How to make a catchy logo or Develop a Successful Logo?

How to make a catchy logo or Develop a Successful Logo?

How to make a catchy logo or Develop a Successful Logo? 1200 628 Status200

Making a catchy logo is truly significant to explain your identity and brand. A catchy logo is a graphical depiction of what describes the company, its mission, the visualization, and the core values. Making a catchy logo is one of the first few things that the client’s eye would fall upon when demanding to reach out to the business. If you want to make a successful and catchy logo with unique graphical design to promote your business or brand, then you have to keep certain essential prerequisites in your mind. In this write-up, we will discuss how to make successful and catchy logos and which tools are available to craft the innovative logo designs.

Why is the Innovative Logo Design Important? 

Before discussing the characteristics of a successful logo that the client needs, we will first describe making a catchy logo design. The crucial aim of a successful logo is to identify which means that by observing your amazing logo, everyone can identify your company or brand’s identity or business model. 

There’s a significant variation of logo strategies that can be used, some are more trendy and innovative, and some have simple but elegant features.

So choose your logo wisely. These designs are highly essential to comprehend the characteristics and demands for building a logo. You must be able to notice the patterns of many fortune 500 companies’ logos that have made those symbols remain effective over time. By understanding what those features and characteristics are, you can make well-versed verdicts during the design and implementation stage of a logo.

What are the Client’s Expectations for Making a Creative Logo Design?

While searching for a reliable company to design amazing logos, a client expects certain properties or prerequisites from that firm. A successful logo should be just according to the customer’s demands and desires. Now let’s have a look at certain things that he wants.

  • Quality Work: While choosing a company logo design, quality of work is the foremost and leading thing that comes to mind. Customers demand premium quality work and cool creative logos that will ultimately show their brand or company. Consequently, the employer would expect the firm to deliver a design that matches his/her corporate nature and intentions precisely.
  • Professional Work: Undoubtedly, only a professional logo design corporation with infinite experience in the designing field can offer you a 100% exclusive, creative, innovative, appealing, and attractive logo by accurately understanding your business ideas and objectives. A firm that has been providing trendy logo design facilities to various businesses can definitely develop a logo which can then represent your brand appropriately.
  • Pricing: Moreover, a customer wants a cost-effective logo designing services. So the pricing value for designing a creative logo should be moderate or within the client’s budget. Normally, a client expects a high quality work with less time and money.
  • Attractive Portfolio: An inspiring portfolio showcasing exceptional makings for different customers around the globe shows that the firm is capable of meeting your requirements.An attractive portfolio reveals the skill level of a firm and helps in the identification or recognition of a company. So rest-assured, our company will offer you the most satisfied and reliable creative logo designing services.

Different Versions for Logo Designing

When designing a cool logo, you have to expect how the design is going to be demonstrated. You might want to craft on your car or business coach, you might want to generate signs, or you might wish to display it on your sites. So here is a brief overview of different types of versions that a graphics designer should provide to the clients.

  • Logos for Websites

Mostly the logos on the websites are in horizontal formats rather than the vertical. The difficulty in having high logos is that it will cause glitches on certain display resolutions. Generally, it’s a virtuous idea to have a small menu bar that does not cover most of the websites’ space. You want visitors to approach/observe your website content easily, so create your company’s or brand’s logo just according to the horizontal version or format.

  • Logos for Stationary Products/ Business Cards

The logo should be short and in bold letters for your business cards. This will make it easy to read and visible. This is the primary thing that your customers want to see, thus make sure that it’s at a decent dimension. Circumvent filling your logo with too many writings on this form, and your firm name is enough. A designer should keep the logo simple and unique for stationery or business cards.

  • Logos for Utility Vehicles

Amazing Logo designs for utility vehicles are significant. These drafts depend on the type of van that customers have. The cool logos can be displayed on the car doors, in icon form, business name, or other website link or contact number for branding. However, designers should keep in mind that the letters or font size should be large enough to be read from a sufficient distance.

