Can Business Industry Survive From The Impact Of Covid-19 On Global Economy?


Can Business Industry Survive From The Impact Of Covid-19 On Global Economy?

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Among all the effects, the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy is making the situation even worst. Covid-19 business impacts will produce further difficulties for all the businesses running out there. People are suffering from the financial crisis, and according to Covid-19 updates, the upcoming days are going to be much difficult. Since the beginning, everyone was suffering from death fear, but now people are going to panic due to starvation with no financial resources. All businesses around the globe are on the verge to be shutting down.

Covid-19 Business Impacts on Different Industries

Covid-19 has affected almost every type of business industry. The main reason behind the destruction of the global economy is a severe crash in business sectors. Employees are going through the utmost salary cut, and daily wages workers are getting nothing in their pocket as there is no work. The unemployment rate has risen even in the most developed countries in the world.

China has the highest unemployment rate of 5.9%, Australia 5.2%, Germany 5.0%, U.S 4.4%, and South Korea, 3.8%. Meanwhile, in the Arab world, almost 1.7 million people will become jobless by an increasing rate of 1.2%. All these figures are recorded according to different surveys. Apparently, they will increase as the situation is going to be worst. Covid-19 impact on various industries is the main reason behind the increased ratio of unemployment. Following are the most affected business industries by Covid-19:

Covid-19 impact on Food industry:

Due to social distance policy, all public gathering venues are closed. Due to which, food industry based on the restaurants is going through a great crisis. According to Covid-19 updates, it seems that they will remain shut down for a long time. All the restaurant owners are facing significant losses in their business, and it has become so difficult to even pay the salary of their staff. 

Covid-19 impact on Shopping malls:

Shopping malls are entirely shut down as the very first step to implement social distancing. Covid-19 impact on shopping malls has brought some severe loss even to the significant business owners. The daily earning of a seller in a shopping mall has lost, and there is no other way to cover that income from any other source.

Covid-19 impact on manufacturing industry:

As the world has just stopped due to this pandemic; nobody needs any new car, cell phone, clothes, or any other equipment, all that matters now is to be safe and alive. Covid-19 impact on the manufacturing industry has put every company in great misery. It is estimated that according to Covid-19 updates, this condition will not end soon. Company owners are unable to pay the salaries of their employees, which is making the condition even worst.

Covid-19 impact on the banking industry:

The banking industry is also affected severely. Covid-19 impact on the banking industry has it in a bizarre condition. Due to a massive crash in businesses, the profit rate has just dropped down to the lowest mark. On the other hand, customers and employees are looking for loans and reliefs in these financial crises so they can survive. This situation has put the banking industry in great jeopardy.

How can these businesses survive?

As human beings, we have the instinct to survive though challenges and find another way when all the previous methods become useless. The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy has made all businesses helpless, but that doesn’t mean we accept it as our bad fate. We are living in a modern age, and this is a big moment to take advantage of the latest technology to keep your business running. Here are the three essential tips:

Digitalize your business & adopt delivery system:

It is the best tip for all the food businesses out there and all other merchandising companies. Having frequent Covid-19 updates, we all know that it will take time to get back to the routine, and nobody can survive that long without any other alternative. So, digitalizing business and implementing a delivery system for your products can bring your business back to life.

Develop e-commerce stores and web portals:

When it comes to running a business via digital technology, then e-commerce stores and web portal are the best options to sell your products and access your business matters. If it gets successful in that manner, then you’ll end up recovering all the loss and will earn more profit as compared to the previous time. Because your other business expenses will cut down and gradually, you’ll get back to the routine and maybe even better.

Make quick decisions:

Covid-19 business impacts are making the situation critical day by day, so you don’t have much time to plot big strategies; otherwise, you’ll be left behind in the business industry. The technology has grown with such pace that now it doesn’t take much time to digitalize a business. So, quick and stable decisions must be needed so that you could recover from this scenario as soon as possible.

10 Lessons a business owner must learn from Covid-19 pandemic

10 Lessons a business owner must learn from Covid-19 pandemic

This modern world has never faced such a pandemic like Covid-19 before. Many businesses have closed forever, more are going to, and the remaining are trying to survive in this critical condition. So, here are ten lessons that every business person must learn from this pandemic:

1- Easy access to business running expenses 

Access to the running cost of your business must be smooth and survivable for at least six months, so that your company can survive.

2- Develop your business online

In this modern period, you must have online access to your business through different portals, e-commerce stores, web applications, etc. The online access will always keep your business running.

3- Make your business diverse

Always spread your business widely in further branches as much as possible as you can. Through this strategy, you’ll always have multiple options to count on.

4- Build multiple ways for income

Never bound your income access to a single source. Build multiple channels for business income to keep the business running in any severe condition. 

5- Be careful about next time

Realize mistakes in your business structure and build a better strategy to fight with such pandemic or next recession.

6- Cut down expenses for future

Keep the unneeded expenses aside and always utilize them when needed the most; otherwise, try to save it for an unpredictable downfall.

7- Never take stable time for granted

This pandemic must have taught you to understand the worth of the stable situation of your business. At that time, you should take some measured steps to get away with a future crisis.

8- Always have faith

Running a business is not an as easy task, but you must have faith in what you have started, and it’s on you to keep it running.

9- Don’t quit early

Never run away from the challenges; instead, deal with them with a cool head by bringing some new strategies that can help you to survive. Always think ahead of time as much as realistically possible.

10- Be ready to capitalize after the recession 

Be aware of the changes occurring in the market in such time and measure all the plots. So, after the recession, you’ll have a great chance to make a significant impact on the industry.

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