• November 19, 2019

Accelerate your business efficiency With AI/ML Services.

Implementation & integration of Intelligent systems driven by AI is always been a niche for STATUS200. Today is the perfect time for a business of any scale to acknowledge, understand and to adopt the idea of introducing smart automation over tired human inspection. Gone are the days when one business has to rely on human resource(s) to perform a specific set of tasks. Now, almost all the aspects of tasks which seemed to demand human input earlier are being replaced or undergoing replacement by always fresh, attentive and an intuitive computer brain. 

We, the STATUS200 have designed, built and integrated a huge spectrum of AI based solutions for small and large size enterprises, which are serving their causes with the best of their abilities. We are empowering enterprises with the best intelligent and machine learning features that eliminate human errors, biasness and permits intelligent & logical decisions– hence resulting in an exponential growth for our valuable customers and hence their businesses.

What values do we offer and add to your business?

If you are looking for an AI driven solution and reading this, then you’ve already found what you have been looking for. It is understandable that it took some time to find us but great things take time isn’t?Whether you need,
    • An automation bot/data scrapping or web crawling tool.
    • An automated chat bot.
    • Image recognition module.
    • Object detection software.
    • A piece of software that demands automation as a tool or as a feature.
    • Implementation of a system which performs automated and logical steps.
    • Any solution that involves machine learning.
Then simply reach out to us by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen Hire Us .The primary goal of our AI/ML services is to automate and simplify the repetitive tasks ensuring rapid growth and minimize the business cost. Henceforth, our attempt is to provide you best possible solution within your budget.