What are the Types of Logos?

According to the research study, some logo designs are unique and more popular. Various well-known companies use these patterns or layouts. These are the representations of their products or brands. You can create a 3D logo, 2d logo, or any other form that perfectly matches your brand. Let’s look at the following few cool and creative logo designs and their different types.

  • Monogram logos/ letter marks 

E.g., logos for HBO, IBM, NASA, etc.

  • Wordmarks/ logotypes


  • Pictorial marks/ logo symbols

E.g., iconic Apple logo, the Twitter bird, etc.

  • Abstract logo marks

E.g., Pepsi divided circle, the strip-y Adidas, etc.

  • Mascots Logos

E.g., Kool-Aid Man, Planter’s Mr. Peanut, KFC’s Colonel, etc.

  • Combination Mark

E.g., Doritos, Lacoste, Burger King, etc.

  • The Emblem

E.g., Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem

         Harley-Davidson’s famous crest

2D and 3D Logos

Undoubtedly, logos play an essential role in branding and making a strong online reputation. The 2d and 3d logos also help sponsor products universally and become an important component for grabbing attention. Thus creating the 3D logo will assist you in attracting the customers towards your brand or products due to their eye-catching animation patterns.

These are most commonly used in various smart gadgets such as videos, ads, web animations, and other smartphone apps. The animated logos support the business to expand brand awareness, improved web advertising, and other paybacks for your company.

Characteristics of a Successful Logo

Here are some unique properties of a building a logo design for any brand or company for a successful logo. Designers should keep in mind while creating amazing logos for any customers.

  • Simple: Simple emblems are the ones individuals can identify as soon as they perceive them. The simplest designs are easy to remember for the people. So the designs should be simple and decent.
  • Scalable: A successful logo should be able to be scaled up and down but remains attractive.
  • Impactful: A brand logo should be memorable. It should be eye catchy enough to grab the customers’ attention and leave a positive impression.
  • Versatile: A successful logo should be versatile. It may look the same on any print media or smart gadgets.
  • Relevant: A perfect logo should be relevant to your work and has the perfect color combinations just according to your brand.

Tools Used for Making Excellent and attractive Logo Designs

  • Adobe Illustrator: It’s an awesome choice to design a logo for beginners. It offers a lot of unique features that you can customize according to your requirements. Illustrator is a user friendly and professional tool, and the pixel grids and advanced brushes will help you graph any type of object.
  • Tailor Brands Software: If you wish to make minimal design selections, this logo maker tool takes care of the work and offers you a variety of professional logo designing options. Its templates look pretty professional with outstandingly designed letterings and variability of colors.
  • Logo-Maker: The logo maker tool can be used for creating quick logos using online software. You can change the color, fonts size, or style by using this tool.
  • Laughingbird Software Tool: It comes with more than 170 logo templates with 200 graphical customization options. This tool is perfect for designing logos for various informal companies. You can also find a huge range of more attractive and distinct graphics, and these are also user friendly.

You can also explore the huge list of logo maker tools online that will give you reliable and effective results.

Copyright Check for Logo

If you want to start your business and use the same logo or trademark as other companies, your trademark will not be registered or accepted. It will be a great risk for your business and brand promotion because all the rights are always reserved, and no one can use the same trademark.

Furthermore, you can check the copyright status of any logo or trademark by using the USPTO’s trademark database. You can check by adding your brand name or slogan or adding a logo code manual to the TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) search bar. In a nutshell, make sure that all the pictures and icons should be free of copyright images. For checking, you can search the online queries by using the online databases. You can take free images or icons from various internet free tools like flaticon, canva, and much other online software.

Bottom line 

If you want to get your amazing brand logo to promote your products, contact us at Status200. We will create your desired logo as per your expectation, knowing that your logo will be your brand ambassador. Our customers care team will guide you about the proper color combinations, fonts’ styles, size, and formats.  So, get our effective and successful logo designing services at Status200 within an affordable budget.