5 Critical Points to Address While Developing a Web App

Developing a Web App

5 Critical Points to Address While Developing a Web App

5 Critical Points to Address While Developing a Web App 1200 628 Status200

Living in this digital world, you must have a website or application for your business. If you don’t have one, then you should go for it. You might not know the value of web application development, but you are losing so much due to its unavailability. Various businesses have spread their market globally by developing a web app for their brand.

Today, almost 1.58 billion active websites are operating in the world. So, you can have the idea of how much a website or web application is vital for every business. Making a web app considers various factors and steps. Meanwhile, custom web application development is a bit more complex than the simple one. There are several web development companies. However, Status200 is the best web application development company. In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss all the key points that help in developing a web app.

What is Web Application Development?

Web application development is the process of building websites and applications that we can operate through the internet or without an internet connection such as Progressive Web Apps. For custom web application development, you need browser-supported languages like JavaScript and HTML on the Frontend and a server-side language such as Node, PHP on the backend. Web development is entirely based on the UI design of the website, but it also includes code for the backend that makes a website functional. Web-based application development helps the brand to organize their business digitally to get the maximum approach towards the customers. The whole process of web application development service is based on client-side and server-side with the inclusion of data through the database.


Client-side scripting, which is generally known as front-end, directly deals with the user. This code is executed in the browser through which the user can interact with a web app. The whole user interface of custom web application development depends upon the client-side scripting. It includes the mobile responsive layout, fonts, color, menu and everything that a user can interact with to perform a task.


Server-side scripting is also known as backend development. It includes all the functions behind the scenes that make a website functional. It stores and organizes the data of a web app so that everything works properly on the client-side. So, the server-side communicates with the front-end through the application server. So, when a user requests some operation via app’s UI, it gets ported from the frontend to backend by including the data from the database.


A web application development service also depends upon the database. The database runs on a server which connects it through the backend via Database Management System or DBMS. It keeps all the data in an organized manner so that it can be easily retrieved and saved.

To summarize the whole workflow, the server-side, client-side and database work together in any developed web app. That is how a website becomes functional, and a user can perform different operations according to the business.

5 Factors to Consider for Making a Web App

This is a well-known topic to discuss in terms of web application development.

1- Software Design standards

This section of design includes the three following points in developing a web app. In this current time, web application development is highly ranked in each country.  

Interface Design

This includes the interaction between user and system. It proceeds at a high level of abstraction. Most problems occur during the R&D to devise a right set of design for a given software application. Above all, the UI/UX should be minimalist and mobile responsive. The PHP web applications are highly valued in the software industry.

Architectural Design

Consider a web application as a building and users as residents. Do you think residents will prefer living in a building having a fragile foundation? Absolutely not! The same is true in developing a web app as well. There are a lot of methods and frameworks available to securely design the app’s architecture such as SaaS and MEAN stack. IEEE characterizes the compositional plan as “the way toward characterizing an assortment of equipment and programming parts and their interfaces to set up the structure for the advancement of a system framework”. This step plays a very vital role in developing web applications. Therefore, stronger the foundation of a web app, better will be its functionality.

Detailed Design

This entails all the information about the inward components related to all significant framework segments, their properties, connections and their usage. The web-based application development also uses the standard of this design.

The itemized plan may include: 

  • The disintegration of significant framework parts into program units. 
  • Assignment of utilitarian duties to units. 
  • UIs 
  • Unit states and state changes 
  • Information and control cooperation between units

2- Security

With the presentation of current Web 2.0 and HTML5 web applications, our requests as a client have transformed; we need to have the option to get to any information we need 24/7/365. Such requests are likewise driving organizations into making such information accessible online employing web based applications. An ideal case of this is internet banking frameworks and web-based shopping websites. 

The #1 requirement of a web based applications is to house all of the users’ valuable information safely and securely within the DB. This demands the implementation of safety measures such as data sanitization, encountering XSS, DDOS, DOS, fault-tolerant source code, production server, and DB backups. The development team must be aware to always write efficient code.  Best web application development company such as Status 200 doesn’t take this lightly and always implements the security fixes with or without employer’s request.

3- Restful API

REST represents Representational State Transfer. It depends on a stateless, customer worker, cacheable correspondences. As a rule, it is utilized with the HTTP convention. 

