Significance of B2B online marketplace & their applications

B2B online marketplace

Significance of B2B online marketplace & their applications

Significance of B2B online marketplace & their applications 1200 628 Status200

B2B means business to business. This idea of business refers to the dealings between two businesses. B2B commerce is further flourishing rapidly by B2B online marketplaces. This booming is due to improvements in infrastructure and reliability of the B2B online marketplace. The impact of the b2b marketplace is uncanny as it connects various businesses.

B2B is concerned with providing goods and services to other businesses. This concept is very relevant to B2C (business to customers). But, in B2B, both the consumer and provider are two different businesses. Before jumping to the explanation of what B2B online marketplace, let’s explore what B2B is.

What is B2B?

B2B is a transaction between two different businesses instead of one business. In this business model, one entity acts as a service provider. The other entity acts as a seeker. In B2B, the services that are exchanged are and not limited to selling goods, products, buying, and selling. For example, a company gets raw materials and manufactures its product. The second company enquires for those products and hence makes a purchase. As a result, two companies make business dealings. Furthermore, the product of the purchaser company reaches the consumer via B2C transactions.

What is B2B Ecommerce?

In this modern era, everything is online. Nowadays, every transaction & sale/purchase works in the online medium. As a result, customers and business owners prefer to do the maximum work done with just a few taps. Advancement in technology has made it easier too. Online transactions of B2B fall under B2B e-commerce. Moreover, businesses may use the internet to learn about goods and services while also laying the foundation for potential business-to-business transactions.

Websites enable potential customers to learn more about a company’s goods and services and make contact. As a result, businesses can search for goods and services on online products and supply exchange websites. And companies can initiate procurement through e-procurement interfaces. Furthermore, specialized online directories that provide information on specific sectors, businesses, and the goods and services they provide. Professional contacts before sales help in profitable purchases, business-to-business partnerships, and growth culture.

Importance of B2B e-commerce:

Analytics campaign:

B2B e-commerce offers the ideal forum for the launch of a robust analytics campaign. Marketing strategies, sales effectiveness, product mix, inventory turns, consumer sales effectiveness, and customer interaction can be measurable more effectively through e-commerce. In addition, combining business applications such as ERP, PIM, Procurement, CRM, and others provides a holistic view of all business types. These forums allow you to quickly gain insight into all bottlenecks and make critical business decisions to handle your activities.

Ease for businesses:

You can easily incorporate an integrated cross-sell and up-sell recommendation service. And this is done by providing specific recommendations to customers on the web. Moreover, B2b e-commerce enables buyers to buy similar products or items with more usability and versatility. Thus, B2B commerce helps businesses grow at a pace.

Helps in business growth:

By opening new distribution channels and consistently targeting new consumer segments, an effective B2B e-commerce platform would allow your company to quickly expand and scale to meet market demand and customer needs.

The emergence of B2B eCommerce provides access to a larger pool of B2B customers. All these customers are reachable globally at any time and from any place with a single click. B2B eCommerce also allows businesses to access new stores, geographies, product catalogs, divisions, and other resources. This progression makes B2B selling much smoother than it has ever been.

B2B e-commerce applications

There are a lot of B2B e-commerce applications. A few are CS-cart, Pepperi, Magento eCommerce for b2b, Perastashop, Pulse e-commerce, 3dcart, etc. These B2B e-commerce platforms help manage social media, sales, inventory, shipment, customer feedback and many other things with great ease.

1: B2B and Retail

Retail, food service, manufacturing, and medical are only a few sectors that use wholesale B2B models. Initially, wholesale B2B transactions traditionally conducted over the phone, through email, or via spreadsheet order forms.

All are digital in wholesale e-commerce by using a B2B e-commerce platform. The platform makes it easier for the wholesaler to show goods and increase sales.

  • Helps in gaining insight:

Combining business applications such as ERP, PIM, Procurement, CRM, and others provides a holistic view of all business types. These traits allow you to quickly gain insight into all bottlenecks and make critical business decisions to handle your activities.

  • Ripple effect:

So far, the ripple effect has been enormous, affecting both logistics and distribution as well as Fintech. However, the pandemic exposed the problems of the mostly unstructured retail industry. As a result, pushing companies of all sizes to digitize, improve their market cycles, and become more robust in the face of chaos. The ripple effect reached business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce at this stage.

B2B tech is shaping up to be a substantial portion of the overall e-commerce industry and an attractive space for stakeholders. Whether they offer services and goods directly to businesses or provide solutions to automate the entire fulfilment process, solve last-mile logistics bottlenecks, or assist retailers in developing their online stores and adjusting to e-commerce and online selling.

  • Thrive of B2B:

B2B e-commerce is all set to take off and expand its market share after the success of online shopping. Customer loyalty and experience are vital aspects of this production. Businesses must use new technologies to change the market to benefit their customers effectively.

Due to new technological developments, b2b is helping thrive retail. As a result of increase in online shopping courtesy COVID-19 , the retailers have reported a drastic increase in sales.

2: B2B and outsourcing:

B2B e-markets can also add value by providing outsourcing services. For example, systems that allow consumers to automate purchasing processes and retailers to manage catalogues. These types of services can help companies overcome barriers to investing in B2B e-markets. The advancement of technology is assisting at every level of business life.

B2B e-commerce help in outsourcing businesses also. Moreover, various businesses can contact other businesses easily through digital technology. This ease of access helps in outsourcing across the world.

