a situation where you have new teammates joining you later, this kind of documentation could be cost and time effective.

Tools for Code Documentation:

The tools will make you an awesome documenter and better coder. Some of the most beneficial tools are as follow:

  • LiveEdu
  • Doxygen
  • Sphinx
  • Pandoc
  • Dr.Explain
  • LaTex
  • Markdown
  • GhostDoc
  • Natural Docs
  • PhpDocumentor
  • Swagger

3: Source code:

In order to add new features or to fix existing issues in software, it’s a must-have to contain a source code. If you have lost track of your app’s source code, you may recover it by undergoing the app through de-compilation. But that’s a tricky way to use for code recovery. In any creative coding project, the source code is a mandatory aspect to maintain and use to further refine a given software application. Always store your source code via version control. GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket are the famous version control platforms to name a few.

4: Database Architecture:

Database is a DNA of any application. We deal with the data everywhere and every day in the form of medical records, cellular phone contacts, transaction records, and logistical data, etc. They are stored in databases with the help of creative coding projects.

Over the decades, there has been plenty of database types emerged like relational databases, hierarchical databases, object databases, and XML databases, etc. These are constructed on the basis of different hardware and business requirements, and how data is organized, accessed, and stored. Moreover, in relational databases coding projects, data is stored in a collection of tables. The way it stores data makes users able to understand and retrieve the content, hence the structure of data.

Relational Database Design with ERD:

A good database design in advanced coding projects do take effort and time to conceive and develop. Beneficial database design software can help developers to make the best use of their efforts and time consumption.  Here is the list of the beneficial database management systems:

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase
  • HSQL
  • Cloudscape/Derby
  • DB2
  • Ingres
  • OpenEdge
  • Informix
  • Firebird
  • FrontBase
  • Cache
  • Slite
  • H2
  • SQLite
  • Mongo DB

5: API Documentation and Access:

In this current era of technology, the APIs are the glue of the digit world. Any product can become a platform with creative coding projects and by providing procedures for users to add functionalities and services. APIs are enablers and very useful for the platform economy, and permits users to increase and add services over existing products.

What is the API Documentation?

API documentation is content deliverable, consulting instructions about the efficiency and integration with an API. Moreover, it contains all the information required to work with API and details about classes, functions, arguments, endpoints information and more. API documentation has traditionally been done using tools such as Swagger. The API access and documentation play a vital role in the software development process steps.

Moreover, the development team may enquire about the production and developers’ server access along with the project scope. We hope that this blog has provided you with the necessary information to justify and develop coding standards.

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