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Status200.net is a prestigious and leading desktop application service provider. We provide you with the user friendly, efficient and customized desktop application that can run both offline and online as per your requirements.If you need a desktop application which must fulfill the following criteria:

    • User friendly.
    • Modern & dynamic design.
    • Fault tolerant.
    • Solves your business problem.
    • Run on all major desktop environments (Mac, Windows & Linux).
    • Offline working.
    • Centralized or decentralized data storage options.
    • Trading bot or data scrapping tool.
    • An Automated software/bot.

Then you have found the right development team for your cause. We offer desktop solutions in all popular frameworks. All you need to do is to simply reach out to us by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen Hire Us, send the business requirements to us & we will surely be implementing it within your budget.