B2b e-commerce is an important thing nowadays. Moreover, it is gaining fame day by day due to its broader spectrum and wider reach. It helps businesses grow and connect with other businesses and wholesalers or retailers across the world. B2b online market is expanding within no span. And this is helping many businesses to grow and develop. Businesses that use B2B e-commerce platforms tend to perform better than other businesses. These hallmarks help small scale local as well as large businesses.

  • Pandemic is also a significant cause of online shifting of all the businesses. Offline businesses are facing challenging times these days. More people tend to stay home and use online platforms for any transaction.

Outsourced marketing services will provide you with any form of marketer you need, from generalists to experts. But, on the other hand, outsourcing is essential to your marketing strategy because it gives you access to specialists. Specialists are experts who can perform specific tasks requiring a high degree of expertise and experience.

3: B2B and Fintech:

Fintech relates to financial services that support financial transactions with the help of a software application. Instead of the traditional hand-to-hand money transactions, this system spans online mobile payment apps to digital currency. Companies design Fintech apps to link consumers’ finances with technology for ease of use.

The advancement of payment methods plays a vital role in B2B online marketplaces. It results in more reliability, control and ease in their financial activities and transactions.

B2b online Marketplace:

After discussing B2B and the importance of B2B e-commerce, let’s dive into the broad spectrum of the B2B online marketplace. A B2B marketplace is an online marketplace that connects B2B sellers and buyers. As a result, this enables sellers and buyers to do business in one place.

In a B2B marketplace, companies sell their products (usually in bulk) and other significant services. On the other hand, the companies are brands, manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers, and the customers are other corporations. B2B in fact also spans B2C.

B2B marketplace platforms favor outsourcing. Companies often hire other companies to get services in much cheaper rates, which may prove costly if they hire a local service provider for the same. Eventually, this B2B market paradigm has opened new gateways of global partnerships, labor and services outsourcing.

Types of B2B online Marketplaces:

Various b2b marketplaces exist today. There are many types of marketplace too. A few are listed under:

Horizontal vs. vertical marketplaces

Vertical marketplaces, also known as “vortals ” (vertical portals), focus on a specific product category or sector. Horizontal marketplaces offer various goods and services, catering to the demands of consumers from different categories or industries.

Many-to-many marketplaces vs. one-to-many marketplaces:

A single business entity manages a one-to-many marketplace. For example, Nissan opens an ecommerce platform to showcase their products and services. Now users will come to their platform to order products, pre-booking of vehicle or to spot nearest dealerships.

The many-to-many marketplace is where customers and vendors are from various companies. At the same time, the marketplace operator is a third party, which acts as a mediator between two parties. and Amazon are examples of this type of website.

A business model based on listing fees:

This model is similar to pay-per-view. It is like video broadcast sites.  This model requires sellers to pay an additional listing fee for advertising a product for sale on B2B wholesale marketplaces that adopt this model.

The business model focused on commissions:

A percentage of each profitable order a seller receives from the platform goes to the marketplace operators as a fee. The marketplace can charge different cuts based on the type of product, category of product, order length, cart value, and other exchange variables. For example,,

Benefits of b2b online marketplace

75% of B2B sales are online now. Moreover, an increasing number of companies are using online platforms to perform product sourcing and procurement. Therefore, being a part of a B2B marketplace represents a significant opportunity for suppliers to grow their sales and business.

  • Low prices:

Despite the platform’s business model, such as the arrangements of seller fees, access to a B2B marketplace typically requires a low initial cost that any enterprise of any size can afford. It also allows manufacturers to reduce their operating costs. For example, they don’t need to spend money on conventional media platforms or update extensive printed catalogues.

  • Setup is easy:

B2B marketplaces have a simplified user experience. In addition, there is an easy-to-use seller portal, which allows you to quickly load your company and product details and get your online business off the ground. Moreover, brand management, CRM, shipping, and payment solutions or services are all integrated into marketplaces.

  • Trial of new products:

With a B2B marketplace, you can easily track your own sales data to inform product creation and selection choices. Marketplace portals also provide sales-trend analysis and collated data for different sections of industries. This feature allows you to respond to sales patterns and reap the “first mover” status benefits.

  • SME access to international markets:

SMEs have been able to sell their products and services globally. And it is because of the low start-up costs of B2B marketplace platforms. Using a B2B eCommerce marketplace to promote your goods is a cost-effective option. Moreover, Small companies no longer need to travel around the world on costly business trips. Instead, they can now focus on their core competencies.

A business can be successful if it is adaptable, respects buyers use of feedback options, advertises products on a regular interval, and offers user-friendly offers.

The Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms List:

Various b2b e-commerce platforms are present. A few of the best B2B marketplace platform in 2021 are given below:

  • MeGaDev
  • BigCommerce
  • Handshake
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Liferay


B2B consumers are turning to the internet in more significant numbers than ever before. This trend creates a massive opportunity for B2B companies to go digital and conquer the online market. It’s also critical to develop a strategy that provides a digital experience for your customers during their online interactions with your business. You recognize the needs, expectations, and obstacles that a rising company faces as a corporation that sells to other companies. B2B software platforms will help you solve these issues while also allowing you to capitalize on opportunities that distinguish you and give you a competitive advantage. That is precisely what B2B tech accomplishes.

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