How Project Management Tools Save Your Time in Managing and Delivering the Project Successfully? A Guideline on the Use of the Best Project Management Tools

Best project management tools

How Project Management Tools Save Your Time in Managing and Delivering the Project Successfully? A Guideline on the Use of the Best Project Management Tools

How Project Management Tools Save Your Time in Managing and Delivering the Project Successfully? A Guideline on the Use of the Best Project Management Tools 1200 628 Status200
Project management is a term meant to be organizing the tasks in an effective way to deliver them successfully on time. So with appropriate management of the software project, the desired outcome is produced in a timely and cost-effective manner. Therefore, a project management tool having worthy features can magnify the output of the project, whether it is a desktop or web-based solution.  Furthermore, it outlines the project’s objective, costs, scope, schedules, and team members’ duties. In this era of modern technology, there are multiple tools to assist project management efficiently.  So with the help of these tools, one can easily manage his tasks with better efficiency. Yet, there are some featured tools that have the badge of the best project management tools that can make your project management run smoother.

However, these project management tools help managers to plan, implement and monitor all the modules of a given project. Moreover, they assist them to keep the task on track in all aspects of a project to ensure its completion on time and within the allotted budget.

When it comes to the selection of tools for managing a project, there are numerous options that are available for you. However, both paid and free project management software are accessible to ensure the more productive and efficient management of a project. As there are various types of automated project management tools; they can be in the form of web-based and paper-based tools to assign tasks to individuals or teams. Since, Paper-based tools are consisting of forms, templates, and checklists.  In the contrast, web-based project management tools facilitate the users to collaborate, manage, and track the progress of their projects within a centralized system, guaranteeing more efficiency and robustness in project management.

Best Project Management Software & Tools in 2021

Top listed project management software and tools that can serve you well in 2021 are as follows:

1- Trello.

2- Jira.

3- Taiga Agile.

4- Asana

What is Trello?

Trello is one of the smartest tools usually used by the dev teams. However, the most significant thing to consider about Trello is its card and board system. On the other hand, the individual projects are notified with boards, in which there is a card for every part of a task.  So Trello project management combines project management with collaboration. Therefore, the tool is best to secure the employee’s private communications, project discussions, and channel updates in real-time. Furthermore, the thing that makes Trello one of the best project management tools is its functionality to streamline the voting system. Thus, with the help of its features, employees can disapprove/support a project and take action in less time.

Trello Features

The main features of the Trello software are:

  • Quick and detailed overview of back/front cards
  • Trouble-free drag-and-drop editing
  • Information backup and retrieval
  • Mobile friendly views
  • SSL data encryption
  • Data filters
  • Activity logs
  • Developer API
  • Voting options
  • File attachment
  • Easy upload ( Dropbox, Google drive, local devices)
  • Group/individual task assignments
  • In-line editing
  • Progress checklist
  • Changing Card statuses on the go
  • Replying to a Card
  • Assigning a Card to a person
  • Specially Automated email notifications

Trello Benefits

Well Organized Board and Card System

Trello software developers look for the most user-friendly workflow organization process. So the Trello tool attains a unique board and card system for extensive progressive views with a card for each project and board assigned for each team. On the other hand, there are minimal chances of confusion, as all the work is in order. So users can easily trace the work with specific execution lists.

Smooth Editing

Trello has the features to keep your project well organized and quick. So you can edit task lists with the help of the simplest drag-and-drop method. However, these lists are customized, meaning that you can follow complete metrics according to your interest. Furthermore, Trello offers you the best project management system of automated notifications to keep you on track with all the alterations.


One of the considerable benefits of Trello software is its collaboration system. Moreover, the whole team can participate in necessary discussions. On the other hand, users can manage both one-to-one and group discussions with the option of sending notes. Also, there’s a feature to comment on individual assignments /tasks, and share files.

Searchable Database

Trello software assures all related discussions and can store data easily in the system. Therefore, there are different searching and labeling filters available to filter and locate the desired files in less time.


The tool works with public developers API, meaning that you can connect with a third party system/app, plugin, or extension.

Trello Pros

  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Easy scheduling and task management
  • Beneficial power-ups for extra functionality

Trello Cons

  • Only offers kanban outlook
  • No reporting attributes
  • Cannot handle complex projects
  • Lack of advanced qualities such as Docs, native mind maps, and Gantt charts
  • Depends on external integrations

Trello Pricing

The Trello app has three variants:

  • Free variant for small companies
  • Business variant ( $9.99/ month per user) for large companies
  • Enterprise variant ($20.30/ month per user) for larger companies

What is Jira?