Modern applications use HTTP solicitations to POST (make), PUT (make or potentially update), GET (e.g., make inquiries), and DELETE information. It plays a role in developing a web app. If you need speed, security and abstraction in terms of performing data operations to and fro the front and backend, you must employ RESTful.

What is JSON? 

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data format to design RESTful API. It makes simpler and faster for machines to parse information. JSON is perhaps the most broadly utilized information design for information trade on the web. It has likely outperformed XML (a markup language to present data for RESTful). 

 As such, a JSON record is organized in a way that can undoubtedly be perused by a PC program, while a human can generally rapidly check a JSON document and comprehend the information it contains

4- Automation

The current era demands automation. The following are the reasons for it;

  1. It resists human error.
  2. It ensures speed, accuracy, and reliability in performing data-driven operations.
  3. Ensures a quick communication end to end. Examples, the Internet of Things or IoT.

If your need is to develop a sort of FinTech app, then you must consider automation as it helps removal of all friction points.

5- Software Testing (Smoke, A/B, Stress testing)

In the testing portion in software, there are many kinds of testing techniques such as,

  • Performance Testing
  • End-to-end Testing
  • smoke Testing
  •  Stress testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Functional Testing 
  • Unit Testing

Smoke testing 

Smoke tests are fundamental tests that check the essential usefulness of the application. It is often referred to as a Confidence testing and is conducted by the SQA team. It is meant to be conducted so as to verify the working of a web application. This type of test is conducted right before major sets of testing techniques as mentioned below.

Stress Testing

This point is clear by its name. It means we have to test the full working potential and the behavior of the software on full load. Most of the software is developed for normal operating conditions. But if the stress testing affects the software, it means that there’s something wrong with the code base.

There are some key points of stress testing as follows.

  • This testing includes normal operational capacity 
  • This testing a software testing technique which determine the stability of the given system
  • The main idea of this testing is to ensure that the system never crashes during the work. It means it works smoothly. 
  • This is also the type of Non-functional testing

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to test users’ behavior by offering multiple variants of the same app. In web application development, it offers statistical and real-time analysis for analysts to decide which type of system is easy to use or otherwise. A/B testing can be employed to better decide which UI seems easier for the end users or to check what functionality of a web app seems as favorite in the end users’ eyes.

Benefits of Web Based Application Development

Web based application development brings several benefits to any business. There are so many examples of business growth in the market. It provides a whole new platform to operate your business digitally. The following are the benefits of a web application development service:


Making a web app is a cost-effective solution for the digitalization of every business. Through web apps, you can perform various functions which saves you the actual market cost. Meanwhile, the development cost of web development is quite reasonable in comparison to other solutions such as native mobile app development.


Through custom web application development, you have the accessibility to operate it anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection to access it. You can use it on any device you want and find it as feasible. That’s the main advantage of web apps that they don’t bind you to a single device.


The scalability of a web application is such a great benefit. It means that you need any alterations or extension in the functions of your website; you can do them anytime. Once all the development process of the newly included functions is completed, you can upload it to your server. So, everyone can access the latest version of your web app.

No Installation

You don’t need to install a web app on your device. All you need to do is to go on a browser and access it there with the help of an internet connection. So, there will be no load on your device in the form of storage. You can use your web application anytime through your web browser without any installation.

Data Backup

Data security is the main concern of every business. The beauty of a web application development service is that your data is always stored on the cloud. So, even if you lose your information somehow from your account, you can still recover it from the cloud.

Extend and simplify the business

No doubt developing a web app can play a vital role in the extension of your business. It also simplifies the whole process of your business operation. When you have a web application for your business, you can perform several functions on click. Meanwhile, your customer can connect with your business anywhere.

When You Need Web Application Development Service?

There are several solutions for the digitalization of every business, and web development is one of them. To give you a better idea, we are providing you with the perfect scenarios when you need a web application development service.

  • If you have a limited budget, then developing a web app for your business is the best idea. For that purpose, you can contact STATUS 200 as we are the best web application development company.
  • The development process of web application development is not that lengthy. So, when you have a short time for the digitalization of your business, you can always choose web apps for it.
  • When you want to target the maximum audience, there is no better solution than custom web application development. The reason behind it is that the user has the accessibility to the web app through multiple mediums.

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