Top 10 Highly Paid Programming Languages for Web Backend

Top 10 Highly Paid Programming Languages for Web Backend

Top 10 Highly Paid Programming Languages for Web Backend 1080 720 Status200

There is a huge variety of programming languages in the world. Since the influence of computer science is increasing, there is continuous development in the highly paid programming languages. If we observe the modernization of the world, a significant part of it revolves around digitalization. That is why we tend to see yet another highly paid programming language ranking at the top. Because the primary source of digitalization depends upon programming languages.

In this article, we’ll acknowledge you about the highest paid programming language in 2020. Programming isn’t something linear, it works in diversity. Every language has its own syntax and methods. Before going deep into this discussion, you must know the importance of mostly high paid programming language. 

How Many Programming Languages Are There?

Since there is a rush of programming languages in the web development sector, it is quite challenging to get a fixed sum. Meanwhile, there are almost 700 programming languages running today in the world, according to Wikipedia. Now some sources enlist only the famous or most highly paid programming language. These sources give a total sum of 245 highest paid programming language in 2020. If we see it through a historical point of view, then according to HOPL (History of Programming Languages), there has been 8,945 programming languages which got attention. 

Significance of A Highly Paid Programming Language

The way digital technology is upgrading our lifestyle, no wonder that there are many highest paying programming languages behind it. For example, when you get to digitalize your business, you contact a software house to provide any website, application, or running software for the ease and growth of your business. 

When it comes to developing a web or mobile application, there is always some highest-paid programming language on which a developer builds your website or app. A programming language is based on a set of instructions, including different variables, functions, methods, and styles.

The highest paying programming languages 2020 are those which provide the best user experience with security. These programming languages are usually based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Most highly paid programming language adopts the same concept. They work in a structural way and provide diversity to the developer for making a secure application. Although there are two parts of programming that you’ll read further.

Front vs Backend – Why Backend Has the Highest Paying Languages?

This question is usually raised by the people who have no programming background, or their interest begins to start. Any website or application has a frontend for the presentation, and a backend for the functions performed through it. For every web based application, frontend hold points of interaction with business users. And, backend holds the business logic. There are variety of ways to bind both frontend and backend together. Examples of such system design patterns are MVC, MVVM and MVP

Both sides have their significance. A website doesn’t complete without any of them, but the main setup on which the frontend works is backend. It is just like decorating a house after building it. That is why the highest paying languages are always for the web backend. 

On technical basis, we call frontend the client-side. It is because the portion of the website with which a client connects is the front side of the website. You see various sliders, a navbar, a header/footer, and other components that depend upon that site’s objective. The client performs multiple functions through the site while dealing through the frontend. All these functions and the methods which make it work for the user are organized through the backend. That is how backend has the highest paid programming language.

Top 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages 2020 for Backend

Programming is the highest paid sector of the computer science department. It is the main reason behind all the digitalization happening around the world. You might have got it after reading this article until now. There are various highly paid programming languages. According to the survey by Stack Overflow, these are the highest paying programming languages 2020:

1- Clojure

Clojure is the latest and highest paid programming language in the world. Rich Hickey designed it in 2007. The stable version just launched on June 6, 2019. Clojure is based on a modern programming pattern. It’s a dynamic and functional language which can handle the backend web programming. Meanwhile, it offers immutable data structure, large abstractions, and recursive looping that provide a better environment. The net worth of development on Clojure is $90k, and it is the most highly paid programing language. 

2- F#

F# is a multi-paradigm programing language, and it is based on both functional and object-oriented programming procedures. It is a Microsoft product and launched on April 2, 2019. It is getting popular among the backend developers around the world. F# is popular for its parallel CPU programming and algorithm development. On average F# developers have a salary of $80k.

3- GO 

Go is another highly paid programming language its releasing date is November 10, 2009. The Go Authors developed it. The syntax of Go is quite similar to C language, but its memory management is way better. Its structure typing and CSP-style makes it unique and efficient as compared to any other language. The net worth of a Go developer is around 80k as same as F# developer.

4- Scala 

Scala is a functional programming language used for backend development. Martin Odersky designed it on January 20, 2004. As compared to Java, Scala is an advanced language due to a better structure for object-oriented programming. Although its code can smoothly run on JVM just like Java. It is one of the most highly paid programming languages with the net worth of developing through Scala $78k. 

5- Elixir

Elixir is a dynamic programming language that operates via Erlang virtual machine. It works in multi-paradigm as it is functional, concurrent, and process oriented. The releasing year of Elixir is 2011 and get popular due to its reliability and cloud computing. The average salary of an Elixir developer is $76k.

6- Ruby

Ruby is a popular and highly paid programming language in the world. It is an interpreted and general-purpose language used for backend programming. In the mid-1990s, Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto, a Japanese developer designed Ruby. It is famous for developing web applications. The estimated salary of a Ruby developer, according to the survey is $75k.

7- Web Assembly

Web Assembly language is something more than just a programming language. It is just like an assembly-like language, having a code that can run in the latest browsers. World Wide Web Consortium developed it in March 2017. It considers a binary code that enables language like C++ and Rust to run on the web. That is why it is one of the most highly paid programming languages with a developing worth of 75k. 

8- Rust

Rust is one of the popular and highest paid programming languages. Developers well admire it due to its safe concurrency and high-performance rate. Graydon Hoare designed it on July 7, 2010. Developers use Rust to develop a software application, operating systems, file systems, and browser components. The net worth of a Rust developer is 72k.

9- Erlang 

As a programming language, Erlang works as a garbage-collected runtime system, and it is functional, like any other language. Ericsson released it in 1986. This language develops real-time system software. The developers use it in e-commerce, banking sector, and telecoms. Erlang is a highly paid programming language, and its development worth is $71k.

10- Shell

Shell is a scripting language and Brian Fox launched it on June 8, 1989. It runs on the Unix shell. Shell works in three steps by manipulating the shell scripts, program execution, and then it prints the text as a result. Shell is one of the most secure scripting languages. It is also one of the most highly paid programming languages, and its average net worth for programming is $69k. 

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