What are the 6 Best Game Development Engines to Develop Web & Mobile Gaming Apps

What are the 6 Best Game Development Engines to Develop Web & Mobile Gaming Apps

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The impact of gaming has grown significantly since the last decade, and so is the game development. The field of game development is quite separate from the development sector. It has great worth, and game developers’ demand is increasing with the passage of time due to the growth of gaming in this generation. Every day, we see that there is a new game launched in the market with some exciting features and graphics. The gaming industry indeed carries a lot of competition within its ecosystem. Today’s development market has the best game development engines that you can use to produce quality games.

If we talk about the value of the gaming industry, it is bigger than even Hollywood. According to several reports, the worth of the global gaming market is more than $150 billion. However, it is expected to be increased by more than $200 billion until 2023. That’s why there are many opportunities for game development jobs, and the future is bright. There are many game development tools and software used to develop interesting video games. In this article, you’ll get to know about the best game development engines, but you must have the basic knowledge of game development before that.

What is Game Development?

Game development isn’t just usual programming in which you write a bunch of codes using different frameworks and develop a site or application. Game development is an art itself which has different aspects of creating a full-fledged game. To develop a game, you need resources with diversity such as a game designer, tester, front end, and backend developer.

There was a time when game development was quite difficult. It has become so fast and innovative through the production of different game development software and engines. These engines have simplified the way of programming by providing a quality GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is an important aspect of gaming.

What is a Game Engine?

A game engine is a set of frameworks and programs that provides you a whole environment to develop a game. It helps the developers to utilize all of its functionalities and acts as a canvas where a game development team paints the specified set of requirements over it. There are several game development engines free to use which you can easily employ to produce a quality game. They have various game development tools that deal with the graphics, assets import, game physics, sound mapping, game scripting, and many other game development components.

Engines like game development unity offer you a whole package for developing cross-platform games. They offer you features like character animation, FPS/TPS camera positioning, and attachment of artificial intelligence to the character(s) in game development to say the least. A game development engine combines all the components to produce a functional and interactive game.

What are the Components of a Game Engine?

A Game engine is an integral part of a game development software that makes the whole thing work. There are many game development engines free to use which have made the whole process quite easy. There are five components that a game engine provides to develop a game by considering all the game development tools.


The latest game engines support the rendering of high-quality graphics and play a major role in the game’s production through this component. They also help you to import different game development tools that will save you time. One can always tweak with the graphics usability and settings to develop a game app for both high and low specs end systems.


A game engine provides you all audio features, including musical composition, voice acting, and sound effects. You can also purchase sound assets suitable for your game through the relevant engine’s store. The game engine also provides you access to the sound through third-party apps, so that you can focus on the composition of those parts of the games which are important and attention-seeking.


Today gaming has become all about networking. The players love to play in groups by connecting to their friends, whether on mobile, pc, or console. This component required heavy servers that can make the whole process complex. However, any modern game development software, nowadays, offers fast APIs that help to connect multiplayer with a minimum lag possible. It is safe to say that Networking is the DNA of any Gaming engine.


Game engines provide you the game development tools that control all the physical operations occurring in a game. For that purpose, you don’t need to program the whole physical function during the development. Neither, you have to code every new move introduced in that procedure. A game development software allows us to create objects that can exist and behave naturally through a few lines of code.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Almost every game has its own GUI that is suitable according to the theme and direction of the game. That is why the engine provides game development tools to the developers to create their GUI like buttons, sliders, menu, and all the other elements presented on the screen within the game.


Scripting is the base of the whole game development process. It defines the logic of the behaviors of the components in the engine. When a game development engine free (for game development) provides you with a pre-written script, you can easily control all the elements in your game. All these elements and animations will help you to direct the characters in your game as per your need. Scripting gives power to the developer to develop a game according to the need and requirements.

6 Best Game development Engines

In this modern era, there are many engines that you can use for game development. Some of them are paid, and some game development engine free. To develop a high-quality game, you must have a quality game engine. Following are the best game development engines:

1- Three.js

It is one of the fastest game development tools. It is written in JavaScript, and Three.js developers released it on 24 April 2010. Three.js is an open-source application programming interface. It uses WebGL, helps to create and show the animated 3D graphics in a browser. You can create a full-scale scene using Canvas or WebGL in Three.js.

2- Unity 3D

Game development engine unity is one of the best game development engine in the world. Unity Technologies developed this multi-platform engine, and it provides several features like animation, physics, scripting, lighting, and most of all, 3D objects. In-game development engine unity, you can add all the effects and create the scenes according to the structure of your game through it.

3- Unreal Engine

Epic Games developed the first version of the Unreal game development engine in 1998. Although it was used to develop single-player games at the initial stage, it is now used to develop one of the large scale games, including many fighting and racing games in the industry. The unreal engine offers quality game development tools to develop a high-quality game by combining all the features.

4- HTML 5

People think that HTML is just a markup language used to show the text on the browser. Meanwhile, it has a much bigger role in game development. HTML uses Canvas and WebGL as the core technologies for game development. It helps to create 3D images with high-quality graphics.

5- OpenGL

OpenGL is another cross-platform game engine that renders 2D and 3D graphics. The API helps to achieve the hardware-accelerated rendering due to the interaction with the graphic processing unit. It is one, among the best game development engines for 3D gaming. OpenGL also provides its services as a graphics library for various CAD applications that need 3D graphical representation.

6- GameMaker

GameMaker isn’t an individual game engine; it’s a series of cross-platform game engines produced by Mark Overmars in 1999. Then in 2007, Yoyo Games developed it. It provides custom programming language to produce the visuals of the game. It has a scripting language that can help to produce the latest games with more innovative features.

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