Jira is the bug tracking and project management tool. Moreover, the Jira management tool can help you with the following:

  • Manages scrum teams and agile
  • Essences your project activities
  • Records and captures software bugs

Therefore, Jira is one of the popular project management tools that are invented by Atlassian. The company offers its software in three separate packages:

Software: It is specially built for software developers and is a specialized version of the software.

Core:  The fundamental Jira task and project management tool for the ease of non-technical users.

Service desk: Jira service desk is a platform for IT professionals and customer support. It empowers all of the members with better and transparent insights for the project execution cycle. Very helpful to execute the deliverables at a high pace.

Jira Features:

  1. Powerful agile view scrum board and kanban board
  2. Custom workflows
  3. Roadmaps
  4. Detailed reports
  5. Planning and Management
  6. Task prioritization and scheduler
  7. Time tracking
  8. Documentation Features
  9. Document storage
  10. Collaboration Features
  11. Communication
  12. File sharing
  13. Mobile application
  14. Security Feature
  15. Single sign-on(SSO) integrations
  16. Two-factor authentication
  17. Password policy control
  18. Reporting and Budget Features
  19. Report dashboard

Jira Benefits

The Jira management tool makes significant difference in team productivity in the following ways:

Built for a Scrum and Agile Management

Jira free offers the best project management system and focuses on agile project management. So the tool provides prompt features that are geared towards kanban and scrum methodologies. Moreover, you can use it for tracking agile project data like

  • User stories
  • Story points
  • Springs

Best for Issue Management

Jira is a bug tracking tool, and it helps your team track, find, and record software bugs. Therefore, a good issue or bug tracking software like Jira provides your team a view of all the things in your backlog. So after having a single look, teams can organize their roadmap for bugs or features.

Highly Customizable

Jira is the best fit for any requirements, whether you are talking about the tracking tool, or project management tool. So you can personalize reports, scrum boards, workflows, and more. However, this tool favors integration with famous third party tools to make your overall project management easier.

Jira Pros

Jira free management tool remains to be famous with over 65,000 users worldwide. So here are some of its advantages that make you understand its popularity.

Supports Roadmaps Needs

Jira tool enables customers to sketch out the picture and connect the roadmap goals. Furthermore, you can communicate various strategies to perform everyday tasks.

Best for Agile

Jira management tool gives a single view for all stories. So the tool can give rise to the reports for different sprints like sprint velocity, burndown charts, and many others. It helps to keep every managerial task aligned and favors efficiency across the whole organization.

Available Integration

The project tracking tool favors plenty of popular third-party software. For example, integration with Slack makes it the best solution for communication-related to relevant issues/bugs.

Highly Customizable

Jira permits users to perform any kind of task. So they can also design workflows to fit any need of the company. On the other hand, Customers can create different elements like tables, timelines, forms, reports, fields, and more.

Works for Multiple Users

The tool is in use by project managers, developers, non-tech business professionals, and engineers.

Jira Cons

Here are some of the negative reviews about the Jira free tool by software users:

Not Perfect Mobile App

Basically, Jira customers are satisfied with its web version but not much with a mobile app. Therefore, the developers think that they can perform actions smoothly in the web version as compared to the mobile app.

Lack of Repost and Reusing Ability

One of the disadvantages is you cannot download Jira graphical reports as an image. Moreover, using other alternative methods lowers the image quality by altering the resolution.

Limited File Size Uploads

Customers often complain that Jira file size upload is limited to 10MB or less. Therefore, you cannot upload a video, photo, or document that is more than 10MB.

Jira Pricing

Jira’s pricing depends upon your requirements.


  • $10/ month for up to 10 users ($7 per extra user)
  • 250 GB file storage
  • 9-5 support window


  • $14/ month per user
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 24/7 support

What is Taiga Agile?

Taiga agile is the best project management system customized for agile developers. On the other hand, the tool is appropriate for the designers and project managers looking for a persuading tool to perform tasks. Therefore, the taiga project management tool is designed for small’s teams of project managers, designers, and other professionals who use an agile method in manufacturing, marketing, production, engineering, and so on. Basically, Taiga agile is a web-based and on-premise solution that operates with proper working systems. Moreover, its paid plan version puts projects in private while the free self-hosted version puts them in public.

Taiga Agile Features

  • Integration
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Bug tracking
  • Scrum API
  • Gamification
  • Social management
  • Project collaboration
  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Epics
  • Discover projects
  • Upload content
  • Supports kanban
  • Project roadmaps
  • Issue monitoring
  • Prioritization
  • IT project management

Taiga Agile Benefits

The basic benefits of taiga agile are its kanban and scrum methods. So these methods support project management platforms and task management. Taiga agile offers an open-source protection management solution loaded with features. So the tools like taiga agile help you to perform your task faster. It is the most efficient project management tool that is simple to use and does not require long training. Therefore, the tool provides users with unlimited personalization options according to their requirements. Furthermore, Taiga project management looks professional as well as permits users to use it all day.

