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Status200.net feels privileged to announce its expertise in the development & maintenance of embedded systems. Status200.net embedded solutions are backed by the expertise of multi-disciplinary engineering team and software developers that help to design and develop the innovative solution in embedded system development. Our best features of embedded systems include stability, security, design & implementation, fast connectivity, compatible and suitable for all kinds of industries. We fulfill all the presented needs and requirements.

We have completed numerous projects in this domain. Our top of the line is Smart3D where we collaborated in the development & operation of a 3d printer for Kodak.We are here to assist you if you need:

    • An IoT based solution.
    • Hardware integration with your existing software solution and vice versa.
    • Performing certain tasks on Arduino or Raspberry pi and also integration.
    • Bidirectional software to hardware integration.
    • Home automation development.
    • Systems driven by biometrics, RFID, bar-codes, QR-codes.

Any system that needs bidirectional hardware to software support.

Once you have decided on the aforementioned domain, you can send us a message by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of this screen or send us the details through hire-me page. We will then get back to you with the tailor made embedded system as per your requirements. Good things come to those who start. So start today! And we will help you get to the finish line.