CMS vs Custom Website Development: Which One is Best?

CMS vs Custom Website Development

CMS vs Custom Website Development: Which One is Best?

CMS vs Custom Website Development: Which One is Best? 1200 628 Status200

CMS vs Custom Website Development

When you are about to start a web project, the most crucial thing that comes to mind is choosing a content management system for custom web applications. It is the most fundamental question from technical and non-technical perspectives because both have advantages and disadvantages. So it’s essential to have complete knowledge about both if you want to decide the best selection between CMS vs custom website development. If you want to take benefit from the most superior technology, you need to be selective in custom development. The selection of technology plays a vital role in the success and failure of any project. So if you want to start your project, you are advised to take help from professionals. It is the best way to be selective for any development strategy.

Whether you are willing to create your new website or looking to make it from scratch, you have to choose between CMS vs web development. Here we are going to describe in detail which one is best, so don’t stop reading. There are numerous points to consider while developing a new project. The most common and practical problems to consider are marketing, business strategy, and system requirements. After deciding the business requirements (development scope), the next step is to make a selection between custom app development strategies.

First, you have to know both systems.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is an application that helps to manage and create a website using a human-friendly interface instead of working with coding.

Standard CMS

It is already designed software that has basic functionalities as well as a predefined interface. The content management system permits the user personalization option according to their requirements. However, there are numerous limitations to using this approach.

Custom CMS

It is made from scratch and is usually made with the help of code libraries and frameworks. The customer can optimize and develop the custom CMS according to its needs.

Customized Web Application

These apps are complex, out of the box, and designed to process and store data. These sites often present their business logic encapsulated behind the login forms. A customized web app is tailored made according to the business’s requirements and specifications. They often offer custom solutions and features such as user profile creation, integration of payment methods, and customized push notifications. Such apps are built altogether from the scratch, using the latest technology stack employed in both frontend and backend.

CMS vs Custom Website Development

There are numerous content management systems available that help you to build an attractive website. Moreover, most of the CMS websites is fair to use as well as easy to handle. It gives you complete access to the layout and the style. On the other hand, if we consider WordPress, it offers one of the best pool of developers and an open-source blogging platform. It provides you with an ability to integrate third-party plugins and themes, so as to enhance the functionalities. Other well-renowned CMS platforms are,

  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Wix

The developer tools and cool APIs are also there to assist the client/user in website creation. These content management systems are coming along with HTML5 standards, so you can easily compare CMS vs HTML functionality. The addition of HTML5 makes the website editing relatively easier. Many tools in CMS needs little coding using JavaScript and HTML. Custom web development and CMS both can go hand in hand. With the enhancement of technology on the web, creating a web development system has become very easy for web developers. Hence, more ease in creating the system to meet your specific needs.

Both CMS and custom based web apps give us a way to build a site with complete control over the site’s content administration. It is clear from the custom option that there are no third-party plugins to maintain and install. The code for such sites is also not open for public use. One of the most obvious questions customers usually ask is what’s better between CMS vs custom website development? Here is the complete detailing in case you want to know which helps you a lot.

1: Price

The most important thing under consideration is the price. The client usually concerns with the pricing. It’s a fact that custom development is more expensive when we specifically talk about CMS vs web development. Custom development applications are more profitable and accommodate specific business requirements. When we talk about improving and expanding options, it is more scalable and flexible. On the other hand, CMS is best to save your time and money. There is a strong relation between CMS vs WordPress. It’s totally safe to use either way for your app development.

2: Development Time

When we talk about CMS vs custom website development in terms of development time, using standard CMS helps to save time. You have plugins to add extensions to your projects quickly. WordPress in fact is a CMS, and you can relate WordPress vs custom website if you do not understand the functions of CMS. The content management system helps to save your time because templates are already present and ready to be used. On the other hand, custom Development needs consistent work to reach an optimized design and ideal structure for the targeted audience. So it’s a time-consuming application to develop a software project. Though, with the help of MVP software development, you can save both development costs and time.

3: ROI and Conversion

The knowledge of ROI for CMS vs web development gives you in-depth details. The experts who have specialization in custom development are earning higher ROI as compared to the ones that have expertise in using CMS for web development. CMS, however, does provide quick methods in setting up the site. If the need is to roll out a specific software solution more quickly with some compromises in usability, you can also go with the CMS route. 

4: User Experience

When it comes to gain sales and attract more customers, UI/UX plays a vital role. Custom development has more options to make a website easy to use, visually attractive, and proficient. It is the best way to satisfy the users. We can make a comparison for custom CMS vs WordPress in terms of effectiveness in user experience. But the custom web development is easy to fulfill customer’s expectations.

