Cloud vs. Desktop: Is Cloud Based Software Better Than the Traditional Desktop Solutions?

Cloud vs. Desktop: Is Cloud Based Software Better Than the Traditional Desktop Solutions?

Cloud vs. Desktop: Is Cloud Based Software Better Than the Traditional Desktop Solutions? 1024 683 Status200

Cloud-based technology is the new method to run business digitally and perform all the operations on a broader scale. Traditional desktop solutions are coming to an end due to their limitations and high cost. The business world is revolutionizing quickly, and cloud-based services are playing an essential role in that matter. Before moving further, we must know what cloud-based technology is. Desktop infrastructure is an old tradition in the business field, so people are well aware of it, but they must understand about cloud-based solutions.

What is Cloud based Solution?

In simple terms, cloud-based solutions consider web-based applications and software that are designed to run in a hosting server as known as the “cloud”. They include web and server software configurations in that cloud (server) which are later accessed by the end-user through the internet via a Web Browser. Companies are employing cloud-based solutions to increase their functionality and adding further updates in their software to make it more beneficial without the fear of high-cost expense in development & maintenance. Cloud-based software or application can be accessed by many users at different devices via the internet. 

Cloud vs. Desktop: The Main Difference

Cloud-based solutions have become the priority over desktop applications, which has just become an old tradition to follow in technical business fields. According to recent surveys. Almost 40% of big companies are sure to invest in cloud-based technology for further innovation.

The main difference between a desktop application and a cloud-based application is that you can access a cloud-based web application at any time through any device via internet. When it comes to desktop solutions, the story is quite different as a user is bound to access the specific application on a particular device where it has been installed. 

In cloud-based technology, multiple users have access to the software, but in desktop solutions, the scenario is different because it mostly allows only one user access at a time.

Meanwhile, cloud-based solutions are cheaper than desktop ones while having better functionalities and other features that you’ll learn in this article.

Types of Cloud-based Solutions:

There are three categories of cloud-based solutions:

1.   IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

In this type, you have access to virtualized infrastructure to manage your business operations with efficiency. It is more of an outsourcing method in which external cloud providers via the internet control all your storage, server, and networking functions. 

2.   PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It is quite a different method that increases your job as a user, but you’ll have total command over your cloud environment. Now the cloud providers will deliver you all the resources, including cloud software and hardware, to develop the complete application. Hence, you can easily access them through a webpage and monitor all the development tools.

3.   SaaS (Software as a Service)

This type is specified as compared to others as the cloud vendors provide the whole software as a model to the customer with full access. Through this approach, customers can easily access the entire software and avail of its different functions through the internet.

Checkout the Cloud-Based Solution Examples

Maybe you’ll get surprised by knowing the cloud-based solution examples. The knowledge of cloud-based technology isn’t that common among the people. So, usually, people are unable to name a cloud-based application or software. These are the cloud-based solution examples:

  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Data Analytics
  • Business processes
  • Chatbots 
  • Banking Services

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions?

The popularity of cloud computing solutions is increasing by the time due to its user-friendly features and efficiency. Following are the benefits of cloud computing solutions:

No installation

It is such a blessing for the users of cloud computing applications that they don’t have to install any setup files for it like desktop applications. Cloud computing applications are web-based so that you can access them through any browser having an internet connection.

Software Updates

In a desktop application, you have to install some files to update it periodically whenever it prompts a message to update. While using the cloud-based app, you don’t need to worry about the update as the cloud vendors directly do them.


Cloud-based solutions are not bounded to one structure, like desktop applications. It provides usability according to the need of a business. If a company requires a further extension of function in the running form, it can be added through the cloud.

Reasonable Cost

While having a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to spend money on hardware, utility, and storage of the software. The cloud providers manage all these matters, so you get a cloud-based service at a reasonable cost as compare to an expensive desktop application. A mobile responsive cloud-based solution is helpful to reach a broad spectrum of audiences across all the browser supportive platforms.

Data Security

Data security is the most prior concern of any business organization. It’s a very critical part, as anyone can damage the outcome of your company by breaching into your data. Cloud computing high-security features make sure to keep your data safe as the process of accessing data is quite authentic. 

Data Recovery

Data loss can be a huge setback for any business if there is no alternative to recover it, but cloud-based solutions had made it quite simple. Even if your device is damaged or you lost access to the data anyway. Still, your information always remains on the cloud, and you can use it again. 


Although the cloud vendors manage the data and storage of the application in a cloud-based solution, it doesn’t mean that the users don’t have any control over the data. Thanks to GDPR and HIPPA compliant laws in EU, a cloud-based application always shows all your usage and storage of the data, and you can access your data anytime. 

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