Agile Methodology- 5 Key Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile Methodology- 5 Key Benefits of Agile Software Development

Agile Methodology- 5 Key Benefits of Agile Software Development 1080 720 Status200

You must have listened to the word ‘Agile’ if you have interacted with the IT field. It is one of the latest software development processes having different methodologies. Various benefits of agile software development have revolutionized the way of software development. 

Brief History of Agile Methodology

In the mid-19th century, there were some primary level methods to develop software that helped organizations to deal with their business processes. In 2001, after many types of research and analyzing the old techniques, agile methodology project management got started. 

The agile methodology simplified the collaboration between the business side and the software developers. A group of 17 authors, including Martin FlowerDave Thomas, Jim Highsmith, and Bob Martin, played a vital role in the agile methodology project management. The result of these efforts was gained in a meeting in Snowbird, Utah, in 2001. This meeting lead towards the glory of the agile methodology. It provides us different benefits of agile software development. Before getting into it, we must understand all aspects of the agile process. 

What Is Agile Software Development?

The objective of the agile model is to create and respond accordingly for better alternatives. It helps to build an environment that improvises by facing current scenarios and come up with a better solution. Agile software development is a set of frameworks, and it contains 12 agile principles. These frameworks and agile principles will help you develop a better environment. You can perform various functions according to its context. Scrum, Extreme Programming and FDD (Feature-Driven Development) are one of the examples of agile frameworks.

The agile methodology project management is quite different from other software development techniques. It focuses on the people’s functions and provides a solution through the self-organizing teams operating it according to their use. The managers provide the environment through agile software to perform their operations through it. The team must have the required skills to operate an agile software accordingly. Using the right set of tools involved in this method, software developers ensure quick, feedback-driven and iterative software releases.  

What Is Agile Project Management?

The agile project management works in the pattern of a life cycle. There are several iterations and steps in agile project management that lead to complete agile software development. This whole process will help you manage the project more straightforwardly. Now, you can make quick changes according to the requirements. Every business company requires further amendments in its software according to the different obligations within its function. Agile project management will allow the developing team to analyze all the previous features. An employer can always alter the requirements after every sprint as per his/her needs. With added benefits of agile software development, the following are the core values of agile project management:

Interaction among the individuals over the agile process

Within the agile model, there is an essential role in proper communication among the individuals working in that agile process. With the minimum dependency on the process; human consideration has an important role in agile project management.  

Running software over thorough documentation

For any alterations and additional functionality in the running software, you may also hand over the software to the developers instead of giving them comprehensive documentation. It will shorten the agile process development time and provide quick results. 

Customer involvement over consultations

Instead of oral communication and consultation, this model involves your customers in the process. It will benefit both sides to finalize the whole project. In that manner, the trust will build among the business side and developing team, which will produce better results. 

Quick response for change over plan

The main factor of the agile project management is that it provides you with the feasibility of amendments in the software during its whole life. You don’t need to plan something or follow any patterns; you can always go for the alteration in your project without wasting any time. 

What Are the Basic 12 Agile Principles?

The agile process follows 12 basic agile principles:

  1. The priority is customer satisfaction by providing them a valuable agile model. The software must fulfill all the requirements of the user to help with their business operations. 
  2. Agile software development is not bound to limited functionality. It can be improvised by the time according to the requirement of the customer. There is always an option to update the agile model for new functions. 
  3. Deliver the functional software within two weeks to two months depends upon the customer requirements. 
  4. According to agile principles, there should be continuous communication between the developing team and the business owners. It will help to avoid any misconception throughout the project and get a better result. 
  5. Provide a positive and supporting environment for the developing team. So, that they can work according to their best abilities and provide the desired result. 
  6. Prefer direct communication to discuss all the operations and functions regarding agile software development. It will help to get rid of any unexpected communication barrier. 
  7. Your agile working model must follow the primary measure of progress. It will save the development time by frequent amendments at every new step.
  8. The agile process must follow a variable development pattern. The project’s investor, the developing team, and the user should go along with a mutual pace and collaboration. 
  9. The commitment to the project and the best use of skills will help obtain the expected result without disappointments.
  10. Keep things simple to make things easier to operate by the users. It will save them time and give you a useful product. 
  11. A better collaboration of the team can lead to quality design and structure of the agile methodology. 
  12. According to agile principles, the result of the agile process depends on how the team interacts and works appropriately.  

5 Key Benefits of Agile Software Development

By using agile methodology, you can avail various benefits of agile software development. These benefits facilitate both the developing team and the customer. The process gets even more comfortable by using agile project management. Following are the benefits of agile software development:


One of the best interests of agile software development is that it has increased software quality. The reason behind this is its systematic process, which is divided into several steps through agile project management. It contains the proper collaboration of the team, their skills, and adequate testing. 

Increases business value

It has been noticed that the value of a business increases by involving the stakeholders in the whole development process. In that manner, the development can clearly understand the owners’ needs and provide the perfect solution according to it. 

Better user experience

By analyzing the user demands and further requirements, the developing team can produce better software. User feedback from previous running software can also help a lot in that process. It will help the developers to create a compatible agile model that will provide a better user experience. 


The agile process provides every opportunity to involve the clients and the developing team throughout the project. Both sides have an equal opportunity to share their ideas and to understand easily. Nothing is hidden from either side, and the whole agile process remains transparent.

Reasonable cost and fix schedule  

It’s one of the favorable benefits of agile software development for clients. Usually, clients face the problem, and the developers too, during the negotiations of a different project. In agile software development, the cost of the project is predictable and quite reasonable. Meanwhile, the schedule is already fixed by the developing team, making the agile methodology even simpler.   

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