Is 5G a Real Game Changer? Advantages of 5G over 4G

Is 5G a Real Game Changer? Advantages of 5G over 4G

Is 5G a Real Game Changer? Advantages of 5G over 4G 1080 720 Status200

Advantages of 5G over 4G: The way this world is revolutionizing does become unbelievable sometimes. Especially, the consistent development in the networking field is just astonishing. There was a time when we were using 1G and 2G. By the time we didn’t realize when we would come across 4G networks and now we are hearing about 5G which is great news for the user all over the world. The benefits of 5G over 4G for business are just beyond imagination which we’ll discuss in this article but before that we must know what 5G is. 

What is 5G?

For the last three years, we all have heard about the upcoming revolution of the 4G network to 5G. The world has been waiting anxiously and it will definitely change everything. Even 5G has already been employed in South Korea, China, and some parts of the USA. Soon the whole world is going to transfer to it.

5G is the fifth generation of telecommunication for cellular networks. In 5G technology, the network range will be divided into measured areas. The devices will connect to their 5G network through radio waves which will emit through the antennas. All these antennas will be placed on the network towers around the area to provide the service. 

5G vs. 4G – The Difference

It is certain that when 5G will be employed by every country around the world, then there will be a massive transfer of users to 5G networks. 72.6% of web users are expected to access the web exclusively via their smartphones by 2025. Only five years ago, we had excessive buffering and poor downloading issues. Today, we can watch videos with ease and use mobile apps for almost all of our critical business tasks. 

Speaking of differences between 5G and 4G,

  • The latency rate of 5G is quite lower than 4G which helps the device to perform the operation with real-time interactivity. 
  • The connectivity range of the 5G network is much higher as it can provide its services to 1 million devices at a time at 1-2 kilometers. 
  • Unlike the 4G network, 5g consume less energy which will help the devices to run longer.

What Are The 5G Features?

Even 5G hasn’t been employed by every county but still, we have started to see the hype all over the world and it is all because of the 5G features. According to different surveys, around 2 billion people will subscribe to 5G by 2024, 5G will contain almost 40% networking traffic, and the service will cover up to 65% of the world population.

Following are the features of 5G that have created all the hype about it:

  • 5G offers the greatest speed ever for any network, its data speed can reach to 10 Gbps.
  • The architecture of the 5G network is device-centric which allows transferring of information on a better rate from node to node. 
  • 5G network will use quite an enormous range of frequencies that will increase the flexibility of the data transfer through the device.
  • Based on a large-scale antenna system that will give a huge leap in the scalability of the network and it considers major changes in the architectural design.
  • The spectral efficiency of the 5G network is quite higher as it provides 30bits/Hz for uplink and 15bits/Hz for downlink.
  • The mobility rate is also impressive. It is supposed to provide continuous data on whether the expected device is moving on a speed of 300 mph.
  • The latency rate of the 5g network is around 1-4 milliseconds which depends upon different circumstances. 

5 Key Benefits of 5G Technology

5g technology can change the way how things work, and many significant fields of development in the world. 5G features are just beyond the imagination and they will bring major improvements in every working area. Here you can see the five key advantages of 5G over 4G in different domains:

1- 5G Benefits in Automation

It can play a huge role in automation in the manufacturing industries. 5G will allow the operators to launch smart factories in the future that will boost up the process of manufacturing. By using cellular IoT we can increase the efficiencies of robots to perform better. The low latency rate and higher data speed will help to increase the efficiency of data transfer which would allow us to perform actions much faster than before. No matter where we will be, the communication and response will always be instant. 5G will ensure exponential growth in Autonomous tasks such as the operation of Vehicles, Drones, and Airplanes without human intervention.

2- 5G Benefits over 4G in Business

As the business industry has become so competitive, so the running speed of data must be faster in your business, and 5G is all about the game of speed. Just think when a network has the potential to reach 10 Gbps then how much it would help your business to run faster. A perfect network will keep your business communications smooth which is an important point for development. It will allow the employees to even working in a remote area without the fear of data network quality. This technology will upgrade the norms of how businesses run today.

3- 5G Benefits in AI

Due to its vast networking scalability 5G covers a massive amount of data that can play a significant role in AI for machine learning. The main need for the machine learning process is the bulk of data and 5G technology can help to get it. Chinese manufacturers are currently planning to use their 5G Pioneer initiative to build artificial intelligence and IoT based applications. 5G will contribute to new technologies and business models in the next generation. And it’s going to happen soon. AI will definitely become a major revolution in the technology sector and make no mistake about it. AI after 5G will be as impactful as of the World Wide Web today.

4- 5G Benefits in Education

5G will help to build a smart classroom with the Internet of Things. Today, most of the education system has been transferred to online systems. Students and teachers have to do research work that needs efficient data speed. Through the 5G network, education infrastructure will definitely improve a lot. It will allow the students to conduct their online classes without any interruption or loss of data. Add AI on top of it and we can anticipate systems that will run reliably with AI-based administrators; who will be checking and conducting exams on their own hence removing a human dependency.   

5- 5G Benefits in Healthcare

The healthcare benefits from 5G are quite promising and it saves a lot of trouble for patients. Whenever we fell sick, the only option we get it to go visit the doctor no matter how severe our condition is. Especially, people living in remote areas have to travel so long to reach the hospitals. Through 5G technology, a doctor can provide his recommendation via telehealth monitoring systems. Due to perfect connectivity and high speed of 5G network, a patient living in a remote area can listen to his doctor’s instructions comfortably. 

6– 5G benefits for the world

The distances will become more shorten and communication will become more instantaneous. It leaves no harm to imagine a world where a person can perform all the tasks on his computer, which once he had to conduct while traveling to a certain destination. This technology will add more productivity for the people ensuring they can focus on what’s important. The benefits are indeed endless.

The Bottom Line

After having all the features and benefits in front of your eyes, you can understand the importance of 5G and its role in future development. The way this technology is advancing, there is no doubt that we’ll see further improvements in the future. That is why companies have started to develop the devices that are compatible with 5G technology and beyond that. Once we get to employee 5G networks, soon we’ll see the transformation in every field of technology.