Android Development Challenges that a Developer Faces During Android App Development

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Android Development Challenges that a Developer Faces During Android App Development

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There was a time when we were using legacy computers for performing various operations using different machines and technologies. By the time, those machines upgraded to small chips and we got small-sized PCs and then laptops. Today, we are witnessing the most progressive era of technology as we can perform all those operations by having a smartphone in our hands. There is no doubt that android app development has played a vital role in it. Although this technology has made our lives easy, there are several android development challenges that every developer faces during the creation of an app.

Sometimes, different developers see android app development challenges as drawbacks. The thing is how you conceive and overcome those challenges in mobile app development. Being an android developer isn’t an easy job; you have to consider various factors before building an application. That’s why the worth of mobile developers is more than others. This blog will consider the major challenges in android app development and all of its factors.

What is Android App Development?

The influence of Android is more than any other Operating System (OS). It is currently serving more than 3.5 billion users, which are 75% of all smartphone users worldwide. Android app development is the process of building software that can operate on a smartphone to perform specific functions containing a chain of different networks. It utilizes various resources of a smartphone to make an android app work.

There are different frameworks and methodologies available for android software development. You have to implement the backend services, codes, and assets to build a proper android application, and they are, sometimes, considered as android development challenges. Once your mobile application is ready, then you have to upload it on the app store, so the users can later install it for usage.

4 Basic Components of Android Software Development

There are four components on which an android application is based. Each part works as a building block for the app. They let the user enter into the application; without any of them, an app is incomplete. Although there are some android programming challenges to enable these components, their significance is worth it.


It is the entry point to the application for the user. It contains a single screen with a user interface through which a user can interact with an app. For example, you have an email box that contains different activities to compose, receive, and send an email. These activities merge to form the whole activity of an email application. It keeps track of the user’s priorities regarding the operations that it can perform. Meanwhile, it provides the path to communicate with the user to maintain the whole process regarding its main activity.


This component contains the whole background process, which is one of the main challenges in mobile app development. It has all the processes that take a significant period of time to perform several tasks. A service doesn’t contain a user interface as it is combined with the activities. For example, when a user requests for a specific operation on an application through the interface. To perform that particular action, the service uploads the data to the web resource to process all the information.

Content provider

A content provider facilitates in terms of managing the data to and fro from your mobile app. It might be private or shared with other applications in terms of data accessibility. A content provider is used when;

  1. Your android application has to share its app data with other applications within the OS.
  2. Your app has to communicate with its own server to send/sync the data.

It provides its own API layer that can be utilized within the application boundaries according to the need.

Broadcast receiver

It is a significant component within an Android OS, which allows an app to register itself for any system or app level events. Any app that is subscribed to it will receive system notifications as soon as its registered broadcast is triggered. Its working is inspired by the publish-subscribe design pattern, facilitating asynchronous inter-process communication. There are two types of broadcasts;

  1. Global Broadcasts.
  2. Local Broadcasts.

We will discuss it more in our future blogs.

10 Development Challenges an Android Developer Face

Now, you have the necessary knowledge about android software development and its components. As we discussed in the start, there are some significant common challenges android app developers face, so we’ll explain them here. These challenges are basically the essential areas which test the skills of an android developer. If a developer can overcome these android development challenges, then we can say that he/she is a professional developer.

1- Low finance

Even if you have a killer idea for a mobile application that can set a new trend in the market, you just can’t execute it without having proper financial support. For starters, you need a hosting server for your app and some paid tools/APIs if you are working on a high-level project. Meanwhile, the development cost of an android app is relatively higher than a traditional web app developer, which also cranks up the expenses. You also need to utilize various assets that can make your whole process successful. So, managing the finance and budgeting it perfectly for application development is indeed among the primary development challenges an android developer face.

2- Software fragmentation

Google releases a new version of Android with several enhancements every year, but due to the low adoption rate by both end-user and the developer’s side, the software fails to work correctly. For instance, even in 2020, more people are using Android 6.0 than Android 7.0 and 8.0. This brings a steep set of Challenges in Mobile App Development as the developer has to focus on almost 5 to 7 Android OS’s versions while creating an android build. 