5: SEO Positioning

The custom web has more opportunities for search engines because it has a tendency to offer better and custom ways for developers to code and design pages. However, certain CMS frameworks such as WordPress is also SEO friendly to a high extent.

6: Scalability

If you are running an online business, and you are looking for a website that keeps pace. For this purpose, the use of a custom website is highly desirable. Custom CMS has many restrictions. It does not allow you to make changes according to your business requirements (most of the time). So scalability is one of the key things which can be compromised when we make a comparison between custom WordPress vs the custom website.

7: Clean Code

When you have clean code features, it makes things easier for you in the future such as features’ enhancement. When the developer doesn’t have access to the original code, there is nothing that he can do with it. The custom development uses a code with proper customer needed functionality. On the other side of the picture, the CMS vs HTML code in the content management system does not allow clean code. You have to install unnecessary codes, which can badly affect website performance.

8: Third-Party Extension and Plugins

When we compare CMS vs custom website development in terms of third party extension, it is clear that custom web development demands integration as per the client’s requirements. The CMS however is always tightly coupled with apps, plugins, and third-party themes. So one always has to rely on the mercy of 3rd party vendors in terms of development support, new versions, and compromising on missing features.

9: Security

The custom website is secure in terms of security. It keeps the website safe from cybercrime-related issues. So hackers tend to find extreme difficulty in terms of reaching out to the custom website. However, it’s only possible to include all the necessary securities to protect customer data and content. In the case of custom CMS, the company which develops the plugins has everything in their hands. They don’t allow customers to handle all the plugins’ utilities.

10: Performance

The user experience and website usability is enhanced by improving website performance. That’s why it is a matter of great interest. Custom web development favors performance. But there is always a feature of having unnecessary code while employing the use of content management systems, which affects the website performance.

11: Third-Party Integration

The content management system offers you to transfer app data because of its integrated software ecosystem. You have an option of data transfer from the external system when there is an API. In custom development, for sure you can also develop APIs or integrate third party’s whenever there’s a need. But custom app development proves very handy in terms of both API development and integration. It would be best if you have a programmer who has expertise in both WordPress vs custom website for integration implement.


You have to check the complete detailing and analysis of various CMS systems to find the best technological solution. We can make a comparison between CMS vs web development through in-depth analysis.

Although the custom content management system offers different options, it does not provide a proper solution. If you have a flexible budget and you have to make a decision between custom CMS vs web development. In this case, you can go with custom development. It will help you to manage the website according to your requirements. You will also be able to evolve and develop the necessary security precautions.

Most important facts about CMS:

  • For a proper knowledge of content management system, you have to consider the following things:
  • The custom CMS is not always proprietary.
  • You may need a Custom CMS or not. It depends upon your requirement.
  • The custom-built solution will run when it is appropriately developed or customized.

For an essential website, custom CMS is not recommended. However, when you relate to custom CMS vs WordPress, you came to know that WordPress is the best solution. However, when we talk about high performance and user face functionality, you need custom features. So the use of custom CMS makes better sense. With a bit of effort in maintenance, deployment, configuration, and hardware, you can get better performance by custom CMS. Building a highly precise e-commerce website is quite a problematic take as compared to the typical website. There are a set of custom applications that control search engine optimization along with performance. The making of CMS requires more time for building it from scratch.

Why Should you Choose CMS?

Every business has different requirements, and it also decides what kind of website you have to get for a particular business according to the web development needs. However, there is something familiar in every business that they need a content management system.

A CMS helps you to edit, manage, and add content to your website. Though there are already custom plugins and tools available, there is an option to customize CMS. The CMS helps businesses to manage and run a website on time. When your project is highly complex, you need custom development to make sure the customer’s needs. There is a tool named Drupal which handle even more complex projects.

Final Verdicts

A content management system is straightforward to use, and it comes with various features with advanced functionalities. You can set up navigation on top of a selected template using page builder tools. While doing a comparison between a CMS such as WordPress vs the custom website, we recommend that you only use CMS when,

  • Your budget is thin.
  • You have to roll out an application or feature in less time.
  • Your audience can compromise on certain features as offered by the app/plugin or theme.
  • You can live with the app’s performance.

On the other hand, if we discuss custom web development, you need to code the website from scratch to finish, so for this, you need a developer. It requires more cost to manage websites and to make them attractive. However, there are custom coding advantages at the same time that you can do with your page or website. Developers require extensive knowledge for CMS vs HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and SQL.

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