Taiga agile is an iterative and incremental agile software development method generally used by product developers in their project management. On the other hand, the software uses kanban methodology to decide and manage the projects into stages. Therefore, most project developers and managers are using this method because it is much easier and comprehensive to use. With the help of taiga agile, you can create a list of problems, categorize them, and assign them to different people for monitoring. Moreover, the software also includes task management, bug tracking, reporting, and time tracking.

Taiga Agile Pros

  • Offers trouble-free usage with drag and drop functionality
  • One of the Precise and best project management tools to plug into data
  • Makes easy stuff managements
  • With the best UI, you can easily design cards and track progress
  • Moreover, Taiga Agile offers you the opportunity to manage dashboard themes
  • User friendly

Taiga Agile Cons

  • Sometimes, the UI gets distorted on the resolution
  • Makes it easy to lose track of the tasks that are not assigned.
  • Taiga agile is strict with methodologies.

Taiga Agile Pricing

  • Standard: $7 per month
  • Free trial: Available
  • Premium: $7/ month per user

What is Asana?

Asana is one of the incredible project management tools that are in use all across the world. Asana is a cloud-based tool where users make virtual workspace to collaborate for the project completion.  Moreover, it allows developers to create tasks, assign them to specific persons, and gives them a deadline.  Furthermore, Asana is the best project management tool suitable for short-term and long-term projects. On the other hand, here are some of the most popular specifications of the asana tool:

User Interface

One of the most incredible things about the asana project management tool is its user interface that is easy to use and simple. However, you can move task lists easily and have complete access to dashboards. So asana is one of the best project management tools with appropriate solutions for simple projects.

Visual Project Timeline

With the help of the asana tool, you can highlight various tasks, data, and progress. Moreover, you can get a complete overview of progress with the visual project timeline.

Loads of Integrations

Asana has the power to integrate with plenty of applications. So it is appropriate for your business activities.

Asana Features

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Subtasks assignments
  • Custom calendar
  • Activity feeds
  • Individual task lists and focus mode
  • Prioritization
  • Email integration
  • Tracking
  • Project permissions
  • Task/project creation
  • Reminders and notification
  • Customer support
  • Setting priorities
  • Group discussions
  • Adding followers
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Events and meetings

Asana Benefits

Asana has multiple benefits that customers take advantage of. So the significant uses and advantages of the asana tool are:

Best Communication

Asana is a prompt tool that is suitable for the best communication for any company.  However, Asana is a cost-effective, time-saving, and instant messaging project management tool.

Bug Tracking

Teams can create bug projects in asana to track the bugs. Therefore, the best thing about the asana project management tool is those users who don’t use asana. Such users can submit forms and track bugs to participate in the project.

General Project Management

Asana offers the best project management system, and teams can cut down projects into milestones and tasks. So with the help of asana, one can easily tackle the big projects by breaking them down into subtasks.

Request and Suggestions

The best feature of the asana tool is its featured requests and suggestions. So the asana empowers the project creators to manage a specific project.


Asana is the best project management tool that makes meetings easier to handle and organize. 

Asana Pros

Offer Free Plan

One of the main advantages of asana is it offers a free plan. So this software is suitable for medium and small-sized businesses.

Variety of Integration

There are numerous third-party software and apps that can be integrated into asana. Moreover, the apps include slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Salesforce, and many more.


Asana helps organizations and businesses in being productive. Therefore, it permits the user to add various files from Google or Dropbox.

Storage Security

With data being classified as confidential and business project details, the asana project management tool supports storage security.

Better Collaboration

Asana workplace enables users to perform different project tasks in collaboration with people.

Dashboard Customization

Asana has the power to make highly customized dashboards that enable leaders to track each task. Moreover, you can use dashboards for customer queries, job applicants, and group conversations.

Asana Cons

  • Not too friendly for new users
  • Time-consuming
  • Offers too many features
  • No time tracking
  • Limited exporting functionality

Asana Pricing

  • Basic free variant
  • Premium variant ($9.99/month per user)
  • Business variant ($19.99/ month per user)
  • Enterprise variant

Different project management tools have become popular due to the increasing competition among companies and businesses. Therefore, the demand for cost-effective and proficient services has paddled the journey towards software and tools creation that support the organization. So With the help of project management tools, one can manage the project effectively. However, these tools allow you to have an ongoing online discussion and collaboration with your team. So a well-grounded tool for managing a project is indispensable and will serve you well.

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