3- UI/UX issues

Android development challenges also contain the adaptiveness issues in terms of UI/UX and usability of an android application. When a developer builds an application, the primary concern is to create an app that is screen adaptive. It has to be responsive so it looks presentable across all of the android smartphones. Therefore, the user interface has to be compatible. There are plenty of applications having vast functionality but lesser user-friendly aesthetics due to low-quality UI. When your app has a quality and well-designed user interface, it will definitely increase the user’s interactivity.

4- Device condition and capabilities

Android is an open-source OS. Due to which it allows different vendors to extend the working capacity of a stock android operating system. The developer, therefore, has to be very cautious in terms of rolling out a specific feature knowing the sort of diversification that an android ecosystem presents. This, most of the time becomes a headache as satisfying one vendor’s capabilities can sabotage an android app’s performance on another android vendor’s platform. This further extends the list of android programming challenges.

5- Programming language

An android app developer has two options to code an app. One is through the Native app development approach. The other is the hybrid app development. Native app development comprises the use of either Java or Kotlin as a programming language. Meanwhile, for the hybrid or cross-platform app development, a developer can make use of his web development expertise to devise an android application. Often times, choosing the right set of the technology stack is considered one of the major challenges in android app development.

6- Security Issues

When you develop an android application, security is your main concern. Your app contains a database that has valuable data from your users. When you are using the cloud for storing information, you have to be more careful. It is the reason for which security issues are among the major challenges in android app development. Such issues arrive due to the poor development skills showcased by a development team and lack of knowledge in terms of implementing security fixes.

7- App visibility

Today, there are more than 3.5 million Android apps available on the Google app store. It means the competition is relatively high among the applications. A huge quantity of android applications are free to use, and there are various alternative apps readily available to overcome the paid applications. So, increasing your app visibility is among the common challenges android app developers face. There are plenty of ways to optimize your app through the right app name, icon, keywords and descriptions. Nowadays, most of the developers enhance their app visibility through app store optimization.

8- Copyright issues

Google does not implement strict quality assurance rules for the application like Apple. Hence, it is lot more easier for an android developer to upload an app on the play store. This often times can raise copyright issues, which are among the most significant android app development challenges. If your app breaches the copyright law in any case, it can cause you a massive loss and may result in the banning of your application.

9- API compatibility

Many developers employ third-party APIs to build up the functionality of their android application in order to make the best use of it. However, there are several APIs that don’t provide the quality service that you’re looking for in your android app. Some of them are created for a specific android OS version, and they can’t work on any other version. So, the developers have to be very picky and, cautious in terms of finding and then using the right set of APIs for the app development. This issue is also considered as one of the major challenges in android app development.

10- Marketing your app

Today, developing a quality mobile app and uploading it on the play store isn’t enough. You have to market it as your product to get the maximum reach from the audience. So, after the whole lengthy process of development, devising, and executing the right marketing plan is one of the major challenges in android app development. In that process, you have to consider different ways to attract users towards your application. Today, when a company launches an application with a new idea, it has to make a whole strategy to market its application among the users.

How to Overcome Android App Development Challenges?

After going through the above android programming challenges, you must have understood that developing an android app isn’t that easy. That is the reason for which android developers are among the highest-paid developers worldwide. So, to release your burden, we have evaluated several methods to overcome android app development challenges.

  • Due to low checking quality in Google play store, you must follow the copyright rules for your mobile app development. Always build your own customized structure that keeps your app unique from others.
  • Use MVP software development model if you are low in budget. Having a minimum viable product will help you to get funds from the investors and will be helpful in moving forward with your whole objective.
  • To overcome the android development challenges, implement proper app store optimization strategy that can increase the visibility of your application on the play store.
  • Security attacks are higher in android apps in comparison to iOS. So, you must adopt a robust security feature to overcome these android programming challenges.
  • Select the right framework for the creation of your android mobile app development. Make sure that the tools you are using contain the functions that are needed by your application.
  • Maintain a responsive layout for your app that can adapt every screen size. Also, create a UI that can communicate easily with your users to perform their required functions.
  • When you develop an android app, make sure to target all of the needed versions. In that sense, your app will get the maximum reach from the user, and you have the best chances of its successful revenue.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this blog might have helped you in understanding all the factors regarding the android development challenges. Android software development is the most widely used technology all over the world. So, if you consider our tips to overcome the challenges in mobile app development, you can make the best of it.

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